Armageddon is soon upon us

“Today, your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA

 back in 1969, when it placed two astronauts on the moon.

Video games, which consume enormous amounts of computer power to simulate 3-D situations, use more computer power than mainframe computers of the previous decade. The Sony PlayStation of today, which costs $300, has the power of a military supercomputer of 1997, which cost millions of dollars.”

Macho Kaku

Date:                                       Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In-flight Time:                       8 hours and 48 minutes into a journey of 9 hours and 55 minutes

Location:                                In-flight Sydney Australia to Honolulu USA

Julius was looking at some of the remarkable non-UFO images of his Australian outback adventure on his laptop. The shutter on the portside window next to Evan was closed, but light from the morning sun was flooding into the cabin from the open starboard windows. The scent of freshly brewed coffee and hum of quiet conversation filled the air. It’s always a beautiful day when you’re flying above the clouds.

‘Good morning. Did you get any sleep at all?’ asked Evan finally stirring.

Once again, Evan had shed the deathly grip of the alleged alien subliminal implant. He looked relatively well, and especially well considering how much alcohol he’d consumed on the flight. He opened the window shutter next to him to view the new day.

‘Good morning. Not even for a second,’ replied Julius looking up from his laptop. ‘Are you kidding? I just found out about the end of the world, aliens and UFOs. Did you honestly think I’d sleep?’

Evan thought for a moment before replying.

‘Not for a very, very long time in my experience,’ said Evan wondering if he might sleep properly and regularly now that he had finally shared his secret. ‘Sorry about that.’

‘Let’s order some coffee and breakfast, I’m famished,’ said Julius thinking Evan might try to order yet another scotch. ‘I have a train of thought I want to run by you.’

Even before the food was cleared, Julius began.

‘How is it that we can only find the solution to Armageddon at precisely the time that we need to find it? If we find the answer to that question, I suspect we’re well down the track towards solving this puzzle,’ said Julius.

‘I often imagined that some sort of signal would activate and tell us where to look,’ said Evan. ‘It’d lead to a secret cave or hidden chamber within one of the pyramids or some other great monument from the past. There are so many ancient ruins that could conceal the solution, and I’ve taken the opportunity to investigate a great many over the years as I’ve told you.’

‘Except,’ said Julius. ‘How would they be able to get the signal to go off at the precise time it’s needed?’

It was a question that Evan thought impossible to answer.

‘The aliens obviously have no idea when we’ll be facing this trial. You said they were completely unprepared for our state of technological advancement when they arrived in 1947. You also told me that they were fleeing our solar system. They’re clearly not monitoring our progress. Or at least not closely monitoring it anyway.

‘If they’ve left the solution here on Earth in any sort of physical hiding place, how could they be absolutely certain it would still be there at the precise time that we needed it? It might be destroyed by mining, war, natural disaster or exploration. They couldn’t be certain that we wouldn’t find it before time.’

‘So where’s this leading Julius?’

Evan recognized in Julius an ability to find creative solutions to problems well beyond anything he could himself have personally achieved. The famous lateral thinking entrepreneur, Julius Ryan, had proven to be an excellent choice for Evan’s purposes. In less than a single day, Julius was making breakthroughs in theory beyond anything Evan had conceived in almost 70 years.

‘Okay, follow me on this,’ said Julius. ‘There’s only one way that we can possibly find the solution at, and only at, the precise time that we need it.’

Julius was sounding confident whilst Evan was struggling to keep up.

‘If you’re expecting me to know where this is heading, I don’t,’ said Evan. ‘Please continue, you have my full and absolute attention.’

‘It’s perfectly simple, and quite obvious,’ said Julius sounding a little smug. ‘Whatever it is that causes Armageddon, must also be what causes the solution to be revealed. That way, the solution cannot be prematurely revealed. Only on the brink, will the solution be revealed!’

It took a moment to register, but Evan smiled. Julius was onto something here, he knew it.

‘That makes perfect sense,’ said Evan. ‘I can’t fault your logic. But doesn’t that mean that there’s nothing we can do but wait? If the solution can’t be revealed until the time of Armageddon, there can be no way to find the solution beforehand.’

Julius gave Evan that knowing sort of smile.

‘Actually Evan, quite the opposite,’ said Julius. ‘I see this like a huge signpost pointing directly at the solution. Don’t forget, when they hid the solution, they never expected anyone to be looking for it before the time it’s needed. Instead of looking for Armageddon, we look for the solution first. Backwards planning.’

Evan was intrigued.

‘Finding the solution doesn’t necessarily mean we can decipher it, or even necessarily recognize it as being an alien message. However, if we find the solution’s location, it may give us a clue about what Armageddon has in store for us. Do you follow me?’

‘Not really,’ said Evan struggling still.

‘If we know where the solution is hidden, we’ll be able to work out what sort of technology we need to be able to decipher it,’ said Julius. ‘Do you follow me now?’

‘Barely. I chose you for good reasons Julius,’ said Evan. ‘I’m following as best I can. So far, you make perfect sense. But, I doubt we can discover what Armageddon is from the information we have . . . I’ll keep an open mind though.’

Julius had a great deal more confidence in his ability to solve this riddles than Evan did it seemed. After nearly 70 years, Evan had imagined an impenetrable wall of alien ingenuity. On the other hand, Julius saw unintended clues in every facet of the encounter.

‘The solution to Armageddon is likely something that is already in plain and prominent view.’

Julius considered his last words even as he heard them leave his mouth.

‘Something that is in plain and prominent view. But of course, something we cannot recognize without the benefit of the technological breakthrough that will bring about Armageddon.’

‘Something we don’t yet see for what it really is?’ offered Evan. ‘But like what?’

The Bible and religion are alien inventions

‘I was thinking about the Bible,’ said Julius. ‘If aliens created religion, then it’s certain that they had influence over the Bible’s creation.’

‘Keep going, I’m with you,’ said Evan.

‘The Bible contains meaning and relevance for each new generation that turn its pages,’ continued Julius. ‘No other publication, except maybe the Qur’an of course, has come close to the remarkable resilience of the Bible over time.’

‘I see where you’re heading.’

‘It’s only logical,’ continued Julius. ‘Where does a religious “God fearing” mankind turn to when faced with annihilation? If religion has been engineered as an integral part of the counter-intervention strategy, wouldn’t the Bible be the logical vehicle of delivery for the solution to Armageddon?’

‘Are you suggesting a coded message in the Bible?’ asked Evan. ‘Many have been down that track before you Julius.’

‘I’m aware of that,’ said Julius. ‘However, I would point out to you that ambiguous results of the past have nothing to do with what we might find in the future. The aliens wouldn’t be so careless as to leave a message that could be found with today’s technology. Only the technology that causes Armageddon reveals the solution.’

‘That makes sense,’ said Evan.

‘Code discoverable by today’s technology may have actually been deliberately placed in the Bible so that when the new technology arrives we automatically delve deeper into the possibilities,’ suggested Julius.

Evan moved his seat into an upright position.

‘Did you know that the word “Roswell” appears in Genesis if you apply certain letter selection criteria?’ Evan pointed out. ‘I’ve researched the potential of that path myself. About 10 years ago there was a bit of a storm about hidden code in the Bible. Basically, they took the original Hebrew sections of the old testament, joined up all the words and selected every “n”th letter to see what came out.’

‘What do you mean by “n”th letter? asked Julius.

‘“N” is any number. For example, if “n” equals four, after removing all gaps and punctuation, they take every fourth letter, join it up and see what it has to say. They can also vary the starting position, go backwards . . .’

‘Eventually, purely by chance, you’re bound to find things in there though,’ Julius noted. ‘Seriously, I’m surprised that the word “Roswell” doesn’t appear several times.’

‘That was pretty much the conclusion I came to,’ said Evan.

‘How are you feeling Evan?’

‘Get to the point. Are you concerned about my capacity to continue?’

‘Yes,’ said Julius. ‘There’s no reason that we couldn’t continue this at a later stage.’

‘Don’t be concerned. I’ve needed to tell somebody about this for many years. If I feel that I can’t continue, I’ll let you know,’ said Evan. ‘There are still things I haven’t yet told you. It’s difficult to convey the huge volume of information that was communicated’

‘Then take your time’ said Julius. ‘I want it all. Impressions, imagery, senses, assumptions, the lot! The answers are close; I need every clue you can give me. Specifically, tell me about the impressions you had of Armageddon.’

Evan gathered his thoughts.

‘Initially, the technology that leads to Armageddon delivers a time of unprecedented peace, and prosperity. All mankind become equals. Things like war and crime, or injustice, will no longer exist. Medical knowledge will exist to cure any disease or deformity. Lifespans of many thousands of years or longer will be immediately possible.’

‘It sounds like there’d be a huge population explosion,’ said Julius.

‘There isn’t time,’ said Evan. ‘When we make this technological leap, our time is extremely short. So short that we don’t have enough time for most of us to escape the Earth with our new-found knowledge.’

‘Once we attain this technological capacity that causes Armageddon, are we talking years? Months?’ asked Julius.

‘I got the impression, and it is only an impression, that it was more like days or weeks. However, in this case, it was a strong impression.’

‘That’s incredible!’ said Julius. ‘A technology that gives us so much, but destroys us so quickly.’

Evan considered what Julius had just spoken.

‘It’s a subtle difference Julius, but one I feel I should point out. The technology doesn’t destroy us, rather, it brings the opportunity for us to destroy ourselves.’

‘That’s an important point of difference,’ said Julius.

‘As soon as Armageddon is evident, the entire world that uses the technology, realizes exactly what they’re facing very quickly. The whole world is gripped by fear. There’s nothing at all they can do to stop it. From that moment, the end of the world can be as little as hours away . . . no more than days. It’s a tense wait that doesn’t end well.’

‘We know what it is that is about to destroy us, yet with all our technological mastery, there’s not a damned thing we can do about it. What did you mean when you said, “the entire world that uses the technology”?’ asked Julius.

‘Some, many, will refuse the technology. Once again Julius, it’s merely an impression, but I believe that they’ll restrict the technology from the very young, and also I believe that some religious or moral beliefs may somehow contradict the process of engaging the technology.’

‘Process? It is a technology applied to humans then?’ asked Julius.

‘Forget the word “process”, I’m not sure if that’s accurate. All I’m sure of is that we need to do something to use this technology. You don’t go to the supermarket to buy it. I’ve absolutely no idea how we use or interact with this new technology to tell the truth,’ said Evan. ‘After nearly 70 years, it’s sometimes very difficult to know if something actually occurred to me back at the time in 1947, or if it’s something I have possibly imagined since.’

Evan continued.

‘At the time of Armageddon, the level of our scientific knowledge and technology is virtually equal to that of the aliens. Exploration of our galaxy is recognized as the next big step for our future.

‘Armageddon’s destruction of our planet will be absolute. Nothing will remain alive. The destruction is something we create. Correction. A more accurate description is that the destruction is caused or created by someone on Earth. We don’t know who. It doesn’t matter, we can’t stop them. The destruction can be so great as to potentially encompass the entire solar system, black out our sun, and even cause chaos in nearby solar systems.

‘The aliens believe that there’s nothing more they can do to help us. The solution will be revealed in time for us to find and use if we choose to.’

‘“If we choose to”?’ Julius queried. ‘Can you elaborate on that?’

‘The solution to Armageddon involves some sort of choice that we must make. It’s not an easy choice. Not everyone will agree.’

‘The alien told you this?’

‘No. The alien left me with that impression from the imagery of his communication on the subject of Armageddon.’

‘How accurate are these “impressions”?’ asked Julius. ‘Do I accept them as a “given”? Or do I consider them as possibilities only?’

Evan pondered the question for a moment.

‘I honestly don’t know the answer to that. It’s been so long. I’ve replayed events over and over again. Sometimes I have doubts about what happened, what was communicated, and how much has been imagined. I’m doing the best I can Julius.’

‘I understand,’ said Julius. ‘Please leave nothing out, real or possibly imagined. I’ve taken your doubts onboard.’

Evan was grateful for the opportunity of clarification.

‘If we’re to survive Armageddon,’ Evan continued, ‘a truly global and united effort is required. Not everyone can survive . . . the planet is doomed and not everyone can escape. The solution, if implemented, allows some of our species to survive. That number can be very small. The longer we delay the onset of Armageddon once it is apparent, the greater the number that can potentially survive. Even if we implement the solution, there’s no guarantee anyone will escape the destruction.

‘Those that escape will eventually be greeted by the galactic community of other species that have survived Armageddon. It’s the beginning of an exciting new stage of evolution, the spiritual age. We begin our exploration of the galaxy.

‘Where life has gained a foothold, they will not interfere. They celebrate the diversity of life within the galaxy, and believe that to interfere, is to limit the potential diversity of their own evolution. They believe all species that survive Armageddon will unite shortly before this universe collapses back into a single point. That’s about as much as I can tell you for now,’ said Evan weakly. Very weakly.

The alien solution to Armageddon

Qantas Flight 47045 had begun its decent to Honolulu. It couldn’t happen fast enough as far as Evan was concerned, the decent was making it difficult for him to breath.

‘Let’s assume for a moment that the solution to Armageddon is in fact hidden within the Bible,’ said Julius, immersed in his thoughts and oblivious to Evan’s condition. Julius was thinking aloud now rather than talking to Evan. ‘If it is a code, it would need to be a code with such complexity that only the discovery of a vastly superior technology can reveal its message.’

Evan sat in silence just listening, content to let Julius weave his magic for the moment.

‘What if “n” wasn’t a number?’ Julius asked rhetorically. ‘What if it was something much more challenging like a complex equation? What would it take to find a code in such a huge and diverse range of possibilities?’

‘I can offer light on that subject,’ said Evan breaking into Julius’s thoughts.

Julius turned absently to Evan.

‘I’ve investigated that exact scenario,’ said Evan. ‘Are you interested in hearing what I discovered?’

‘You’re kidding?’

Evan ignored the comment as the seat belt sign came on. They fumbled for their belts. Julius saw now that Evan’s condition was continuing to slide downhill rapidly.

‘Sir, do you need assistance at all?’ The flight attendant was right on top of the situation quickly. She assisted Evan with his seat belt, using the opportunity to assess his health. ‘Is there something I can get you that will help with the landing? Some aspirin perhaps?’

Evan smiled to reassure the young lady that he was fine. Evan asked for, and of course was politely refused, another glass of scotch. It had the desired effect, the flight attendant assessed him to be okay for now.

‘Long before the hype of a decade ago,’ continued Evan. ‘Back in the early ‘90s, and before the internet was widely used, I was absolutely convinced that the Bible contained the information we seek. Already at that time there were attempts at mathematical analysis of the Bible. There was lots of hype and speculation, and it was difficult to get to the truth about the results that were emerging.

‘The analysis was undertaken by academics and students across several universities in North America. I found a rather helpful young man studying at the University of Washington. He had an excellent grounding in mathematics and statistical analysis, a bit like yourself Julius. I contacted him not because he believed in a code within the Bible, but because he was absolutely convinced of the impossibility of the task of finding it if it were in there.

‘Our meeting wasn’t a long one. When I arrived in Washington, this resourceful young man had prepared for me some of the mathematical permutations ranging up to some very simple formulae being substituted into the “n”.’

‘This theory has been around quite a long time then?’ interrupted Julius.

‘Yes, basically, he’d calculated that if we could combine the resources of all computational capacity of every single computer on Earth, we couldn’t begin to cover even one percent of the possibilities in a million years. When you consider the infinite possibilities of much more complex equations that potentially replace “n”, well, I suggest you’re heading in the wrong direction. It is an impossible task.’

‘Oh my God!’ exclaimed Julius as he turned towards Evan and smiled. ‘Of course, that’s it! It could be nothing else but an impossible task by today’s technology!’

‘Are you suggesting that you can overcome the immeasurable computational task and do better than all the world’s efforts to date in finding a hidden code within the Bible?’ asked a very skeptical Evan.

‘You missed the point. Of course I can’t Evan,’ said Julius dismissively. ‘However, a near-future technology promising absolute technological and scientific mastery will. I’m certain of it!’