Theory – UFOs exposed

Ever since Roswell, July 1947, I can tell you that the UFOs we see are NOT alien spacecraft. However, genuine UFO sightings ARE alien.

The last surviving witness to the Roswell encounter told me that he didn’t know what UFO’s were, but he knew they weren’t alien spacecraft. He knew this because the Roswell alien crash in 1947 was the first time that aliens had visited Earth in around 2,000 years, and once rescued, the aliens were leaving for good. As a lateral thinker, it quickly became apparent as to exactly what these UFOs were.

Follow my path of discovery.

Alien UFO appearances can be predicted.

I live in Australia. UFO appearances are less frequent here, but I suspect that they are more likely genuine. The statistician within me couldn’t resist the challenge. Long before I met the witness to Roswell, I had a fascination with working out what was causing these strange unexplained UFO sightings.

Central southern Australia is some of the loneliest country on the face of this planet. On a recent visit there, I drove 7 hours without encountering another soul. When I then veered off the road about 120 miles,. I think I may have been the most isolated human on Earth.

UFO sightings in this desolate region, whilst rare, come from highly reliable sources; pilots and military. That was my reason for journeying to such a remote location . . . to witness a UFO sighting, one that I predicted.

If UFO appearances can be predicted, what does it mean?

It means that we have a very substantial clue as to what they really are.

At first, the data seemed inconsolable with logic. However, a chance meeting with a leading Australian astronomer led to the possibility that the UFO appearances were linked to planetary alignments. Honestly, it was a long bow to draw, but, I had a theory and I went to prove it. Things didn’t work out very well though.

I actually saw a UFO, a real unexplained aerial phenomenon.

I know what you’re going to say here, where’s the proof. I don’t have any except a blurry picture that looks a lot like my thumb. And to tell the truth, my predictions were a little off. But, I’m on the right track.

My weird logical brain said to me that if the sightings are tied to astrological occurrences, then, they are likely to be a “natural phenomenon”. Something like a St. Elmo’s fire, but one we haven’t worked out yet.

When I saw that UFO, it spotted me as well. It took off at such an incredible speed I swear the occupants would have been spattered all over the walls like ketchup. Except that there can’t have been occupants, because it wasn’t a spacecraft.

What are UFOs then?

Consider this:

Aliens wouldn’t travel billions, millions or even thousands of years to visit our Earth, only to stay for a very short period of time. However, I’m sure that they’d be curious about life here, our evolutionary progress and our advancing technological capacity.



UFO's a naturally occurring event
Could UFO’s be a naturally occurring event, something like a St. Elmo’s Fire, but one we haven’t worked out yet?

To find out what UFO’s really are, you’ll have to read Roswell’s Final Witness. The experience was NOTHING like what I expected. UFO’s are NOT naturally occurring phenomenon. Please stay in touch, “Like” my page and “Follow” my blog.

Lateral thinking is the key to unlocking the great mystery of our Universe.

Lateral Thinking is used extensively throughout Roswell’s Final Witness. If you have ever wanted to understand the lateral thinking process, the Caesar Rising series builds a relationship with the reader that educates the reader and immerses them in the Lateral Thinking derived creativity that reveals so much.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter

Some of the amazing discoveries we make using lateral thinking in Roswell’s Final witness include:

  • Alien intervention on Earth;
  • A second Roswell crash site;
  • UFO’s are revealed;
  • President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of lies told about the Roswell crash;
  • Majestic 12 are involved in Kennedy’s death;
  • Skunkworks, part of the Lockheed Corporation, is at the heart of many of the revelations.

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