Oops, wrong evolution path!

Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual technological evolutionary process of all intelligent self-aware species that reach the threshold of the spiritual age.

God's plan revealed by alien contact at Roswell
Aliens will not interfere with our evolutionary path. God’s plan? Or alien?

Alien communication at the Roswell crash site convinced witnesses that it was necessary for the survival of mankind that they not reveal the existence of advanced alien species. We must not deviate from the “designed” path of evolution that is our destiny. This is why alien cultures stay out of contact with us.

So did they just let the aliens leave?

The eight witnesses to the Roswell alien encounter were right to be suspicious of alien motives. The aliens claim, and quite possibly they truly believe, that they are “friends of Earth”. However, it is human nature to be suspicious. Before the sole surviving alien could convince the eight witnesses to let him leave with a rescue ship, he had to impart a lot of information. Not all of it was good news.

What did the Roswell alien reveal?

A problem. A pretty big problem actually.

If we are to survive the trials of evolution, it must be done without intervention or interference from species that have already survived. To do so is to stray from the path of evolution that will progress us through to the Spiritual Age. So far, not too big a problem.

Where things start to get complicated is, 600,000 years ago, an alien race visited Earth unaware of the terrible consequences of their influence.

Extract of alien communication from Roswell’s Final Witness: 

‘The Greys were a friend to the Earth, or so they had believed up until the time of our arrival. The Earth had been kept safe from cataclysmic events, and you should know, it always will be. The survival of all species was of paramount importance. The Greys maintained the biodiversity of the Earth with tremendous responsibility. As much as was possible, they left your environment in pristine condition.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

‘Early man was recognized as the dominant and emerging intelligent species on Earth. The Grey’s presence could not help but influence your development. You learned to use tools and you learned to trade. You even assisted in some of their mineral extraction endeavors on the surface of Earth.

‘Life was very harsh for early man. The Greys embraced mankind, and they made your lives better, and easier. Thanks to the Greys, you live longer, healthier and happier lives than you might have without their intervention.

‘Mankind was genetically enhanced. You have been advanced, you have been strengthened and saved from the ravages of many plagues, and you have been likened to the Grey’s image. The human race now includes genetic material not of this Earth. You are now possibly millions of years advanced of where we would have normally expected you to be on the evolutionary ladder without their influence.’

End of extract.

Roswell’s final witness reveals that the two alien species peacefully got together and devised a “counter-intervention strategy”.

What is the alien counter-intervention strategy?

They didn’t, or wouldn’t, tell us. However, the clues are many, and in Roswell’s Final Witness, we discover the counter-intervention, find the solution to Armageddon, and reveal the catalyst that will bring about the Armageddon event,.

Armegeddon is soon upon us.
Armageddon is part of the evolutionary journey. It cannot be bypassed. We must face it alone.

Roswell’s Final witness uses Lateral Thinking to reveal the alien counter-intervention.

Lateral Thinking is used extensively throughout Roswell’s Final Witness. If you have ever wanted to understand the lateral thinking process, the Caesar Rising series builds a relationship with the reader that educates the reader and immerses them in the Lateral Thinking derived creativity that reveals so much.

Some of the amazing discoveries we make using lateral thinking in Roswell’s Final witness include:

  • Alien intervention on Earth;
  • A second Roswell crash site;
  • UFO’s are revealed;
  • President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of lies told about the Roswell crash;
  • Majestic 12 are involved in Kennedy’s death;
  • Skunkworks, part of the Lockheed Corporation, is at the heart of many of the revelations.

If you want a taste of the Lateral Thinking experience, please click here.

We should NEVER have trusted the aliens!

Lateral thinking Edward de Bono
I was approached by Roswell’s Final Witness because of my lateral thinking skills.


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Michael Muxworthy – Author, Roswell’s Final Witness

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.