Advanced alien spaceships don’t just crash!

The spacecraft that crashed at Roswell in 1947 was underprepared for its journey to Earth and their encounter with mankind.

The final witness to Roswell reveals how the aliens came to Earth, expecting us to be on horseback, shooting arrows and fighting with swords. They did NOT expect to be tracked by radar and confronted with high-speed jets and air-to-air missiles. But how could they get something like the level of our technology so incredibly wrong?

Sot down alien UFO spacecraft
The Bell X-1 was deployed to intercept the alien spacecraft that eventually crashed at Roswell

Aliens live in an extremely “time-slowed” reality.

The alien species that sent the Spaceship that crashed at Roswell had, at that time, an enormous Space City in extreme tight orbit about our Sun traveling as close to the speed of light as is possible to achieve. They were preparing to leave our solar system when in 1945 they detected a nuclear detonation quite unexpectedly on Earth. Within minutes (their time) a rescue Mother Ship with a smaller Exploration ship left the Space City to investigate.

Roswell alien spaceship
The Roswell alien spacecraft arriving at Earth

From the perspective of those aboard the Space City, they had been in Earth’s orbit for three of our days or about 72 hours. In that time on Earth, 18,000 years had passed. Now you’re beginning to see the problem.

The aliens at Roswell would surely have seen our technology?

The rigors of deceleration from near the speed of light take a little under two years of “Earth time”. The aliens were in hibernation. Their spaceship was on auto-pilot. The surviving aliens weren’t actually woken until after the spaceship had crashed.

Still, this explanation doesn’t explain their lack of preparedness. If they have been around our solar system for 18,000 years, they would have had time to understand our progress. They should have known we would reach the nuclear age, discovered the secret of flight, and other technologies, Yes? This was the inescapable conclusion drawn by the witnesses to the alien crash at Roswell.

Roswell alien crash site
The alien spaceship that crashed at Roswell

The Roswell alien must have lied!

The truth is, the aliens have a secret. They have made a terrible mistake. Roswell’s Final Witness reveals the terrible mistakes of alien intervention into our early development.

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Michael Muxworthy

Author of Roswell’s Final Witness

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
Roswell’s Final Witness – The truth about ALL alien contact with Earth.

The discovery process intrinsic to the revelations in Roswell’s Final Witness is lateral thinking. It is NOT an easy discipline to master, but as you delve deeper into the alien encounter at Roswell, as you begin to believe in what is revealed, you understand the discovery process.

Take a look at the lateral thinking pages.

Lateral thinking Edward de Bono
I was approached by Roswell’s Final Witness because of my lateral thinking skills.

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