Do you have an open mind?

I don’t, not really.

If you’re like me, you’ve traveled through life building some clear, intelligent viewpoints that you can substantiate and articulate well. You have a lifetime of gathered experiences and supporting evidence to back them up. The older I get, the LESS flexible my thinking. (I must be getting very, very old I think).

Lateral thinking to stop stubborn thinkin

Many years ago, I worked in the advertising industry. We had a Creative Director who sometimes amazed me with his method of breaking the shackles of his mindset. Random Starting Points. He would pick up a book or magazine, turn to any page, then, without looking at the page, point to a random word. That would be the starting point, the random starting point, to begin his fresh creative thinking. It is a lateral thinking technique, and I can promise you, it works! We won most of the advertising pitches we went for thanks to fresh creativity. This was my first very powerful introduction to the concept of Lateral Thinking. It fascinated me and I have enjoyed building my skills and expanding my knowledge on the broader subject of lateral thinking for nearly 30 years now.

Break the shackles with Lateral Thinking

The final witness to the Roswell alien encounter (Evan) approached me because he once attended a talk I gave on the subject of online marketing and how to apply lateral thinking to create original and thoughtful material. At that time, I had some pretty skeptical views on the subjects of Roswell, aliens, President Kennedy’s assassination, UFO’s and religion. I was locked in on a vision that really had no answers, just a lot of questions.

How does the Author open your mind?

Evan was my “random starting point”. Evan’s story captivated me; immersed me in the incredible events of 1947 Roswell. Meeting Evan allowed me to break the shackles of everything I had assumed on things like religion, scientific theories, conspiracy theories and more. He unlocked so much and sent me on the most incredible journey that I had to share it with you.

To immerse yourself in the revealing of these previously secret events is to free your mind from the shackles of what you have learned over a lifetime so that truth and reality become evident. Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is more terrifying, more exciting and filled with greater challenges than anything that can be imagined. Nothing put to print or film previously will prepare you for what is revealed. Our only hope is to prepare for the dangers that lie ahead; dangers that religion and science both clearly point to.

Scary stuff!

If you think you won’t change your mind, then YOU are the reader I want to challenge. I WILL open your mind.

Michael Muxworthy, Author. Roswell’s Final Witness

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

 For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”

Stuart Chase

Follow this “random starting point” exercise with me.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a bit of a problem these days. How do we find an original way to reduce the risk of him firing an ICBM at us?

Lateral thinking to solve the crises with North Korea

I’m reading an old John Grisham classic at the moment . . . The Chamber. (Highly recommended too). I randomly opened on page 526, closed my eyes and pointed. The closest action or noun word was “Salary”. How can we reduce the nuclear threat starting with the word “Salary”?

Maybe we could pay him to quieten down and be more peaceful? NO.

We could find a way to make him dependent upon us for his income? Needs more.

We could make him dependent upon us for something he desperately wants? Maybe.


Kim loves to shoot things, likes to have lots of power. Let’s give it to him in a way that feeds his need, and ours, and those of the North Korean people.

Okay, Kim, you like to shoot off rockets, how would you like to fire off a lot more? How would you like to extend your power and influence across the world? What about endearing yourself to your people, your military, your neighbors, and the world?

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter

North Korea needs to create a strong industry in a field of their strength. Shooting rockets seems to be a strength. A space program. One supported by China, Russia, America, Japan, the World! North Korea is PERFECTLY positioned to create, benefit, and contribute this. It is relatively close to the equator for efficient launches. It is in the midst of the Asian economic powerhouse of nations. Despite all the opposition, let’s face it, the man achieved exactly what he said he would do. As a general rule, success should be encouraged, rewarded, incorporated with other success.

Instead of threatening Kim and the North Koreans, let’s give them a hand up in the field of their passion? Kim would be so popular he wouldn’t have to worry about being toppled. The international nature of the space program is such that no single country could invade him without incurring the wrath of many. The world needs more competition in space, and Kim is in the heart of some of the biggest players and you know he would be passionate about its success. If world leaders got together and said we’ll turn your efforts into an income, one that will protect your nation’s sovereignty. There’s one condition Kim . . . no more nukes. From now on Kim, you’re on our team. I think he’d look at it at least.

Anyway, you get the picture. Random starting points are an excellent tool for the Lateral Thinking process that helps develop fresh, creative, original, and sometimes even “crazy” ideas that nobody has thought of before.

Meeting the last surviving witness to the Roswell alien encounter was my “Random Starting Point”.

More about Roswell’s Final Witness and the use of Lateral Thinking.

In the first novel of the Caesar Rising series, Roswell’s Final Witness, I engage the reader on multiple levels:

  1. I relate the essence of events that occurred in Roswell, 1947, as they were told to me . . . an incredible story that’s been hidden up until now by an oath that should have never been sworn;
  2. Deeper levels of understanding from the author are interwoven throughout the novel have been created to help the reader to consolidate the substantial revelations, extrapolate the scientific, religious and philosophical implications, and understand the unique reasoning processes; and
  3. The lateral thinking progression of thought is replicated within examples . . . lessons, within the pages of Roswell’s Final Witness, so that the reader can fully engage in the discovery process.

From the lateral thinking process, we discover the truth to the world’s greatest conspiracies:

Why President Kennedy was assassinated . . .

The coverup by the military . . . 

The truth about Roswell . . .

Alien intervention on Earth . . . 

The activities of Majestic 12 . . . 

Who’s trying to stop me?

And we reveal breakthrough scientific theory and religious interpretation:

What are UFO’s?

Why do aliens believe in God?

What is the relationship between Dark Energy, and Gravity?

Are our Religions our own, were they created for our benefit, or do we share them with many other alien worlds? 

Be warned!

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.