What was found at the Roswell alien crash site?

Let’s investigate key events/times of the alien encounter of 1947 Roswell. They don’t make sense . . . YET! Roswell’s Final Witness reveals that there was in fact evidence of a downed alien aircraft. Evidence that the military LOST.

The Roswell alien corpse
There was never an alien corpse from Roswell in the hands of the military

Roswell, July 8th, 1947.

Roswell Army Air Field Public Information Officer Walter Halt released a press statement purporting that personnel from the field’s 509th Operations Group had recovered a “flying disc”, which had crashed some time earlier on a ranch near Roswell. The reason for this extraordinary announcement has never been understood; it has always been considered a “blunder”. There was never any alien silver flying discs at all. In fact, the military had wanted to cover-up what they believed had been found . . . a high-tech nuclear test monitoring balloon. Part of Project Mogul.

The “official” account of events at Roswell claimed that it was actually just a weather balloon. Once this version of events came to light, most of the UFO hype settled down. Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy claims that the military did indeed have pieces of an alien aircraft, but:

  1. They didn’t know that they were in possession of actual wreckage of a downed alien spacecraft: and
  2. The wreckage was only in their hands for a very short time. Witnesses to the alien encounter took possession of the wreckage and disposed of it.

So, was the crash debris a weather balloon? Or a nuclear detection balloon from Project Mogul? Or crashed alien spaceship debris?

The truth will astound you.

Roswell, July 5th, 1947.

On the day after the Fourth Of July celebrations, military personnel from the 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy attended the “official” Roswell alien crash site and collected REAL ALIEN CRASH DEBRIS. At the time though, they didn’t know what it was that they were handling. Only a small amount of the outside “skin” of the alien spaceship was found at this site. (There was a second Roswell crash site – Click here to learn more)

After the cleanup was complete and all the debris was secured, those who had performed the cleanup were assembled for a debriefing. They were lied to in order to conceal the alien encounter.

Extract from: Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy

‘What you have witnessed here today is highly classified information that you must never discuss with anyone without permission from, and in the presence of, a senior military intelligence officer. That is a direct order gentlemen. What do you do when you are given an order?’ barked Major Baker.

The men all sprang to attention now, saluted and shouted in unison. ‘Yes sir!’ They knew by the Major’s fierce attitude that he meant business.

‘You may stand at ease now gentlemen,’ said the Major. ‘Thank you for your efforts up to this point. We’re not be going back to the crash site; today’s storm would make it too difficult to find anything that may have been missed.’

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter

The Major thought for a moment; the room remained silent.

‘Project Mogul involves the deployment of very high altitude balloons used for the detection of Soviet atomic tests. The balloons carry top secret, highly sensitive sound wave detection technology that must never fall into the hands of our enemies. Did anybody here see anything that might incorporate the technology I just described?’

The men looked amongst themselves but no one responded.

‘I will be creating a cover story for the debris you’ve recovered,’ said Major Baker pausing for effect. ‘Most likely, we’ll claim the debris to be from a weather balloon. You can tell people it was a weather balloon should you feel the need to say something about your activities here today. Are there any questions gentlemen?’

None were forthcoming. The explanation seemed quite plausible.

‘Leave the vehicle with the crash site debris here for now and take the other truck back,’ instructed Major Baker, then addressing the Sergeant. ‘You and your men are to report back to your Commanding Officer as soon as the storm has sufficiently passed Sergeant.’

The storm had now abated considerably. The Sergeant immediately assembled the troops with their belongings and departed.

‘Nice job,’ Colonel Rafter whispered to the Major. ‘Even I believe the cover story.’

End of Extract

Witnesses to the actual alien encounter at the second/mail Roswell alien crash site were covering up the encounter. They now had full control of the crash debris, and they had invented the Project Mugul nuclear detection balloon as their cover story whilst offering a weather balloon as the cover story they wanted others to put out there to protect Project Mogul, but were in effect actually protecting the knowledge of alien spaceship debris.

Confused? Read the book, you’ll get it.

Cibola National Forest New Mexico July 3rd, 1947

On this day, the American Military twice detected the alien spaceship on radar, and twice attempted to intercept. They managed to bring the spaceship down. To fully understand the events of July 3rd, please click here.

Reports that the alien crashed spaceship was found a month earlier but only reported to the military much later were created by the witnesses to the alien encounter. They needed to quieten down all the media, and get the curious military off their backs. They invented the earlier date so that there would be no association. (To understand the extent of the cover-up click here)

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

Roswell’s Final Witness is the first novel in the Caesar Rising series by author Michael Muxworthy.

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