We are only just beginning to understand the unintended consequences of past alien intervention on Earth.

Interview with the Roswell alien encounter witness. Day 3

(Partial) Transcript of recorded interview of the Roswell Witness (RW) by Michael Muxworthy (MM)

Roswell interview
Interview with Roswell’s Final Witness

‘Consequences?’ – MM

‘I’m not really sure. Are you religious Michael’ – RW

“No.” – MM

‘Okay, let me explain it this way. Aliens believe that God has created an evolutionary pathway to the future. Evolution IS God’s plan. Everything that happens to us, things like learning, inventing, ummm, wars and stuff, it’s all meant to happen. I think we’re meant to be (INAUDIBLE) . . . a journey that’s going somewhere.’ – RW

‘Like a predetermined outcome?’ – MM

‘Yes. Well, sort of. A predetermined outcome, it’s ummm universal.’ – RW

‘Are you saying that all intelligent life on different planets have the same sort of path? Is it a designed outcome?’ – MM

‘Sorry, let me correct myself here. It’s not the outcome that is designed, that’s up to us. It is the evolutionary pathway that’s designed.’ – RW

‘By God.’ – MM

‘Yes.’ – RW

‘What type of outcomes are possible?’ – MM

‘The alien was guarded in these communications, but, I know there is only one pathway that allows survival. I know that it leads to the next stage of evolution. I can only describe the imagery the alien projected as being something like a spiritual age.’ – RW

‘And if we don’t take this path we’re . . .’ – MM

‘Fucked.’ – RW

‘You said the outcome was up to us though.’ – MM

‘It’s up to us to adhere to the pathway. it’s like a trial and we have to make it through.’ – RW

‘Armageddon.’ – MM

‘Armageddon event. It’s like a challenge for advanced species that they must get through.’ – RW

‘Or we perish.’ – MM

‘Yes. The thing is that the aliens told us that they won’t interfere and won’t communicate with us. We’re not even supposed to know about them.’

‘How does knowing about them or them contacting us change things?’ – MM

‘They’ve contacted evolving worlds before Michael. Something goes wrong. Those worlds never survived this . . . great . . . trial of evolution. They destroyed themselves and any aliens that were about also. The point I want to make is that they’ve contacted us in the past. We’ve been influenced by alien activity for 600,000 years and they only realized their mistake 14, sorry, 18,000 years ago I think. They cleaned things up as much as possible but the problem is that there’s going to be consequences for that contact.’ – RW

Like?’ – MM

‘We’re fucked. They tried to fix things but we’re still broken.’ – RW

‘Off the evolutionary path, you mean?’ – MM

‘Yes.’ – RW

‘Okay, ummm, I want you to try and describe the imagery; the full telepathic communication that involves the consequence of alien contact.’ – MM

‘Major XXXXX was adamant that we report the encounter immediately. He wasn’t the senior officer, but he seemed to be the officer pushing the military angle. He was getting impatient with the indecision of the other officers and the alien sensed this. The alien didn’t want to reveal anything it didn’t have to, and we all sensed that that was because it was for our ultimate benefit. After a while though, the officers decided to confront the alien with what they saw as inconsistencies, and Major XXXXX led the questioning. The alien was forced to reveal more at this point.’ – RW

‘Let me just pull you back on track here, we’re talking about the consequences of alien intervention and what was communicated.’ – MM

‘It’s highly complicated. Trying to put something into words that was communicated telepathically isn’t that easy. I just ummm’ – RW

‘Sorry XXXX, take your time.’ – MM

‘I saw destruction of worlds. Like, planets being ripped apart and on fire. Everything around these planets, their moons and spaceships and satellites and whatever, even other planets, were all caught up in the destruction. Nothing survives, even their suns can be destroyed. And the aliens visiting their planet are also destroyed. It happens really quickly and you don’t want to be in the neighborhood when it goes off.

‘Just before a planet dies, the population reach out to the visiting aliens. They think the aliens can help them, but they can’t. The worlds that are on the brink of destruction are incredibly advanced and powerful.’ – RW

‘So Armageddon is a consequence of alien intervention?’ – MM

‘Aren’t you listening? No. Wrong. Failing to survive this destruction is the consequence. Armageddon is part of evolution. We will face it eventually, but the aliens believe we can’t survive (INAUDIBLE) . . . if we know about them (INAUDIBLE) . . .  we won’t find the solution and implement it. We won’t be able to resist the temptation to try to get the aliens to help us and when we do so, somehow, we are turning our back on the pathway.’ – RW

‘Okay, I think I get it now, so all we have to do to survive this Armageddon is keep alien existence a secret?’ – MM

‘Ha. Nothing’s that simple Michael.’ – RW

End of transcript.

That was several minutes of four full days of recorded interviews. I thought I might give you insight into the evidence used to create Roswell’s Final Witness.

My interpretation of the Roswell Witness communication.

The two species of aliens that have made their way to Earth have clearly survived some sort of evolutionary trial. The witness describes this as “the Armageddon event”. Whatever this trial might be, it seems that i is a part of the technological evolutionary process and that we are yet to attain this technology and face the trial.

There has been alien contact and intervention here on Earth. Quite substantial contact and intervention. Only after the first race of aliens to arrive here had been in contact with mankind for almost 600,000 years did they realize their mistake and try to counter/annul their influence. The witness believes the aliens have failed to get us back on track.

If we fail this Armageddon event, if our entire population perishes as a result of some technological discovery and we are unable to implement a solution, it will be an UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF ALIEN CONTACT.

A more tangible example of unintended consequences of alien contact is the assassination of President Kennedy. Further transcripts of the interview with Roswell’s Final Witness on the subject of Kennedy will be released here soon. To learn more about what happened to Kennedy, please click here.


Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.


“We can’t go on ignoring inequality, because we have the means to destroy our world but not to escape it”

– Stephen Hawking

“Although the planets may belong to organic life, the real masters of the universe may be machines. We creatures of flesh and blood are transitional forms.”

— Arthur C. Clarke

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