Who is the final witness to the alien crash at Roswell?

Roswell’s last surviving witness is a world-famous American household name and hero. He was born in Roswell, served as an Air Force cadet at the time of the Roswell encounter, and knew the family that lived at the crash location property well. He was assigned the duty of patrolling the road to the north of the original alien crash site location. He claims that he found a crashed alien spacecraft with one dead and two surviving aliens.

Roswell witness to remain a secret

Why won’t the witness to Roswell reveal himself?

Six of the eight witnesses to the second, or main, alien UFO crash at Roswell site were in the Military. Their actions in not reporting the alien encounter and lying to superiors about the incident are treason. Whilst ALL eight of those that attended the Roswell alien encounter believe that they did the right thing in cooperating with the aliens’ attempts to restrict our knowledge of advanced alien species, they fear that history may not judge their actions kindly.

There is another reason. Roswell’s final witness believes that it was his actions that were taken to conceal the alien encounter and throw Majestic 12 off track in 1961 that led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Roswell alien crash site
What caused the alien crash at Roswell

Why has the Roswell witness taken so long to come forward?

The eight witnesses to the encounter swore an oath never to reveal the existence of aliens, or reveal knowledge of what happened at the Roswell alien crash site in 1947. The events of a lifetime convinced the only surviving witness to “not take the secret to the grave”.

How accurate are the reported alien communications from Roswell?

Seventy years have passed. The witness to Roswell was 86 years old, and he was not well. Some inaccuracies are almost certain.

Aliens communicate telepathically
Alien telepathic communication

A further complication is the nature of the communications. All advanced alien species use telepathic communication, which involves a rich tapestry of additional information. Senses such as sight, touch, smell, and hearing are engaged. You can sense the aliens’ feelings, empathize with their position, realize their hopes and fears. It has been necessary to employ some artistic license to the alien communications in order to accurately portray the actual communications as close as possible.

In my time spent with Roswell’s Final Witness, we dissected the alien communications in minute detail. In my opinion, the communications are ACCURATELY portrayed.

What did Roswell’s final witness reveal?

The news isn’t good.

Alien prophesized Armageddon
Alien crash at Roswell 1947

Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy is almost complete and will be available in 2018.

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