The cover-up of alien communicated fears for our future


“Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image,

in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the

 birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,

and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”


Date:                           Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In-flight Time:           4 hours and 23 minutes into a journey of 9 hours and 55 minutes

 Location:                    In-flight Sydney Australia to Honolulu USA

‘Not in a million years would I have expected you to say that,’ said Julius genuinely shocked. ‘Not after everything you just told me. Why???’

‘Honestly, I spoke completely out of frustration. It’s so wonderful to be able to talk with you about all this. It’s such a tremendous weight off my shoulders. Seriously, you’ve no idea,’ said Evan taking a long pause to savor his scotch. ‘There are many reasons why I no longer trust the aliens, or their strategy, but my doubts first started to materialize back in the ‘50s.’

Evan turned to face Julius, he was having difficulty putting a very complex scenario into words. Julius was actually highly impressed with Evan’s ability to relate the circumstances of the encounter so far.

‘I felt, we all felt actually, that the alien was holding something back from us. It was a subject discussed at the meetings. In the end, we agreed that the most likely reason for the deception was that the alien was trying to conceal information that might jeopardize our future. He wanted to limit our opportunity to mess things up you might say.

‘But there was something else. There was fear. The aliens fear us. Not just at the encounter. As a result of our encounter in 1947, I believe that I sensed they fear what we’ll one day become capable of . . . but why? They had the means to escape the destruction. Even when we were parting company from the sole surviving alien for the last time, I had this sense the alien was trying not to reveal his fear.

‘Telepathic communication involves the transfer of information on many levels. In a way, you “hear” the alien speak. Real words come into your mind, you can hear a real conversation sometimes. You can also sense things like smell, touch and sight. But most incredibly, you get an insight into the aliens’ feelings. I assume that the same would be true of the alien sensing our feelings as well.

‘The aliens, however, saw even more from within us than feelings I believe. They can look into your past. They not only see your fears, your hopes, your dreams and your regrets, they see how they’re formed. They also understand our potential . . . good and bad. They saw our . . . inner private selves. I always thought that this was what the alien feared. The alien didn’t fear our actions at the time, he feared what we were capable of.’

‘I’m not sure I completely follow you,’ said Julius.

Evan thought for a moment before continuing.

‘We telepathically envisioned an enormous Space City preparing to leave our solar system. Huge additions in size and accommodation were virtually complete. The entire city had been renewed. They’d taken advantage of the infrastructure and resources of the Greys and the Earth while they were around to prepare for the next leg of their exploration of the galaxy. They were in a tremendous rush. They knew they must leave us before Armageddon, and that time was short.’

‘From what you’ve told me Evan, I am not surprised,’ said Julius. ‘They see a genetically enhanced and influenced species with aggressive behavior hurtling towards this alien prophesized Armageddon event at break-neck speed, much faster than they ever thought possible. They have a large population in reach of the danger. Their discoveries of 1947 could only emphasize the risk they’re exposed to.’

‘I’m certain,’ said Evan, ‘that I definitely detected from the original two surviving aliens a sense of foreboding of what was to come. The final surviving alien felt urgency to return to the Space City so that his findings could be known. Time was definitely short for them for some reason. At the time, I assumed that our unexpected rapid technological evolution was the concern, but that can’t be the case. Even if all three of the aliens had been killed on impact, they’d have investigated and quickly realized our rate of progress.’

‘If time was that short, wouldn’t we have already faced Armageddon by now?’ asked Julius.

‘Exactly,’ said Evan. ‘For years I imagined Armageddon to be possibly months, weeks, days or even hours away. During the Cuban missile crisis, I actually lost everything I owned in a drunken debauchery of women and gambling, so certain was I that this was the end of the world. Eventually I realized that the previous alien mission to leave the Earth some 2,000 years before . . .’

‘Of course!’ interrupted Julius. ‘The aliens had substantially accelerated the passing of time by their speed and proximity to the Sun. In their time, the previous mission to Earth had only returned minutes prior to your encounter in 1947. Even a thousand years from now, in our time, would seem perilously close in their time. Particularly if they needed to finish work on the Space City before departing.’

‘That’s true.’

‘So, we potentially have a long time to come up with a solution, is that what you’re saying?’

Evan didn’t answer at first. He took his time.

‘I initially held the belief that there may have been work to be done on the Space City before it could leave our solar system. Work that, in a time-slowed scenario, could take hundreds or even thousands of our years. I’m certain that our unexpected rate of advancing technology to be of considerable concern for them,’ said Evan. ‘But I’m not confident that I know the reason why.

‘Something I am confident in, that I can actually telepathically sense, is they have already left our solar system, and possibly just in the nick of time. So Julius, the answer to your question is . . . I don’t think so. In fact, we have good reason to believe that our time is very short.’

Alien prophesized Armageddon

‘I’ve a theory as to why it is that the aliens choose to exist with time moving so rapidly,’ said Evan. ‘In part it was derived from impressions received whilst communicating telepathically.’

‘I think that seems obvious,’ said Julius. ‘To explore the galaxy will take many millions or billions of years in our time, but to them it would happen much, much faster. Their yearning to explore and discover drives them to slow down the passing of time as much as possible. You’d imagine that in order to undertake the extensive modifications to the Space City that they’d slow the vessel down and take an orbit around the Earth. But they chose not to. That would indicate to me that they’re highly motivated to continue their journey and maintain their rapid forward movement in time as much as possible.’

‘You’re absolutely correct in what you say Julius, but there’s a far greater motivation that drives them.’

Julius was beyond intrigued.

‘When the alien died back in 1947, we all experienced the incredible sense of loss felt by the second alien. The sense of loss was far more than anything I could possibly have imagined. More than the loss of a life, it was the loss of an eternity.

‘Consider this Julius. The aliens have the capacity to extend their lives quite considerably. How considerably, we can only imagine. I believe each individual alien is attempting to survive until the time that this universe collapses back into a single point. If their technology has given them a lifespan of say tens or hundreds of thousands of years, and if they accelerate through time at an incredible pace, it might just be possible.

‘I believe that they’re attempting eternal life. Each individual alien is attempting to make it through to yet another stage of evolution. That’s why the loss of a single life is so significant to them. The alien lost his companion for all of time to come . . . or so he believes.’

‘Eternal life,’ mused Julius. ‘Could it actually be within our grasp?’

‘Yours maybe,’ said Evan. ‘I think it’s too late to have any hope for this old fossil.’

Alien intervention on Earth

‘Do you have any thoughts as to what the alien counter-intervention strategy could be?’ asked Julius moving the agenda along. ‘You’ve had nearly 70 years to think about it. I’m sure you must’ve formed a few ideas of your own by now.’

‘I’ve had many Julius. You’re renowned as the great lateral thinker. Do you really want me to cloud your thinking with my own failed and pathetic attempts?’

‘You’re quite right,’ said Julius with a hint of joviality. ‘Shut up and let me think will you!’

After several minutes, Evan couldn’t resist. ‘What’re you thinking?’

‘I’m wondering why, that once all evidence of alien intervention had been removed, that the counter-intervention strategy was still needed?’ said Julius. ‘Maybe there’s a clue there somewhere?’

‘Because we’re evolved well in advance of where we should be,’ offered Evan. ‘Possibly millions of years in advance of where we should be.’

‘Yes . . . but why’s that a bad thing?’ said Julius. ‘Why’s it a problem?’

‘Because we missed something important along the way,’ suggested Evan.

‘That . . . is . . . a . . really excellent answer!’ said Julius eventually after consideration. ‘What about the Greys having genetically enhanced us in their own image? Genetic enhancements that could possibly explain some of the missing links in our evolutionary past? Does that create a need for the intervention strategy?’

‘It would create even greater opportunity for mankind to miss out on . . .’ Evan struggled for a word. ‘You know . . . stuff!’

‘I think the words you were searching for, the “stuff” that is missing, is evolutionary lessons,’ said Julius. ‘Time to evolve instincts, patterns of behavior and interaction, time to create neural pathways necessary for survival on our own in a future we cannot yet appreciate. Evolution’s tool of natural selection was bypassed. I imagine we would have very different attributes to that of a human who had the opportunity to evolve normally over a considerably longer time.’

‘So,’ asked Evan. ‘What are we missing in our make-up that’s so important to our future survival?’

‘Maybe there isn’t anything missing Evan. If their counter-intervention is working, maybe we’re exactly the same as if we had taken much longer to evolve?’

‘I don’t think so,’ said Evan without elaborating on his position.

Why has the alien encounter remained secret for so long?

Fresh drinks arrived. Julius used the opportunity to change the subject.

‘Why me, and why now? And given that you’ve been warned that greater knowledge of the aliens’ existence will doom mankind, why tell me at all?’

Evan could tell by the tone of Julius’s voice that he wouldn’t be put off again.

‘I guess I owe you some answers,’ Evan replied. ‘It’s true. I’ve sought you out for many years. Not you specifically . . . but a person with your attributes. Ideally, I was looking for a person with a strong interest and track record of research into the alien phenomenon. I needed a highly intelligent person with an open mind. Most of all, the person I sought needed to have both inclination, and means, to act. You’re an excellent fit to my needs Julius. It’s taken a long time to find you, and manipulate this opportunity to have this time together. I’m entrusting you with my secret. What you choose to do with it, I’ll leave for you to decide.’

‘Inclination and means to act?’ asked Julius. ‘Are you trying to recruit me into some kind of action?’

‘Am I trying to recruit you? . . . Possibly. But there’s no obligation beyond any moral obligation that you might feel. As to the question of why now? The unfortunate fact is that I’m dying. If I don’t pass the information on very soon, it’ll die with me.’

‘The aliens told you that if their existence is widely known, we won’t be able to implement the solution. Why not let the secret die with you? Why take the risk of me spilling the story?’

‘I’m not sure it’s in mankind’s best interests for the secret to die with me,’ said Evan. ‘And as I’ve told you, I don’t trust them. I’ll need to tell you more about the events that’ve unfolded over time before you fully understand my decision.’

Evan had appeared unwell when they’d first met aboard the Qantas flight to Sydney. Now his condition was deteriorating considerably.

‘You don’t look well,’ said Julius. ‘Is there anything that you need?’

‘I don’t feel well,’ said Evan. ‘But I knew this would happen when we started talking.’

‘Are you suggesting your condition is some kind of preconditioned response programmed into you by the aliens?’

‘I can’t be sure,’ said Evan. ‘But yes, I believe exactly that.’

‘Should we advise the flight crew?’

‘They’ll think you’re crazy!’ said Evan attempting to lighten the mood.

‘Ha, ha, you know what I mean.’

‘Not yet,’ said Evan. ‘I knew this would happen, and I am as prepared as I can be. The drinks help a little. The drinks help a lot actually.’

‘It couldn’t just be the strain of recalling stressful events?’ suggested Julius.

‘Partly,’ said Evan. ‘But only partly. I believe this is almost certainly a preconditioned response to my attempts to reveal the alien existence. The aliens have somehow implanted this response deep within me. Every time I think about revealing them, or take any action along those lines whatsoever, this tremendous sensation of nausea comes over me.

‘They don’t wish me real harm of any kind, of that I’m reasonably certain. Any time I want to stop the nausea, I need simply to give up my intentions. I’ve no idea if the others were afflicted in the same way, it only became apparent to me about 25 years ago.’

‘It brings up the question . . . how much influence did the aliens have over you and the others when you agreed to keep them a secret?’ questioned Julius.

‘And the answer to that Julius, is that I honestly have no idea. But I strongly suspect they had considerable influence, just like Owens said he recognized in us back in 1947. At the very least, there’d been some influence over me,’ said Evan. ‘I remember feeling very good about the decision we’d made that day. I somehow know now that I wouldn’t have felt so good if the decision hadn’t gone the way it had.’

‘Evan, I think you should rest a while. I need to use the lavatory, and I’d appreciate some more time to absorb what you’ve told me and maybe formulate some theories of my own.’

‘Done,’ said Evan.

By the time Julius returned, Evan had drifted into sleep.

Was Jesus Christ actually an alien? 

Date:                           Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In-flight Time:           6 hours and 27 minutes into a journey of 9 hours and 55 minutes

 Location:                    In-flight Sydney Australia to Honolulu USA

‘Was I out for long?’ enquired Evan emerging from his sleep.

‘A couple of hours I think,’ said Julius not aware of the time so intense was his thinking. ‘I have it. I think I’ve worked out what the counter-intervention is.’

‘That was quick work,’ said Evan. Let me order us a drink and give me a moment to wake up properly.’

‘Not for me thanks,’ said Julius, but it was too late. Evan had signaled for two more drinks to an attentive flight attendant.

The drinks arrived so Julius began.

‘It’s religion,’ said Julius confidently. ‘You have alien spaceships that are coming and going, strange technology on display, beings of a higher evolutionary order. While it may have been possible to remove most physical evidence of their time on Earth, how do they erase the memories of the people who witnessed these events? Memories that materialize as paintings, written records, myths and legends. They can’t, and they don’t! They explain them away using religion.

‘It was before my time, the late ‘60s from memory, but I have read the phenomenon “The Chariots of the Gods”.  I found it quite compelling. Author Von Däniken claimed the origins of religions were in fact reactions to contact with advanced aliens. I believe that the aliens have taken advantage of our religious beginnings, built on those foundations, and used them to cover their tracks.’

Evan seemed a little disappointed with Julius’s answer.

‘You don’t agree?’

‘I also concluded that religion was a part of the alien counter-intervention,’ said Evan. ‘But there’s more to it than that I believe.’

‘What are you driving at?’ asked Julius. ‘You’ve had about 70 years longer than me to think about this. Help me out.’

‘The Bible, both the new and old testaments, are incredible pieces of literature. Written so long ago, yet each finds relevance and meaning with each new generation. No other written work has adapted so well over time. The Bible displays timeless wisdom and relevance far beyond our capacity to re-create even today. What would you think if I told you that I believe there’s an alien influence in the creation of the Bible?’

‘Quite possible,’ said Julius. ‘It’s an example of them engineering religion for their purposes. In fact, it’s an obvious extension to what I was just saying.’

‘The timing of their departure from Earth . . . 2,000 years ago,’ said Evan. ‘Wha . . . ‘

‘They knew Jesus!’ exclaimed Julius. ‘Or Jesus could even have been an alien himself perhaps?’

‘I can’t believe Jesus was an alien, but, if there was an alien influence on Earth at the time of Jesus, it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to see that alien influence may have also played a part in the journey of Jesus,’ said Evan. ‘Which is actually quite disturbing.’

‘The question that comes to mind is,’ said Julius. ‘Why would they need to involve themselves so heavily in our religion? What did they hope to achieve?’

‘That’s been a subject of great concern to me for a very long time,’ said Evan.

Before Evan could speak further, Julius jumped in on a completely new tangent.

‘We’ve been genetically modified,’ said Julius. ‘I assume genetically modified to mean genetically advanced, given that we were enhanced to be more like them. Could it be that they used religion to slow our rate of technological evolution? There’s a strong argument that religion has substantially held back our evolution.’

‘That’s true,’ said Evan. ‘That may be a consideration, but I really don’t think it to be of major consequence.’

‘You’re right. It couldn’t be the primary reason for such comprehensive intervention,’ said Julius thinking aloud now. ‘They need to supplement whatever it is that we’ve missed in the evolutionary process. I’m thinking that the lessons contained within the Bible are the supplement. Think about it. What does the Bible give us?’

‘I think I know what you’re fishing for,’ said Evan.

‘The Bible, with religion and the values and teachings that religion represent, gives us the blueprints to a moral, peaceful and just existence,’ said Julius not waiting for Evan’s answer.

‘I might not necessarily agree with that comment,’ said Evan.

‘Correction,’ said Julius. ‘They were meant to give us blueprints to a moral, peaceful and just existence.’

Evan said nothing, it was clear by his expression that he didn’t agree with the sentiment of the discussion. After a thoughtful pause, Julius continued, completely oblivious to Evan’s dissent.

‘If we’d taken the much longer evolutionary route and evolved without alien help, I imagine that there would’ve been a great deal more opportunity for conflict over such an extended time. Conflicts would’ve come in gradually ever-increasing size and capacity for destruction. In order to survive, mankind would need to change. Those who didn’t learn, those who failed to adapt the instincts or neural pathways necessary for our species’ survival would’ve been lost over time by the process of natural selection.’

Evan sipped on his drink silently as he considered Julius’s words.

‘The lessons of millions of years of conflict would be learned using primitive weapons,’ continued Julius. ‘Not the weapons of mass destruction we have at our disposal today. Natural selection would’ve evolved us towards a survivable version. Humans that survived would trend towards being moral, peaceful and just over time. We could not have naturally evolved to this level of technological achievement without shedding some of our immoral, violent and warlike behavior.’

Deep within Evan’s subconscious, hidden by the confusion of time, Evan recalled sensing some of what Julius had just described.

‘I’m not sure exactly how I know this Julius,’ said Evan. ‘But believe me when I say it . . . you’re partially correct.’

Julius remained deep in concentration while Evan continued verbalizing their train of thought.

‘Religion was created for the purpose of giving us something that we lost the opportunity to learn because we bypassed a substantial amount of evolutionary influence . . . Morality!’ said Evan. ‘They left us with a code of conduct necessary for our survival.’

‘Are you saying that you knew this all along Evan?’ asked Julius.

‘I think that I may have always known, but I was never meant to remember,’ said Evan. ‘It’s a bit like trying to recall a dream. You can’t remember until something jogs that memory.’

‘What about Jesus?’ asked Julius. ‘Is there anything more you can tell me about the role that Jesus plays?’

‘No, I don’t think so. But considering the timing and that they were the engineers of our religious beliefs, it’s hard to imagine Jesus not being one of their tools to help us onto the right path. Jesus may have been their parting gift!’

‘You know something Evan? I’m liking these aliens less and less,’ said Julius.

‘That’s an interesting statement to make so early in your deliberations,’ said Evan. ‘Why?’

‘They influence your thinking without your knowledge whilst letting you believe that the decisions you made were your own. They have delusions that they are one day to become God, and worse, they play God with the introduction of religious beliefs of their own flawed design.’

‘Anything else?’

‘They assume the destruction of our world and failure of their counter-intervention strategy, so flee our solar system but not before taking possession of the rich biological diversity of Earth to do with as they please. They’ve taken whatever they’ve needed from us and our planet over many thousands of years, and then left without obligation,’ added Julius.

‘With friends like that . . .’ offered Evan.

‘But am I worrying over nothing? Surely a strategy devised by two advanced species has an excellent chance of success . . . doesn’t it?’ asked Julius now looking straight at Evan.

Evan doesn’t meet Julius’s look or attempt to answer.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the witness to Roswell

Breaking into your thoughts – A message from the author

Conspiracy – A second Roswell crash site:

There was a second Roswell crash site that was only ever attended by eight witnesses. Seven of these witnesses swore an oath and cooperated in order to insure the encounter remained a secret. The eighth witness decided to distance himself from the others, believing the alien(s) had somehow influenced their thinking. The witnesses are from:

Roswell Army Airfield – 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy. Home to the B29 Superfortresses that attempted the second bogey intercept:

  1. Colonel Sam Curtis – Base Commanding Officer
  2. Major Roger Baker – Senior Officer Air Force Intelligence
  3. Private Fells – Military Police
  4. Private Owens – Military Police (did not swear the oath with the others}
  5. Cadet Evan Armstrong – Air Force Cadets (who finally reveals the truth)

Muroc Army Airfield California- Air Force Flight Test Centre. Responsible for secret testing in Nevada and the first intercept attempt:

  1. Colonel James Rafter – Commanding Officer


  1. Con Sanchos – Property Owner
  2. Terry Sanchos – Son (and best friend to Evan)

Respecting the wishes of Roswell’s final witness prevents me from ever revealing the true witness identities, and also that of several other characters.

Theory – Religion to counter the alien influence:

The “Greys” intervention into mankind’s evolution was intended to be beneficial. Their fateful encounter with the “Small Aliens” revealed dangerous consequences from their actions though. Before leaving Earth and contact with mankind, the aliens attempted to “counter” the influence of the “Greys” time spent here in our solar system; to give hope that mankind might survive the Armageddon event and join with other survivors to peacefully explore and further evolve.

Religion was used not only to “cover their tracks” and explain away strange witnessed events, it was also designed to help us learn the lessons that evolution missed. The greater basket of teachings and moral guidance offered by religion are in place because we missed the opportunity to gain these valuable attributes with our substantially shortened evolutionary timeline.

The aliens intended to leave the Earth for the final time at about the same time that Jesus lived. The timing of their departure might not be coincidence. It is entirely plausible that Jesus was influenced, directed or even “created” by the aliens. A parting gift.

Theory – Dark (limited) Energy . . . the return of gravity:

The Big Bang resulted from the sudden diminishing of gravity, likely caused by the parallel dimensions of gravity and electromagnetism touching; gravity moving perpendicular to the other dimensions. Instead of matter experiencing the full “weight” of gravitational force, we only “feel” a miniscule percentage; the tiny amount only that intersects with our dimensional reality. This is the source of the Dark Energy that our science has only recently discovered. All Dark Energy was created at the instant the gravitational dimension shifted perpendicular. However, Dark Energy’s long term influence is not yet fully understood.

My best “interpretation” of the imagery projected by the alien(s) to Roswell’s final witness reveals a universe where gravity returns in strength as Dark Energy diminishes . . . the seemingly endless expansion of our universe is able to be slowed, stopped and reversed. The aliens projected a “critical” point of the density of matter at which time our laws of physics alter . . . the beginning of the reversal of the expansion of our universe as gravity is somehow able to realign with the other dimensions. (I would be interested in other interpretations.