A powerful friend or deceptive enemy?

I examined a lot of CIA declassified UFO files, which are fascinating, because there was a huge UFO craze going on in America. There still is today, but it certainly started in ‘47. And by the ‘50’s, it was in full force.

 Annie Jacobson

Date:               Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time:              1328 hours

 Location:        Suite 2702

                        Trump International Hotel

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

‘The evidence clearly suggests he’s lying. He admits that he’s lying. My instincts told me he’s lying. All he’s doing is telling more and more lies to keep you around. Why must you persist with this mistaken belief that he really had a close encounter?’

Their first fight. Not even living together for four hours and they’d had their first fight. There they were, naked in bed, the passion of only a few minutes ago completely forgotten. Mel got up to use the bathroom.

‘I can’t easily explain it Mel.’

Julius was genuinely struggling to maintain his composure. The conversation now extended into the bathroom.

‘You might have a more open mind if you’d been there. If you had witnessed events unfold as I had. Can’t you just accept my word when I tell you that he revealed too much from the heart, too much real detail, for it to be a total lie? Can’t you accept that I might have instincts too?’

‘Truth? You ask me to give up a lifetime of faith, faith that has guided and protected me all my life.’

Mel had stuck her head out through the bathroom door now. She was getting emotional.

‘This is what you ask of me based on the words of a self-confessed liar? Are you seriously asking me to throw my faith away on the basis of Evan Armstrong’s bullshit?’

Mel slammed the bathroom door shut. Conflict within a meaningful relationship was a situation Julius had scarce experience with. There had been very few actually meaningful relationships in his life. Come to think of it, there hadn’t really been any of consequence now that he really thought about it.
Julius tried the bathroom door . . . it was locked. He put some clothes on and poured himself a drink.

‘I don’t mean to upset you Mel.’

‘Is that the sound of a drink being poured that I can hear?’

‘It is.’

‘Order some ice please!’

Mel had decided that this issue was going to be resolved, one way or the other, right now. Julius was too important to her to let this snowball out of control.

‘And maybe you should order another bottle of scotch to be sure.’

Julius thought it a good sign.

‘That was the hospital.’

Mel had taken the call while Julius was in the shower. Whilst their argument remained unresolved, there was now substantial good will on both sides so that they were at least comfortable in each other’s company. In fact, the make-up sex had been incredible . . .  definitely worth the fight, thought Mel.

‘Evan’s been asking after you, apparently. He doesn’t realize that you’ve left. The doctor has suggested you make an appearance just in case he doesn’t have much time.’

Julius leapt out of the bathroom in the process of dressing.

‘Okay. Why are there women’s . . . things, on the left-hand side of the closet?’

‘Because the right-hand side is full, and your side has barely anything in it,’ said Mel indignantly.

Julius wasn’t really upset, he was just having fun.

‘Give me a moment, I’m coming with you,’ said Mel rushing into the empty bathroom.

Mel quickly freshened, changed into more “Personal Assistant” attire, and ran to the elevator with Julius. Very much unlike a Personal Assistant with her boss, Mel and Julius left the hotel arm in arm.

Date:               Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time:              1556 hours

 Location:        Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Evan had slipped back into sleep. His meager luggage sent over from the Trump hotel now lay open on the couch next to the hospital bed. He must have packed quickly as it contained very little considering the journey he had proposed thought Julius; Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Honolulu, Florida.

The nurse had allowed them into Evan’s room, but they were told that they must be quiet and not try to wake him. “Evan must rest and will wake up when he is ready”. Julius moved the suitcase off the couch so that he could sit next to Mel. He noticed a large photo album and decided to look at the contents. He was sure Evan wouldn’t mind. Mel snuggled up to him so she could share the content.

The earliest black and white photos showed a freckled young Evan Armstrong with his parents at their home in Roswell. Evan had always been quite solid, and loved dogs it appeared. As Julius turned the pages, the photos became more recent. Evan stood proudly in his cadet’s uniform, and there were several pages dedicated to his 1938 Ford V-8 Tudor hot rod. It was quite a car in its day.

‘That looks like it might be the Sanchos ranch,’ Mel whispered. ‘That’s Evan on a horse just there.’

The photo clearly showed a young Evan Armstrong with a young wiry man about his own age, both saddled up with packs and rifles. They each wore straw hats. You could tell that they were friends; the camera captured the essence of a strong bond. An older man stood at the fore holding the horses’ reins for the benefit of the cameraman. He had a very kind appearance.

‘That’s Con Sanchos I imagine, he had an old Austin truck just like the one parked in the background, and he’s exactly as Evan described him,’ Julius whispered back. ‘But who’s that on the other horse? Could that be the non-existent Terry Sanchos?’

‘You know something,’ said Mel. ‘Something doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’ve been a little harsh on Evan.’


‘Evan was very close to the Sanchos family you told me that. This looks to be the family in question. How is it that a 17-year-old boy gets to be close to an unrelated family, that has no kids his own age, and lives a considerable distance away? Maybe Terry Sanchos wasn’t entirely fabricated by Evan, Maybe he wasn’t actually a Sanchos? A ranch hand they treated as family?’

‘Evan told me very plainly, Con was the most kind and decent man he ever knew,’ said Julius. ‘Such a man might take in a homeless youth, give him a job, a bed and an education?’

‘Exactly,’ said Mel. ‘And I’ve given some thought to his sacking from the UN. I can’t believe this man deserved to be dismissed for the reasons they gave. Maybe he told you a white lie, one he thought would never matter, so that he could avoid a topic that brought him pain? He was unfairly accused and judged perhaps?’

‘Colonel Rafter,’ said Julius looking at a photo of a smiling officer with rank of Colonel.

‘How do you know?’

‘It says so right here. Evan told me that they’d become friends in later years while they both still served in the air force.’

‘I can’t imagine a good enough reason for keeping a photo of your boss in your photo album. That’s just wrong!’ Mel teased. ‘Oh, my God, what’s he doing?’

The picture of a smiling Con Sanchos was everything Evan had described to him on the plane. The black and white photo showed Con wearing an over-sized raincoat and hat, gloves, gum boots and goggles. In his hands he was holding something, Julius couldn’t be sure exactly what it was. Whatever it was, Con was holding it as far away from his body as possible.

‘That’s got a really funny story attached to it,’ said Julius. ‘I’ll tell you about it some time.’

Evan began to stir.

‘The company is definitely improving,’ Evan was smiling and looking at Mel.

‘Evan, meet Mel. Mel is my . . . umm,’ Julius was struggling.

Girlfriend!’ Mel decided to help Julius out. ‘Nice to finally meet you Evan. I used to be Julius’s Personal Assistant, but I quit, and now I’m his girlfriend. Which means that I work for free now. Quite a scandal actually.’

‘This is a recent development I take it,’ said Evan smiling. ‘Otherwise, I’m sure Julius would have told me more about you.’

‘Exactly what has Julius told you about me?’ Mel asked in her most sinister voice.

‘Only that he was devastated that you resigned, but I see you had other plans,’ said Evan. ‘I’m glad to see Julius with more balance in his life now.’

‘I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve confided in Mel about everything you’ve told me. She’s been my right hand for a long time now, she’ll be vital for whatever action it is that I decide from here on.’

‘That’s fine,’ said Evan not concerned. ‘While I’m feeling up to it, I think it’s important to finish telling you about what happened in ‘61. You may as well know everything.’

‘We’re all ears,’ offered Mel warmly. ‘I’m dying to know what happened.’

As Evan recommenced the telling of events that occurred in 1961, Mel could not help but be convinced as to the authenticity of what she was hearing. She began to appreciate Julius’s fascination with the events of Evan’s life and the story-teller himself.


Date:               Tuesday, August 29, 1961

Time:              0840 hours

Location:        National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)

                        Downtown Washington D.C., USA

1960’s America heralded a time of immense interest and fascination in the world-wide UFO phenomenon. Completely self-funded (supposedly), a recent surge in financial membership saw the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) highly active with substantial prominence given by media hungry for any news on the UFO subject. It was the organization’s fierce stand against the “government cover-up” of alien contact that found Evan seeking their console. He logically assumed them to be at odds with the mysterious Majestic 12. He was wrong.

The stolen Roswell C.I.A. file that Evan had been caught with was the bait in a well-conceived ruse; part of an on-going effort to expose Colonel Rafter and recruit his cooperation. Despite the warning from his Commanding Officer, Evan had foolishly ignored his instruction and set off their trap. Evan had never appeared in their sights previously, in fact, his participation at the alien encounter had never even been suspected up until that time.

The encounter with Lance Beckner was like nothing Evan could’ve anticipated. Lance was one of America’s leading scientists, instrumental in the development of radar technology used in the creation of America’s highly advanced Distant Early Warning system which protected America from the potential threat of Russian missile attack across the North Pole. Beckner also worked closely with Lockheed to develop their onboard instrument capabilities and was well known to his good friend Kelly Johnson.

Stealing top-secret files should have been greeted by Military Police and hand-cuffs. Instead, Beckner, who had no military or C.I.A. status whatsoever, somehow carried the authority to remove the need for such procedures, have Evan temporarily released from his duties at Area 51, and to be “invited” for “off the record” talks in Washington with the mysterious Majestic 12. That it was an invitation he could not refuse had been made abundantly clear.

These were confusing times for Evan. Without being able to speak to his Commanding Officer, Evan found himself very much alone and unable to fathom how the circumstances he now found himself in came about. Desperately wanting to know more before fronting the unknown, he sort out information from the NICAP chief who seemed to be a reliable and willing source.

‘I can quietly confirm, Mr. Borne, that Majestic 12 are still in operation and quite actively pursuing witnesses of alien encounters,’ offered Evan in response to Borne’s curiosity, but only willing to a minimal exchange of information. ‘I can’t divulge the nature or the circumstances of their contact with me though I’m sorry.’

‘A military secret?’ ventured NICAP’s elderly chief Sydney Borne. ‘I understand. But you must believe me when I tell you, and our conversation must be considered “off the record” Captain, Majestic 12 no longer necessarily represents the interests of just the American people. They have become a global power that transcends borders and politics to take a broader view of risks and benefits that might come about from alien contact . . . which includes unintended alien contact.

‘Majestic 12 purportedly hold the belief that no matter how well intended an alien encounter may be, there will be unintended consequences from that contact that need to be understood and managed as best as possible for the peaceful benefit of the entire world. I can honestly say that I have never heard of any circumstances previously where the committee has admitted or confirmed their existence. You must hold information of great importance to them Captain.’

‘Not really, I saw something recently that I can’t readily explain is all,’ lied Evan. ‘They may believe it to be a UFO, I’m not sure. What can you tell me about them?’

Up until a few days ago, Evan had been completely unaware of “Majestic 12”; their existence, their purpose or their activities. Quietly founded in August 1952 by President Harry S. Truman, Evan discovered, MJ-12 was a highly secret committee of twelve, made up of top military personnel, world leading (American) scientists and highly influential (American) government officials (including C.I.A.) with objectives of investigation into alien encounters, recovery of alien spacecraft and technology, and the establishment of alien contact protocols.

MJ-12 was in fact a direct result of the crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947. There had been a great deal of “chatter” surrounding the circumstances of the crash, with rumors of military cover-ups, alien corpses and technologically advanced crash debris. Likely out of frustration, the President created the committee with orders to only report their findings direct to the White House in the hope of finally resolving the Roswell question.

Less than five months into their brief of their operation, the activities of MJ-12 should have been brought to a sudden halt. In January 1953, the pragmatic and highly skeptical new President Dwight D. Eisenhower put an immediate stop on the committee’s funding. It was meant to have brought about the demise of MJ-12, except that Eisenhower failed to stipulate that it was also his intention that the committee be disbanded. Without direction to the contrary and despite being unfunded, the committee continued to meet, exchange intel, plot and scheme, believing their endeavors to be virtuous and vital for the sake of their nation and the world. No longer reporting to the president, the committee now became completely autonomous, setting their own goals and agendas.

Removing the committee’s funding caused a dramatic change in MJ-12’s methods of operation. They no longer needed funding, in fact, they no longer even desired funding. Each of the committee’s twelve tentacles of power reached deep into the bowels of the various organizations they served . . . each able to utilize the resources entrusted to their control. They became one of the world’s most highly-secretive, yet influential organizations. Despite freely accessing the resources of the American Judiciary, C.I.A., Military, N.A.S.A., Presidents Scientific Advisory Committee, U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development and much more, even American Presidents themselves were now completely unaware of their existence or purpose. Their “purpose” now extended well beyond their original Roswell brief.

Rumors of an organization investigating the UFO phenomenon had been quietly circulated through the upper echelons of the military for years. Given the enormous public interest in UFOs, it followed that a significant volume of sightings were either made up, exaggerated, or simply a product of the imagination. Military sightings were mostly considered to be credible. The investigative process that followed these sightings was rarely questioned or understood. Some believed the existence of such an organization as MJ-12 to be a hoax. Others suggested it was a highly secretive function of the C.I.A. for the purpose of creating disinformation about the U.S. Air Force’s secret projects.

The swearing in of new and highly popular Democrat President John F. Kennedy in January of 1961 offered the prospect of legitimacy for MJ-12. Rather than reveal their existence, at first, they merely hinted at it to test the waters for the new leader’s reaction. They were very well received . . . initially anyway.

President Kennedy faced problems caused by a recent spate of unexplained UFO sightings over Russia. The Russians were understandably nervous after the U.S. quietly established Jupiter MRBM missile emplacements in Italy and Turkey. Convinced that the UFO sightings were some sort of an advanced American surveillance operation and evidence of even further aggression, the Russian bear became angry. The American President “requested” MJ-12 the task to search out the truth of the unexplained activity, alien or otherwise. This was the opening the members of the committee had always held out hope for . . . the return to legitimate standing for their operation.

The Roswell trail was not entirely forgotten, but it had grown very cold. With the death of Major Baker in 1956, the only lead of potential value within the committee’s grasp had been the possible but unlikely complicity of the highly decorated and respected Colonel James Rafter. Rafter had survived the rigors of intense C.I.A. scrutiny for years and come up absolutely spotless. His investigation into the 1947 incident, although thorough, was considered to have arrived at conclusions that now seemed improbable.

The C.I.A., and therefore also its secret puppet master Majestic 12, were confident the technology witnessed in the 1947 incursion couldn’t have been Russian or even Nazi derived Russian. They were now convinced that such incredibly advanced technology must have been alien. They concluded that Colonel Rafter’s assessment had been heavily influenced by the rumors at the time of extremely advanced captured Nazi technology being employed by the Russians. That Colonel Rafter was not complicit in any sort of coverup of an alien encounter, they were certain . . . almost. A final attempt to reveal any complicity had been decided upon so that they might put him out of their sights permanently.

Using the enticement of potentially accessing alien technology, Majestic 12 had enlisted the cooperation of the design engineers at Lockheed to sow the false seeds of the rumored Roswell file and the use of captured technology. C.I.A. operatives staked out the file’s location, and also the movements of Colonel Rafter. Quite unexpectedly, it was Evan that had taken their bait.

‘Thank you for the information,’ said Evan getting up to leave. ‘You’ve been most helpful.’

‘Captain,’ said Borne, ‘I can’t imagine what they’ll be wanting from you, but you know where I am if you ever need anything further. All conversation between us will remain confidential at all times. Please feel free to drop in again.’

As he walked out onto the street and into the busy morning commute, Evan reflected on his encounter with Borne. Borne had been exceptionally helpful, maybe too helpful. Evan was uneasy at Borne’s lack of curiosity.

The Majestic 12 offer

Date:               Tuesday, August 29, 1961

Time:              1304 hours

Location:        Bello Italiano Restaurant

                        Downtown Washington D.C., USA

The hosts of today’s lunch were running very late. Evan suspected it might have been an intentional ploy . . . he was extremely nervous and wanted to get the meeting over and done with as soon as possible. Every minute that passed saw his stress levels rise.

Apart from Lance Beckner, Evan had no idea at all as to who else might be attending. The reserved table situated in a quiet, dimly lit cove at the rear of the restaurant was set for four. From the position he was seated, he could see everyone who entered and exited. The restaurant was busy, but not full, with a steady volume of conversation blanketed across the entire room. A strong fresh spicy scent of rich tomato sauce and oregano from a nearby table failed to engage his ravenous hunger; Evan sipped his water and waited.

Spotting Lancer Beckner entering the restaurant Evan stood up and gained his attention. He was alone. Lance made his way over and shook Evan’s clammy hand.

‘Jerome and Gordon are running a little late and send their apologies,’ said Lance. ‘They said we shouldn’t wait and just order.’

‘Who else is coming?’ asked Evan more than just idlily curious.

‘Jerome is essentially retired. He’s an old Naval airman that I suspect you’ll get along with and have a lot in common with,’ said Lance. ‘Gordon we will catch up with shortly after lunch. Gordon’s semi-retired, mostly he works in the private sector in an advisory role on military contract tendering.’

‘Jerome and Gordon who?’ asked Evan wanting more understanding of who he was about to meet.

‘I’ll tell you what,’ said Lance. ‘Why don’t we enjoy our meal, catch up on some gossip, and let our other guests introduce themselves properly. You shouldn’t be concerned Evan, this is a friendly meeting and it’s not overly concerned with your actions at Groom Lake.’

As the meal progressed, Evan gradually felt himself being put at ease. He liked Lance Beckner, and Evan was fascinated with some of Lance’s unfolding developments within the science of encrypting communication. However, any time that Evan tried to steer the conversation towards the mysterious Majestic12 committee, Lance would politely suggest they wait for their guests.

As the main course plates were removed, two well-dressed men came to the table. Both Lance and Evan stood to greet the two.

‘Evan, this is Jeremy Huck,’ offered Lance as Evan shook Jeremy’s hand. ‘And Gordon Graham. We are all members of the Majestic 12 committee that was formed for the explicit purpose of getting to the truth about the UFO crash at Roswell.’

The new arrivals looked sternly into Evan’s eyes without even a hint of a smile. Gordon Graham threw an opened file onto the table without speaking or offering his hand to Evan. The file contained some photos. The photo on top taken in 1947 showed a picture of Evan and Fells sitting in Evan’s hot rod, with Major Baker leaning in through the open driver’s window handing them something. Evan recognized the moment immediately; it was the morning of the radio interview with Con Sanchos. Colonel Baker was handing them the pieces of the weather balloon to give to Con. The interrogation was about to begin in earnest.

Date:               Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time:              1626 hours

Location:        Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

‘Sometimes when you meet someone, you get a negative vibe for some reason and you instantly dislike them even though you know nothing about them,’ said Evan. ‘You know what I mean?’

‘We all know that feeling I think,’ said Mel. ‘Especially in the world of big business.’

‘Well, I tell you, the feeling I had about these two sent a shiver down my spine. These were men who considered themselves above normal moral considerations.’

‘Who were they?’ asked Julius.

‘Jeremy Huck, well past retirement age when we met. He was obviously the senior guy. I later found out he was a specialist in aeronautics. Gordon Graham had been Dwight Eisenhower’s National Security Advisor. I’m not too sure where he’d moved to with the change of Presidents, but it was clear that his status within Majestic 12 wasn’t affected by trivial things like a change in government.

‘Anyway, it became clear to me that Lance’s intentions for the tone of the interrogation were to be overruled. Jeremy and Gordon had brought a file with them which contained everything they’d managed to discover about the Roswell encounter.’

‘What did they know?’ asked Mel.

‘Very little of real importance,’ replied Evan. ‘However, the fact that I was a cadet based at Roswell, grew up not far from the crash site, had been assigned duty patrolling the road to the north of the crash site, and knew the Sanchos family intimately placed me firmly as their new “person of greatest interest” regarding the incident. They couldn’t figure out what is was that Colonel Baker gave me that morning, but they considered the encounter to be highly unusual. Colonel Baker was obviously under considerably more scrutiny than we realized at the time.’

‘We’re aware of the circumstances of you leaving the Air Force Evan, I’m assuming you told them nothing, which is the reason for leaving under a cloud,’ said Julius. ‘But how much were they able to piece together?’

‘Too much for comfort,’ said Evan. ‘I don’t believe they ever worked out that there were in fact two crash sites, and I’m quite certain that everyone who took the oath stuck to their guns, but somehow, they’d now pieced together that the seven of us that had taken the oath were somehow all linked.’

‘Owens?’ suggested Julius. ‘The fact that he was omitted?’

‘Who knows, but I don’t think so,’ said Evan. ‘But they had information about our subsequent interactions after the event; information that I believe had excluded myself up until I foolishly set off their trap by stealing the fake Roswell file.’

Julius was about to speak when a nurse came in with a trolley.

‘How’s it going in here Evan?’ asked the nurse. ‘It’s time to take your pills, and dinner is about 10 minutes away. I’ll have to ask you to wind up your visit for a little while. Is that okay?’

Julius and Mel stood to leave.

‘We might get a bite to eat ourselves and call back later this evening if that’s all right?’ suggested Julius.

‘I’d like that,’ said Evan as the nurse helped him into a more upright position. ‘Take your time, I might take a short nap.’

Date:               Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time:              1728 hours

Location:        Suite 2702 Trump International Hotel

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

‘We have a problem,’ said Julius without menace.

‘Problem?’ said Mel looking at Julius and smiling. ‘I think we have a few. But none that I consider insurmountable. Go on then, I’m listening.’

‘Evan’s started me on a journey. I have no idea where it’s going, or how long it will take. Do I stay on the path Evan has revealed, or do I carry on as I always have, but with the added advantage of this great girl now in my life?’

‘You seem to think they’re incompatible,’ said Mel. ‘Do they have to be?’

‘I’ve only just come to realize that you have strong religious beliefs,’ said Julius. ‘Strong and very firm beliefs.’

‘That’s true,’ Mel replied cautiously. ‘I’ve never told you anything about my religious upbringing because it’s not proper to discuss such things with an employer.’

‘I’m an atheist. Always have been and always will be. How does that sit with you?’ asked Julius.

‘You’ve always been open about your views. I knew what I was getting.’

‘The pursuit of themes contrary to Christian teachings doesn’t bother you? For example, if I were to pursue the truth about what Evan has told me?’

‘Christians don’t fear the truth Julius. They seek it. I believe that if you’re looking for the truth, in the end, you’ll find God.’

‘And if God turns out to be the surviving composite entity of the previous universe?’

‘If that’s the truth, then so be it.’

‘I very much doubt that the God we find will be the sort of God you worship. Honestly Mel, I think religion’s got it very wrong. I’d shut down all religions in an instant if I could do so by clearly proving to the world that God doesn’t exist. I believe we’re better off facing the future on solid foundations of facts and truth.’

‘Maybe what you will find is that the God you think you may have found in Evan’s alien world is the same God that I worship. Is that so far-fetched to believe? There is only one God Julius, and I can’t say I know everything there is to know about him, or in what form he takes.’

‘I’ll give up on this if you want me to Mel,’ Julius said earnestly. ‘You only need to ask. You’re more important to me than anything else in the world.’

‘Don’t let me break the stallion I fell in love with,’ said Mel, then realizing that it had actually been her to first utter the  “L” word.

‘I’m hooked on Evan’s story, and the possibilities that are coming to light from it,’ confessed Julius. ‘As impossible as it might seem to verify his story about an alien encounter, the possibilities for the future it presents, at least, seem frighteningly real.’

‘I absolutely agree Julius,’ said Mel. ‘You know something? Our differing ideologies aren’t in conflict at all. In the end, the truth we both seek is the truth; what happens, happens. If you choose to face these things without faith, that’s your prerogative. If you don’t mind though, I’ll keep an extra weapon up my sleeve and I’ll keep my faith for now.’

‘A collaboration?’ suggested Julius.

‘In every way possible,’ Mel replied. ‘Where do we start?’

Julius thought for a moment without speaking.

‘I think you need to hear the whole story,’ he said eventually. Whether you believe that Evan had a close encounter with aliens or not, his story has substantially influenced my thinking. Evan took me on a journey, and it has profoundly changed my life and my perspectives. Are you sure you want to hear it? It may challenge your faith.’

‘I very much doubt that,’ said Mel with absolute conviction. ‘Please proceed.’

‘Let’s order another bottle of scotch and some ice,’ suggested Julius.

‘You must be telepathic,’ said Mel. ‘We might as well enjoy ourselves in the process.’