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Hi and welcome to the articles section of the Caesar Rising website.

The Caesar Rising series of novels cover a broad spectrum of topics and alternative thinking. I, the author, will be adding highly controversial articles to stimulate thought and debate, but I also would love to hear from YOU!

If you have strong or creative views on any of the subjects listed below, please submit your writing for consideration of being published here on this site. (Links to your own website can be created with reciprocal links back of course.)  The more provocative articles I will blog to stimulate further debate. All submissions MUST include an email address for others to contact you. I invite links and online interactivity with other authors and lovers of science and lateral thinking.

All authors of articles accepted to will receive a free copy of Roswell’s Final Witness signed by the Author, Michael Muxworthy (As soon as it is published of course)


Provocative Alien Thoughts

Here is the general subject content I’m looking for:

Roswell. Just about anything you are passionate about on the subject of Roswell will be considered. Not rehashed old news, fresh and original;

Alien. Once again a pretty broad subject, but I am particularly looking for debate on alien capacity to relate to our own experiences here on Earth;

Lateral Thinking. Submit your views and ideas. Demonstrate your abilities;

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All views and theories welcome;

Dark Energy. In particular, I’m looking for anyone who might have understanding or theory wrt Dark Energy’s relationship to Gravity;

Religious Prophecy. Let’s face it, the fact that the Bible stays relevant for each new generation is incredible. Your thinking please;

Evolution, Is there more? Darwin is essentially correct, but, “Nature is imperfect . . . by design!”

Ufos. (Spoiler warning here. Roswell’s Final Witness exposes genuine UFO sightings as “alien, but NOT spacecraft”. I actually reveal how they are tied to astrological phenomenon and can be predicted with “some” accuracy);

Alien influence on our religion. This is a scary subject and one that is blown wide open in Roswell’s Final Witness;

Majestic 12. Very, very interested in their relationship with the Roswell encounter and the assassination of President Kennedy;

Cover-ups by the American Military. Or perceived cover-ups.

Unintended consequences of alien contact and intervention. Finish on a strong note and my FAVORITE subject.


Muxy001, Muxy, Michael Muxworthy
Roswell’s Final Witness author, Michael John Muxworthy, “Muxy”

Please don’t hesitate to submit something and stay in touch.

Michael Muxworthy – Author

Caesar Rising series of novels.

God is an alien
Caesar Rising series
Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

The Caesar Rising opening trilogy:

  • Roswell’s Final Witness;
  • Alien War;
  • Contest for the Galaxy.

“We should never have trusted the aliens”