Author Michael Muxworthy puts his spin on some of his favorite UFO and Extraterrestrial events.

Chariot's of the Gods?
Alien involvement in Earth’s history and religion

Breaking news on alien search – 20th December 2017.

According to a former US military intelligence official, there is strong evidence that could suggest aliens have reached Earth.

Main points:

  • The US Defence Department previously funneled $28.7 million into program investigating UFOs;
  • Film of US fighter jet shows “rotating” aircraft; and
  • Former military intelligence official resigns as a result of secrecy around the program.

Former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo,  who until recently led a government program to research potential UFOs, claims there is secrecy surrounding the UFO program . . .  “There is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone”.

From 2007 to 2012, Elizondo led the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program which investigated the UFO phenomenon. His resignation in October was a protest against what he believed was excessive secrecy around the UFO program.

Elizondo explained that evidence existed indicating the possibility that aliens had reached Earth, but said he could not speak on behalf of the American Government. He claimed the origin of aircrafts investigated as part of the research were impossible to identify.

“These aircraft — we’ll call them aircraft — are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of.

“These aircraft don’t have any obvious flight services, any obvious forms of propulsion, and are manoeuvring in ways that include extreme manoeuvrability beyond, I would submit, the healthy G-forces of a human or anything biological.

“Hypersonic velocities, low observability, positive lift. Again, seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics. We found a lot”

The military is still in the process of gathering UFO information and they are purportedly attempting to fill in the gaps.

Footage of UFOs investigated showed US fighter jets chasing a fast moving aircraft off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

Elizondo says that footage captured by a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet remains unexplained. Also recorded were pilots on board, heard describing what they are witnessing.

“It’s a fucking drone, bro,” a pilot is heard saying.

The pilots describe the aircraft as flying against the wind and claim it was rotating.

Following the release of the footage, one of the pilots, Commander David Fravor, told The New York Times: “It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Michael Muxworthy comment:

The thing about this news of research into UFO’s is that it doesn’t clearly identify the driving force behind this effort and funding of UFO research. Are we to believe that despite previous Presidents and governments being frustrated at every turn to even make a dent in de-mystifying the UFO phenomenon, a single United States Senator managed to get funding through the hazards of tight fiscal policies and achieve what generations of leaders couldn’t?

Or . . .

I propose that this secret UFO search funding is not new, but part of the ongoing history and search by Majestic 12. The assumptions and methods of logical reasoning displayed in this encounter are TYPICAL of the blinkered thought processes that have dominated American thinking throughout the Majestic 12’s known periods of operation.

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Infamous UFO and Extraterrestrial encounters in history.

Unidentified Flying Objects, Unexplained Aerial Phenomena or UFOs aren’t new. Disk-like objects and unusual atmospheric objects have been found in the art and literature of ancient civilizations for millennia.

The modern UFO era took off around the end of World War II, right around the time rockets, the atomic bomb and high-tech aircraft were being devised, often in secret. These seven UFO sightings certainly occurred, but I will be putting some alternative thinking/spin to each of these events.

Kenneth Arnold

Kenneth Arnold. June 24, 1947. Civilian Pilot.

Described as: “a saucer if you skip it across water,”

While flying his small aircraft near Washington’s Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947, Arnold claimed to have seen nine blue, glowing objects flying at more than twice the speed of sound. Initially, he believed the objects to be some sort of new military aircraft, but this was denied by the military. There were no tests being conducted near Mount Rainier that day.

When he described their motion as similar to “a saucer if you skip it across water,” the media coined the now-ubiquitous phrase “flying saucer.”

Soon after, further reports of a group of 9 UFOs cropped up in the general region, including sightings by a miner on Mount Adams and the crew of an Idaho flight. The U.S. government never had an acceptable explanation for the UFO sightings. UFO mania had commenced, and just a few weeks later, the infamous Roswell incident would hit the newspapers.

Michael Muxworthy comment:

According to Roswell’s Final Witness, aliens have claimed that the 1947 alien encounter famously known as the Roswell Incident, was the first time aliens had attempted an approach to Earth for 2,000 years. Could they have been alien probes?

The reason for the visit to Earth by the aliens in 1947 was the unexpected nuclear detonations they detected in 1945. The aliens were curious. We do know because of what has been told to me by the last surviving witness to the Roswell encounter that it wasn’t an alien spacecraft seen around this time. I believe that other distant alien worlds “got news” of unfolding events here on Earth, troubling events, and so began their close observation of mankind.


Roswell alien crash site
What caused the alien crash at Roswell

Roswell incident 1947.

In the first novel of the Caesar Rising series, we start somewhere that no previous report on events at the Roswell encounter has ever attempted before . . . we trace the origin of the crashed spacecraft.

In June or July of 1947, rancher “Mac” Brazel found crash debris in one of his New Mexico pastures, including metallic rods, chunks of plastic and unusual, “papery” scraps. Brazel reported the wreckage and soldiers from nearby Roswell Army Air Force Base attended the location north of Roswell. News headlines claimed that a “flying saucer” crashed north of Roswell, but military officers advised that the supposed alien crash debris was only a downed weather balloon.

Conspiracy theorists have always correctly maintained that there was a military cover-up. What they haven’t realized is that the supposed cover-up of Project Mogul, was, in turn, a cover-up of the Roswell alien UFO encounter.

The mystery has been debunked according to leading UFO and extraterrestrial experts, however, interest has only grown, and Roswell’s tourism is heavily centered around its famous “UFO sighting.” It’s home to the International UFO Museum and Research Center, a spaceship-shaped McDonald’s and an annual UFO festival, held each summer.

To discover more about the first novel of the Caesar Rising series, Roswell’s Final Witness, please take a look at the official promotion website.


Lubbock 1951.

On a clear late summer evening of August 25, 1951, 3 professors from Texas Tech were enjoying an evening outdoors in Lubbock, when they looked up and saw a semicircle of lights flying above them at what appeared to be high speed. Over the next few days, dozen of more reports flooded in.  A Texas Tech freshman Carl Hart Jr. snapped photos of the UFO phenomenon. Project Blue Book investigated the events, and their official conclusion was that the lights were birds that reflected the luminescence from Lubbock’s streetlamps. Most people who saw the lights, however, refuse to accept this explanation, the lights were flying too fast.

Michael Muxworthy comment:

The curious shape of this UFO says to me that it must have been some sort of alien UFO “scanner” or “probe” used in the analysis of mankind’s activities. It could NOT have been a manned alien spacecraft if we are to believe the version of events and communications from Roswell’s Final Witness.


levelland 1957.jpeg

Levelland 1957.

In 1957, dozens of people of Levelland, Texas, reported seeing a rocket or strange lights that interfered with the electronics of their cars/vehicles saying that their engines died and lights cut out. Investigating police also saw the mysterious lights, as they investigated the reports. Project Blue Book, a UFO research group set up by the Air Force, was assigned to investigate the case concluding that it was an electrical storm and ball lightning that caused the lights and the mechanical malfunctions. There were no reported thunderstorms in the area that night.

Michael Muxworthy comment:

Aliens are well past the highly inefficient technology of rockets. However, lights emanating from a viewing device as described in Roswell’s Final Witness may also include penetrating probe. The device would appear to be an alien rocketship as it ascended and descended.


tehran jets 1976

Tehran, 1976.

On the 19th of September 1976, an incident in Tehran, Iran, started with phone calls from people reporting an unusually bright light in the sky. An F-4 fighter jet that was sent out had its instruments blacked out as it got close, forcing the pilot to return to base. Another F-4 took its place, and as it neared the UFO, it managed to get a radar lock. Just then, according to the pilot, the UFO released a glowing object—the pilot assumed it to be some sort of missile headed straight for him. As he prepared to fight back, the pilot experienced instruments failure and he saw another bright object released from the UFO that headed toward the ground.

The pilot eventually returned to base, despite the faulty equipment. Iran contacted the United States to assist them in an investigation. U.S. Air Force section chief Lieutenant Colonel Olin Mooy detailed the events of the night:

First, the bright light was likely to have been Jupiter, which was visible in the sky that night.

Second, the second F-4 jet had a long history of electrical problems, meaning that the instrumentation might have failed regardless of a UFO situation. It also could explain the radar lock—it might simply have been a malfunction. And

Third, as for the “alien missiles,” there was a meteor shower that night, which could easily account for the sightings.

Michael Muxwothy comment:

This was likely merely an alien observation tool that was curious about approaching aircraft. As it scanned the aircraft it interfered with the normal operating systems of the highly vulnerable F-14s.


Rendlesham Forest, 1980

In December 1980, U.S. Air Force members stationed at British Royal Air Force bases, Woodbridge and Bentwaters, reported seeing strange, colorful lights above Rendlesham
Forest, northeast of London. One man who entered the forest to investigate claimed to have discovered some sort of spacecraft there, and the next day, others confirmed damage to nearby trees and a higher-than-normal level of radiation at the site.
Several days later, more sightings were reported. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt recorded his observations on an audio tape as he watched the lights, and while not definitive proof, theorists consider this the strongest evidence of the events. But the UK’s Ministry of Defence, which oversaw reports of UFO incidents until the early 2000s, did not find any credible threat to the nation, and thus did not pursue investigations further.
Just like Roswell, UFO tourism is big business around Rendlesham Forest, and there’s even an official Rendlesham UFO trail that visitors can hike. There is even a model of the reported spacecraft.
Michael Muxworthy comment:
UFOs are not spacecraft. They are tools of observation as advanced alien species observe us from distant worlds. Using a perpendicular dimension, aliens observe us “live”, as information doesn’t need to travel light years in distance. For a more complete understanding of the UFO phenomenon, please click here.

Belgium UFO wave

Flying triangle claimed to have been photographed on June 15, during the 1990 UFO sighting over Belgium.

The Belgium Wave, 1989-90

Can 13,500 witnesses over several months be wrong about these series of UFO phenomena?

November 1989, citizens of Belgium reported seeing a large, triangle-shaped UFO object. In March 1990, there were new sightings of multiple objects reported which were confirmed by two separate military ground radar stations. Two F-16 fighter jets were sent out to investigate the anomalies, and though the pilots could not see anything visually, they were able to lock onto their targets with radar. But the UFOs moved so fast that the pilots ended up losing them.

The Belgian Air Force provided no logical explanation for the activity, but it acknowledged that an unknown activity had taken place in the air. The Belgians approached the UK’s Ministry of Defence to investigate further, but once they determined that the incident was not a hostile or aggressive so they halted the investigation.

Michael Muxworthy comment:

Why is it that advanced military organizations around the globe seem to have lost interest in the occurrence of UFOs? Could it be the case that they know something that we don’t?


UFO research always has, and always will, lead to a dead end. Nobody has been able to understand what causes these alien UFO incidents. I think they know that they must be the result of higher/advanced alien curiosity, but they have no way of taking investigations further.