What really happened at Roswell?

Two Roswell crash sites

According to the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell, there was a second crash site several miles to the north of the “official” crash site.

Alien UFO crash at Roswell

Startling recent testimony from a new witness reveals that the second Roswell alien crash site was only ever attended by eight witnesses. The witness says that two aliens survived the crash initially, however, one died before an alien rescue ship could arrive.

I have to tell you, I was skeptical at first. However, my investigations add tremendous weight to the credibility of the witness. I can confirm:

  • He was a 17-year-old Air Force cadet in 1947, stationed at the Roswell Army Airfield Base with the 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy;
  • He was born and raised in Roswell. His family home was less than 10 miles from the original crash site;
  • He knew the family well that were living on the property where the alien crash occurred;
  • He is a world-famous American hero and household name; and
  • He gave genuine, valid and powerful reasons for keeping the incident secret for the past 70 years;
  • He also provided powerful reasons for changing his mind and not allowing the truth about the alien encounter at Roswell die with him.

Why has the witness kept the alien encounter a secret for so long?

The decision to keep the alien encounter at the second (main) crash site at Roswell a secret was agreed upon by the eight witnesses only after considerable communication with the last surviving alien. The alien communications are revealed in-depth in the soon to be released novel, Roswell’s Final Witness.

What I can reveal here is that the alien convinced the witnesses that the unintended meeting between our two cultures threatened our chances of survival. We soon face a trial of evolution that is a necessary step on the pathway to the “Spiritual Age”. All advanced and self-aware species that reach the threshold of the spiritual age must face this dangerous and destructive trial alone. Interference from well-meaning advanced alien species that have already survived the trial has always resulted in catastrophic outcomes. They will not contact us, nor reveal themselves in any way until we have negotiated the dangers of Armageddon.

How did they cover up the Roswell alien encounter?

Six of the eight witnesses to the Roswell encounter were serving military men, including a Major and two Colonels. Their efforts of concealing the encounter were imaginative and effective and they are described in detail in Roswell’s Final Witness.

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness.

‘Earlier that morning I’d met discreetly with Major Baker. He gave me pieces of a high-tech weather balloon to pass onto Con. Con came well prepared; he wrapped the pieces reverently in an old blanket he’d brought with him. Then, before he walked into the radio station, he put on a huge pair of gumboots, an over-sized yellow raincoat and hat, and an old pair of gardening gloves. “Stand back” he yelled, “stand back”, as he entered the station holding the blanket cautiously well out in front of him. Everyone stood well back, fearful of the contents.

Fake Roswell Alien UFO crash debris
Roswell alien/UFO crash debris in the hands of the military was FAKE according to Roswell’s Final Witness.

‘Con refused to unwrap the blanket until they were “live on air”. It was “too dangerous to be exposed to the contents for prolonged periods” he claimed. Before the final unwrapping, Con removed a pair of safety goggles from the pocket of his raincoat and carefully put them on making sure their fit was perfect. The radio announcer was very nervous. He moved as far away as possible and towards the exit. The anticipation, the buildup, the . . . absolute silence as the radio interviewer realized what he was looking at. Ha, ha. Rubber and balsa wood. Plain old rubber and balsa wood.

‘Admittedly, the balsa wood did carry some rather odd markings. We never did figure out what they were. But that was the death of the hype in the media. It was a sudden and, for the radio station, very painful death.’

End of Extract

What was it they had at the first Roswell crash site?

Part of the deception created by the eight witnesses to the Roswell alien encounter was to confuse the authorities as to the timing of the crash. It was claimed that the wreckage had been there “for some time”.  The reason for this was to disassociate the crash site from an incursion into American airspace on July 3rd, 1947.

Roswell UFO alien crash

Twice the military tried to intercept an intruder that was detected by radar . . . they never realized that their efforts had actually resulted in the shooting down of an alien spacecraft. Badly damaged, it’s believed that the alien spacecraft attempted to land at the first crash site, coming in hard and fast. The tail of the craft hit the ground, ripping a huge gouge into the earth and tearing pieces of the outer skin off. This is what was found at the first crash site.

The now badly damaged alien spacecraft tried to regain control and altitude. It eventually failed; crashing about two miles further to the north. This is what was discovered by the eight witnesses to the alien encounter at Roswell.

Roswell’s Final Witness promises to blow the lid off all subjects alien, UFO, and JFK. The truth is an incredible tale that will frighten you to your core.

We are on the threshold. Eternal life? Or total annihilation?

Armageddon is soon upon us!

Roswell’s Final Witness is the first novel of the Caesar Rising series coming soon.

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The truth about the alien UFO encounter at Roswell
“We should NEVER have trusted the aliens”

5 thoughts on “Roswell

  1. Have always known about the existence of ETs from other solar systems since I was a child. The greys still visit me now and then at night leaving me with after-symptoms, but also feeling “special & honored” to be chosen. Gave birth to a baby girl 36 years ago (She is Rh Neg) but was told by several infertility MDs that was impossible to get pregnant. She was very long and large (big eyes). She had a “watcher” in her room growing up, guiding & warning her of bad times (ex. Dog died same day of warning). I have the genuine photo of “alien angel” glowing (was taken without warning at the home). During ET visit at my home, dog awoke me to see ET standing beside me, making sounds, poking my face. I was paralyzed but awake, seeing clock, wall in front of me just beyond ET. Lastly, visits left me with “pink vision” for 2 days following along with markings. Contacted MUFON. Will enjoy reading your book. Thanks! Dee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dee, nice to hear from you. My book has been picked up by a publishing house in the US. It is currently going through a process called a “structural edit”. After it comes back to me, I get to rewrite areas that need attention, fix problems etc. That process should be complete by Xmas hopefully. After that, it will be put out to Beta (sample) readers for feedback. If you would like to be a Beta reader, can you please contact me at my Author website and leave me your email address? michaelmuxworthy.com Have a great day Dee, I hope to hear from you.


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