A unique human solution

“No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.”

John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy

(May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

 Date:               Thursday, August 31, 1961

Time:              1747 hours

 Location:        Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects Division (A.K.A. Skunkworks)


                        California, USA

 ‘That’s a hellava big favor to ask someone Evan,’ teased Kelly Johnson grinning slyly at his old friend. ‘I’ll do it, but it must never be known that I helped you in any way. What’s this about?’

‘One day maybe Kelly,’ offered Evan. ‘But I’m under oath and other people’s reputations and careers are in jeopardy. I can’t thank you enough.’

‘Okay then, here’s the keys. My plane will be fueled, loaded with what you need, and ready to depart at “oh” 600 hours. You should stop and refuel at Phoenix if you want to avoid attention at Roswell. Just leave the plane in Albuquerque, I’ve booked it in for a service. Do you know your way around the private strips?’

‘Albuquerque, if you remember, was our final destination a few years ago when we went to the Sandia Peaks team building camp put on by Lockheed. I remember you saying something like “I’ll never get in anything that moves by mechanical means with you ever again!” Or have you changed your mind about my flying?’

‘Yes, I remember only too well. I nearly gave up flying permanently. I still wake up in cold sweats.’

‘I’ll use maps and radio for Phoenix,’ said Evan. ‘Please put everything in a single bag that can be easily dropped from the air?’

‘This is crazy! Let me come with you. I can help!’

‘I’ll be right. I really appreciate this. You have no idea.’

‘It’s a brand new plane Evan, with less than two hours in the air,’ warned Kelly. ‘The engine hasn’t been run in. Take it easy okay?’

Skunkworks, Roswell and Ariea 51 link to Kennedy

 Date:               Friday, September 01, 1961

Time:              1025 hours

 Location:        Flying over the ex-Sanchos Ranch

                        Northwest of Roswell

                        New Mexico, USA

The almost brand new Piper PA-28 Cherokee belonging to Kelly was perfect for the task. Satisfying himself that the once Sanchos ranch was not staked out with Majestic 12 operatives, Evan made one final circuit to be sure, then dropped the aircraft down low . . . real low; he was at risk from the odd tree top he was that low.

Reaching for a very heavy shabby old duffel bag that had been left behind the adjacent seat, Evan opened the co-pilot’s door pushing the bag out as he dipped the port-side wing. The duffle bag hit the wing hard with a “clunking” sound and slid off to fall to the ground with a noticeable stir of dust visible as he banked harder to port and looked back. The bag landed about 20 yards from the road, almost exactly at the vantage position Evan had parked his hot rod back on that fateful day in 1947.

Evan now headed for the Chaves County Flying Club private member’s airfield on Roswell’s outskirts, an airstrip he knew very well. Flying over the small narrow grass strip, he checked the windsock before landing his aircraft. Pulling off to the side of the strip and parking the Piper next to other private aircraft, he cut the engine and exited the plane. The entire airfield was deserted. Perfect! All he needed to do now was walk a short distance to where his father should be discreetly waiting.

The fake Roswell crash debris

Date:               Friday, September 01, 1961

Time:              1148 hours

Location:        On the road north of the ex-Sanchos Ranch

                        Northwest of Roswell

                        New Mexico, USA

The rusty old Dodge slowed but didn’t stop. Evan opened the passenger door, grabbed his bag of digging tools, and jumped from the moving car, rolling in the dirt and grass on the side of the road. Getting to his feet, he looked around to make sure nobody had witnessed the maneuver, then sprinted to where he had dropped the duffle bag. Ten minutes later the old Dodge returned once again and slowed. Evan jumped into the passenger seat with his tools and an empty duffle bag. Mission accomplished.

Majestic 12’s pursuit 

Date:               Friday, September 01, 1961

Time:              1248 hours

 Location:        Chaves County Flying Club

                        North of Roswell

                        New Mexico, USA

The small grass airstrip was still deserted, although the aircraft that Evan had parked immediately next to had departed at some point. Starting the Piper’s engine, he commenced the checklist of procedures required before takeoff. It was then that he noticed the shadowy flash momentarily across his starboard wing. Too big to be a bird, someone was flying low overhead.

It would be several minutes before the Piper’s engine would be sufficiently warmed up, however, Evan rushed the checking procedure and prepared to taxi his aircraft into a position ready for takeoff. He wanted to avoid the opportunity of running into anyone that might potentially identify him at a later time.

With a strong southerly blowing, Evan started to taxi to the northern end of the strip to prepare for takeoff. As he was doing so, the unidentified aircraft flew past the Piper in the opposite direction low and slow, using flaps but with no intention to land. That the occupants were trying to identify whoever was piloting the Piper, Evan was certain.

Not even near half way down the airstrip, Evan quickly swung the aircraft around into the wind and gave the still not at operating temperature engine full throttle without mercy. It would be close, but Evan’s extensive pilot training and experience told him the feisty little Piper Cherokee would deliver the result. Just before the end of the mowed strip, he employed the aircraft’s full flaps. The Piper struggled, but it lifted into the air . . . barely!

Banking as hard as he dared to starboard, Evan used his knowledge of the region to steer his course so that it would be unlikely that his departure or presence would be noticed. Looking around to see what the other aircraft was up to, it had disappeared from view, so he eased back on the throttle a little as he proceeded to climb. Unexpectedly, the starboard side window behind the pilot’s seat exploded with glass spraying about the cabin. Somebody had fired a weapon at him.

Evan felt blood running down his back from a cut on the back of his neck. Searching frantically for the source of aggression, he could see nothing; the offending aircraft was likely behind and/or above him. Evan pushed the throttle fully forward and began spiraling the aircraft down as fast as she could go. Just as he neared the ground over a freshly ploughed field a bullet hole appeared in his starboard wing. These guys were serious.

With all the pilot skills he could muster, Evan dodged and weaved the Piper along creek flows, under powerlines and around farm buildings trying to keep his pursuers in a position that they were unable to get off another shot. He desperately tried to get a look at the type of aircraft pursuing him to no avail. The quick look that he got at the flying club strip left him fairly certain he was up against one of the new Aero Commanders, a line of aircraft Evan knew nothing about. He could only guess the performance parameters, but he was fairly certain his best defense was flight maneuverability. He hoped that they were only using a small firearm from an open window or door.

The Piper had barely enough fuel to reach Albuquerque before he took off from the flying club; he would have to refuel at Roswell, or abandon the plane there altogether. Pulling up hard out of a small creek gully, Evan quickly got his bearings and headed for his old Air Force base, now the Roswell International Air Centre, which was about five miles northeast he guessed. Just as he was about to put a distress call through on the radio, a burst of oil splattered across the windscreen. The engine had taken a direct hit, the Piper’s engine stalled almost immediately.

With only 50 feet of altitude, it was always a case of how best to crash and where. The choices were extremely limited but a playing field up ahead offered the safest alternative. The field was in use, but there was no choice, Evan put the Piper down hard. It flipped onto its roof and caught fire. Players from the local baseball league ran over to assist the pilot as the fire began to fully take hold. As Evan drifted into unconsciousness, all he could think of was how he would explain this to Kelly. His brand new plane!

Bedside confession of the Roswell witness

Date:               Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time:              2041 hours

 Location:        Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

‘I had barely woken up at the Chaves County New Mexico medical center, still not aware of where I was, when the interrogation began. A bright lamp was shone directly into my eyes,’ recalled Evan, clearly still traumatized by the encounter. ‘I never officially knew the name of my interrogator, or clearly saw the face behind the lamp, but I’m almost certain it was United States Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles, a.k.a. Majestic One.’

‘I’ve read quite a bit about him,’ offered Julius, ‘Wasn’t he accused of being behind the Kennedy assassination?’

Evan didn’t speak for a moment. He was weighing up just how much he should reveal. He ignored the question and continued.

‘After their attempt to kill me, all deals were off. I realized then that I’d never be free of their clutches as long as I remained in the military. I feigned partial amnesia, a lack of clarity caused by strong medications, an incapacity to comply. The only focus I had was to protect my oath, not allow the stupidity of my actions to inadvertently fall back onto Colonel Rafter, or Kelly Johnston, and get out alive.

‘Did you hand over the contents of the duffle bag?’ asked Mel.

‘Only after exhaustive negotiations which included the replacement of Kelly’s Piper,’ said Evan. ‘I eventually told them where the crash debris was buried, but refused to reveal where it had come from. I insisted that it wasn’t necessary for them to know where the materials had been for the previous 14 years. They believed that I was protecting someone and eventually conceded the point.’

‘What was in the bag?’ asked Mel.

‘I’d asked Kelly for some “high-tech materials that might possibly be mistaken to be the skin of an alien spaceship”. He later told me that he put some skin from a crashed Archangel-11 that had been severely burnt. The materials were highly experimental and would not be identified as coming from a Lockheed aircraft unless given to Skunkworks itself to analyze. When they finally worked out the Earthly origins of the materials two years later, they approached me, not just mad, they were desperate for information about what really happened at Roswell.

‘Majestic 12 had failed to identify any explanation for the UFO occurrences in the USSR, and increasingly at home as well. That failure was harmful for President Kennedy’s plans; the agitation caused by UFOs contributed significantly to the Cuban missile crises in ’62. Kennedy was backed into an impossible corner and forced to dismantle the Jupiter MRBM missile emplacements in Italy and Turkey. He put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the C.I.A. and also their puppet masters Majestic 12.’

‘How did they know the materials you gave them weren’t alien?’ asked Mel.

‘Dulles eventually gave them to Skunkworks, asking them to reverse-engineer the materials. It was quite an embarrassment for him. He had pinned so much on the outcome. What would they say to the President? “We’ve been duped? We’ve wasted the last 12 years and found absolutely nothing?” Dulles was desperate. He knew I was lying. I was immediately charged and faced court martial.’

‘Kennedy was sick of hearing excuses for being refused information about UFOs and alien encounters. He decided on a strategy to force the C.I.A.’s hand. Kennedy proposed cooperation to Soviet leader Krushchev on joint space initiatives. The strategy involved confronting the C.I.A. over the ultimate control of UFO files by offering to share UFO and extra-terrestrial files through N.A.S.A., who would be given full jurisdiction over them. Kennedy was proposing an open book on their knowledge of the subject . . . a proposition that terrified Dulles.’

‘But what did they know? They knew nothing,’ said Mel. ‘That was the end of Majestic 12 I imagine.’

‘Not at all,’ Evan tried to sit up higher, he was clearly tiring. ‘Right through my court-martial trial I was constantly under surveillance, constantly having to watch my back. They were working heavily against me and I would’ve seen the inside of a jail if not for the amazing support I got from Colonel Rafter and Kelly.

‘If JFK had lived, and he had seen out the full term of his presidency, I’m sure that Majestic 12 would have been finally disbanded or worse. I learned years later from a confidential conversation with Kelly that the C.I.A., under the direction of Majestic 12, convinced President Kennedy that they had actually recovered alien spaceship crash debris and had knowledge of alien activities. In fact, they had absolutely nothing except the Archangel 11 skin Kelly had given to me.

‘Incredibly, Dulles asked Kelly if he could “manufacture evidence of a crashed alien spacecraft”. Kelly couldn’t believe it. What are the odds of being asked that same incredible question twice in one life time? He refused. Dulles had nothing. He had no choice but to deny the President access to the files.’

‘Oh my God, they killed Kennedy to cover up their deception, their mistakes, their humiliation!’ said Julius dumbfounded. ‘They could never admit they had no evidence of UFOs at all. It would have been out there for everyone to see. They couldn’t let that happen. They had to kill him. They had no other choice!’

‘Quite possibly,’ said Evan clearly showing signs of difficulty relating these events. ‘I’ve always believed that to be the case. I’m responsible. It was the fake alien crash debris that they retrieved from the side of the road at Roswell that eventually put Dulles in that impossible situation.’

‘Talk about unintended consequences,’ said Mel. ‘Whatever happened to Majestic 12?’

‘After the court-martial they harassed me for a while but eventually gave up. I stayed very low after that . . . tried to figure stuff out but got nowhere. During the 80s and 90s, I did a lot of volunteer work in Africa. When I came back, I was approached by the C.I.A. yet again, wondering if I wanted to come clean about the alien encounter. It terrified me to tell the truth. I moved regularly and suspected everybody. Finally, in 2009 I went to visit my estranged brother who was living in Australia. We hadn’t spoken for more than 30 years. What he told me made me so bloody angry . . .’

‘What?’ asked Julius.

‘He told me the C.I.A. threatened them if they wouldn’t cooperate with attempts to force me to tell what I knew about Roswell. In the end they packed up and moved to Australia to hide.’

Evan was exhausted. Mel used the control for the bed to put it in a more horizonal position, then removed the extra pillow behind his back.

‘I have seen so much in this life. I love this planet, and the people on it. Save as many as you can Julius.’

Evan drifted into sleep.

‘And I suppose that wasn’t meant to be cryptic either?’ said Julius speaking to himself.

‘Huh?’ Mel didn’t follow. ‘Seriously Julius, you two operate on a different wavelength to the rest of the planet. No wonder you get along so well.’


Date:               Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time:              2314 hours


Location:        Suite 2702 Trump International Hotel

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The alien solution to Armageddon

‘I just thought of something,’ said Julius emerging from the depths of his thinking.

‘What is it?’

‘Something Evan told me on the plane. I asked him what sex the aliens were. He wasn’t sure, but he thought they were male, or at least they used to be. And then he said it didn’t matter.’

‘Are you saying that the solution to Armageddon is castration? I’d imagine a lot of men might not want to face eternity without balls!’

Julius laughed. ‘Eternal frustration. You’re right, I’m not signing anything!’

‘Come on, get serious. Where’s this leading to.’

‘I . . . don’t . . . know,’ said Julius acting annoyed. ‘But it demonstrates that they’re different from what they used to be. Somehow, they have a more widely held perspective. One that is indifferent to sex, or race or whatever else that might have differentiated them in their past.’

‘Like they were speaking not only on their own behalf, but on the behalf of all their people or species?’ suggested Mel.

‘Keep going,’ said Julius.

‘They’re speaking on behalf of everyone, . . . because they’re all on the same page,’ Mel was verballing her thoughts now. ‘They’ve agreed on things. But how can they all be in agreement on everything at the same time? Oh my God NO!!’

Julius spoke the words that Mel was about to speak. ‘They’ve been assimilated! That’s the solution. We have to be assimilated! We lose the freedom of private thoughts and actions by assimilation through an enormous internet cloud!!’

The alien Utopian cloud

‘I for one won’t be signing up for that existence,’ said Mel.

‘But if assimilation is the path that evolution takes, that’s the path that sees all evolved intelligent species merge to become creator of the next universe, maybe we should give it a go?’


‘Everybody is completely equal,’ said Julius. ‘There’s an end to war and conflict. As a Christian, doesn’t that offer some appeal to you?’

‘We lose our souls,’ said Mel. ‘Forget it!’

‘The aliens told Evan that not everybody would accept the solution. Now I see why,’ said Julius. ‘I think you’re right. Not that I believe in souls, but we’d lose the essence of what we are. It’s not a good deal. I’m totally with you.’

‘You know why those little fuckers are afraid of us?’ said Mel.

‘I do now,’ said Julius. ‘We won’t be accepting their solution to Armageddon. Nobody will. It’s wrong. We won’t go down in a whimper either, we’ll be going down in a fight and heaven help anyone, human or alien, that thinks mankind is finished.’

‘You know something,’ said Mel, ‘I just realized that if we really are genetically enhanced, and we have the “heads up” on what we’re about to face, we might just be smart enough to survive Armageddon without being assimilated.’

‘And that my darling girl, is the truth if ever I heard it. There may be a contest for this galaxy yet! That’s why the aliens fear us.’

‘Was that a declaration of WAR Caesar?’ asked Mel with a wicked smile.

‘It’s a declaration of defiance,’ said Julius in his most alpha male voice. ‘Too bad if they don’t like it.’

It won’t be too long before Julius and Mel realize the prophetic nature of this conversation.

Faith in the alien solution

‘As a person with strong religious beliefs, how do you feel about the possibility that the prophesized Armageddon event is brought about by the advent of new technology and not God?’

‘I tend to favor literal, or dispensational, interpretation of biblical prophecy,’ explained Mel. ‘It actually sits quite well with my beliefs. I believe the universe was created by God. “Created by design” as the aliens describe it. If the evolutionary path followed by all intelligent life in the universe eventually leads to Armageddon, then that is God’s plan.

‘The Bible tells us that at the time of Armageddon, God will deal with all the kings on Earth. As a result of this new technology, we are all absolutely equal, living without kings. Maybe that was God’s plan when he designed the universe? Complete equality!’

‘How about the second coming of Christ?’ asked Julius. ‘What if Jesus really was an alien?’

‘If God created the universe, and there’s other intelligent species out there, then God created them too, and they’re also His children,’ replied Mel. ‘If an alien race who are also children of God greet us once we survive Armageddon, it could be argued that that meeting fulfills the prophecy substantially.’

‘Wouldn’t that mean that assimilation is part of God’s plan?’ asked Julius.

‘I can’t believe that assimilation is part of God’s plan,’ said Mel. ‘I don’t believe we’re ever meant to have a “Utopian” existence either, not until it is our time to be with God. The assimilation, and the Utopian existence it offers is definitely against what I believe to be God’s plan. If we are to truly evolve, it must always involve difficulties which we must overcome. Perhaps it is the destiny of mankind to face off against the assimilated aliens, and to champion His cause throughout the Galaxy?’

‘At least,’ said Julius. ‘I can see now how biological supercomputers are an opportunity for a future assimilated existence. I’m with you when you say we should avoid the assimilation at all cost. There’ll be an alternative. That alternative must seem threatening to the already assimilated advanced species in our Galaxy. I think that’s what the alien feared, and also wanted to return to the Space City to report.’

‘Couldn’t we just coexist peacefully with the assimilated aliens?’

‘Not a chance,’ said Julius. ‘We’re going to run into other emerging intelligent species out there. We can’t allow them to lose their individuality, their freedom. We can’t just stand back and watch them be lost to an assimilated cloud. I think we’d want to step in and stop the assimilation, show them an alternative path, one that we created, and do everything possible to save them.

‘The aliens believe that each assimilated race adds to the rich diversity of the assimilation. They won’t allow us to stop them. They’ll try to stop us. It’ll be war. A war of unprecedented scale, one that could last millions, or billions of years, but there will be war if two different types of survivors of Armageddon struggle for control of the Galaxy. They can’t co-exist. This is what the alien saw and feared.’


Date:               Friday, February 24, 2017

Time:              0815 hours


Location:        Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The last words of Roswell’s final witness

‘Rather than asking him to verbalize answers or engage in conversation,’ suggested the doctor. ‘It’s better if you take Evan’s right hand and ask only questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer. Evan should respond with a single squeeze for yes, or a double squeeze for no.’

‘Can we go in now doctor?’ asked Mel.

‘Of course, but when he fails to respond to you, it’s time to leave and let him rest.’

Mel bee-lined for Evan and hugged him. Julius sat on the couch to Evan’s left.

‘You know something Evan, I think I’ve come to know you better than some of the people I’ve known my whole life,’ said Mel.

Mel pulled a chair over to the bed so that she could be at Evan’s right side. She then took Evan’s right hand.

‘Julius and I have some things to tell you. Are you strong enough to hear them now?’

Evan smiled and squeezed her hand once.

‘He said “yes”.’

‘Watch out for him Mel, you should have seen the way he had the flight attendants under his spell.’

Evan smiled and squeezed Mel’s hand again.

‘Evan disagrees, but you’re right Julius.’

‘Evan, we worked everything out,’ said Julius. ‘We even found out what the solution is.’

Evan looked very surprised, it was easy to tell that he wanted them to continue.

‘The alien counter-intervention is working as it should,’ said Mel enthusiastic about their discoveries. ‘It was never meant to create a perfect society. It was only there to make sure we didn’t knock ourselves out of the race before we got to the finish line.’

‘And also to put us on an accelerated learning curve so that we had a chance to adopt the missed lessons of evolution,’ added Julius not letting Mel take all the credit.

‘There are lots of emerging technologies that have the potential to destroy the Earth,’ said Mel. ‘It’s really a case of which one gets to destroy us first.’

‘The real problem,’ interrupted Julius. ‘Is that the advent of biological supercomputers removes the need for government, and we end up in a limbo as we move towards a laissez-faire economy. There’s nothing in the way to stop the individual from applying these deadly technologies during the transition from government to laissez-faire.’

Evan squeezed Mel’s hand firmly now.

‘Evan says “yes”, a very firm “yes”.’

‘The way you described the aliens Evan, gave me the impression that they lacked individuality,’ said Julius. ‘You also had trouble determining their sex. I believe it was because one alien spoke for all. They’re assimilated. They lose their right to private individual thought.’

‘Another strong affirmative,’ said Mel.

Mel spoke now, her voice had lost its enthusiasm, it was much quieter.

‘Their solution is that we should use the supercomputer generated cloud to assimilate so that the individual’s life, feelings and thoughts are an open book and cannot act against the majority.’

Evan didn’t respond at first, then gave a firm squeeze of Mel’s hand.

‘We don’t like their solution Evan,’ said Mel. ‘We think we can do better.’

‘I think we’re in for a fight,’ said Julius.

Evan smiled weakly and turned to Julius.

‘Right man for the job,’ he said using every ounce of strength he had left.

‘Hold on to that faith,’ said Mel. ‘Julius and I won’t let you down.’

Evan smiled warmly and closed his eyes to rest. It was time to leave.

A sad ending for Roswell’s final witness

From:             Julius Ryan

To:                  Ellen Armstrong

Date:               Feb 24 2017 13:53

Subject:          My time with Evan

Dear Ellen and John,

First of all, let me offer my condolences for Evan’s passing this morning. Mel and I were with Evan up until about 9.30am, about two hours before he passed away. When we left, he was comfortable, not in any pain, and resting peacefully.

Evan and I, and now Evan and Mel also, have a friendship that will never die. You can believe Mel’s words when she says that my time with Evan has had a profound and positive impact on my life. It most certainly has.

I believe that Evan gave his life for all mankind in the end. Because of his final time spent with me, I have committed myself to a path that will hopefully benefit mankind’s future. Evan has given me a vision, and ignited my passion, for a cause too complex to explain here, but I can promise you, it’s a good and worthwhile venture.

If the opportunity presents itself, I’d appreciate the chance to meet you both one day. You might be able to help me. There are some unknown gaps in Evan’s life I’d very much like to learn about. Would you please let me know if that’s possible?

Evan’s funeral service details are attached. Mel and I will both be attending. We are both very sorry for your loss.

Yours faithfully,

Julius Ryan

Ryan Strategic

C.I.,A., Milititaty Intelligence of Majestic 12?

Date:               Saturday, February 25, 2017

Time:              0735 hours

 Location:        Trump International Hotel

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

‘Julius, there’s a Greg on the hotel phone. I think it’s that fellow from Qantas.’

Julius walked out of the bathroom and took the call.

‘Mr. Ryan, this is Greg from the Qantas service desk. I’ve managed to sort out the luggage problem we discussed. Are you able to meet me quickly downstairs in the foyer so that we can finalize matters?’

‘Ahh, yes Greg,’ said Julius taken aback slightly. ‘I’ll meet you in the restaurant in 10 minutes if you like.’

‘He’s downstairs?’ queried Mel puzzled.

‘Let’s eat downstairs,’ said Julius putting his finger to his lips. ‘I feel like getting out of this stuffy room.’

Mel got the idea and dressed quickly. Julius plucked a hair from his head and carefully positioned it in his notepad before closing it. As they walked out of the hotel suite, Julius put the “Do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door.

As the elevator doors opened Mel was glad to see that it was empty. They waited until the doors had closed completely before speaking.

‘What’s going on?’ asked Mel.

‘I’ve no idea,’ said Julius. ‘I definitely don’t have a luggage issue, that’s for certain.’

‘Is our room bugged?’


The conspiracy is solved

Greg had chosen to sit at a discreet table in the far corner of the restaurant. He looked nervous. Mel and Julius made their way over.

‘Greg this is Mel,’ said Julius offering his hand to Greg. ‘And it’s about time you started calling me Julius.’

‘Nice to meet you Mel,’ offered Greg. ‘Sorry about all the intrigue Julius, but I wanted to give you some information very confidentially.’

‘Let’s order breakfast and act as normally as possible,’ suggested Julius.

Greg opened his briefcase and pulled out a suitcase strap, handed it to Julius and then handed him a paper to sign. Julius knew intuitively what Greg was trying to achieve, so he signed the paper and handed the strap to Mel to put into her handbag as if he had expected the exchange.

The waitress came to take their orders and left.

‘Am I under surveillance Greg?’ asked Julius.

Greg nodded his answer.

‘What did you find out?’ asked Julius quietly now.

‘Mr. Armstrong was under observation in Australia by A.S.I.O.; that’s the Australian secret service,’ said Greg. ‘They not only manipulated your seating, but they also occupied the two seats behind you on the Adelaide to Sydney leg.’

‘Oh my God! Did you have any idea?’ asked Mel of Julius.

‘Not the slightest,’ said Julius.

‘There’s more,’ said Greg. ‘C.I.A. occupied the seats behind you on the flight from Sydney to Honolulu, and they’ll probably be seated behind you again on your Los Angeles leg.’

‘Why’ve you told me this?’ asked Julius. ‘Couldn’t this land you in a bit of trouble?’

‘Yes, but I sense a good vibe from you Julius. I always have. I don’t like the secret services; we have the occasional run-ins with them. They’re unscrupulous, so, I thought about it for a while, and I decided in your favor. Another thing. I’m sure you were followed when you jumped into the Qantas courtesy car.’

‘Thanks, Greg,’ said Julius trying to mask his concern. ‘Contact me please if ever you run into trouble over this okay?’

Greg nodded. They continued with breakfast as if the previous conversation had never happened.

Leaving Trump International

Julius and Mel stepped quietly back into their hotel suite and looked around. Everything was as they had left it . . . almost. Julius went over to his notebook and looked to see if the hair was still in place. It wasn’t.

‘Pack,’ said Julius. ‘We’re checking out.’

The FULL facts behind the JFK assassination from the fake Roswell crash debris to the evil efforts of Majestic 12 and its puppet master Allen Dulles

Breaking into your thoughts – A message from the author


Theory – JFK’s Assassination – the smoking gun:

There has been a great deal of speculation about Allen Dulles as being complicit in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Without credible motive, the evidence carries little weight, and motives offered previously are simply not sufficiently credible to justify the murder of a President. Without motive, most observers would agree that the benefit of the doubt weighs heavily in Dulles’ favor.

The C.I.A., under the secret direction of Majestic 12, spent 13 years searching out the UFO/alien phenomenon prior to Kennedy’s murder in 1963. In January of 1961, it was the then very powerful Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles, that tentatively approached the new President Kennedy offering the services/expertise of Majestic 12, an organization he had headed up since its inception by President Harry S. Truman in 1952. It was an approach that Kennedy welcomed initially.

Tension was being created between the two superpowers by unexplained aerial phenomenon around military establishments in the U.S.S.R. Majestic 12 offered Kennedy hope of getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery, to pull up the advance of the Cold War, and demonstrate to the Soviet Union that cooperation and trust were possible. Dulles was now at the peak of his power as he sought the truth about UFOs with Kennedy’s blessing.

During the previous Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961), the autonomous Majestic 12’s power grew immeasurably. Dulles needed to hold the organization together, to give it purpose and direction; a justification for subterfuge. Rumors of secret government UFO files suited his needs perfectly. Dulles became the master of misinformation on all subject’s alien. Majestic 12 were the guardians of this supposedly explosive technology. In truth they actually held nothing, and Dulles was the only person that knew the entire truth.

Dulles failed just about everything he laid his hands on for President Kennedy; covert ops in Vietnam, Algiers putsch, UFO investigations, assassination attempts of Castro and the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion all fell substantially under the responsibility of Allen Dulles. Kennedy was right to dismiss him. Majestic 12 seemed destined for oblivion, and with it, the last remaining base of power for the egomaniac Allen Dulles.

Dulles was humiliated, but not completely finished just yet. Clinging to Majestic 12’s original brief of operation directed by President Truman way back in 1952, (the investigation of alien encounters, recovery of alien spacecraft and technology, the establishment of alien contact protocols, and getting to the truth of what occurred at Roswell), Dulles maintained a very substantial amount of power, including strong influence within the C.I.A.. Dulles created the false belief of “captured UFO technology” as the justification for the secret continuance of Majestic 12 under his leadership.

The 1961 retrieval of “supposed” alien crash debris from a witness to the 1947 Roswell encounter emboldened Dulles with confidence. This would be the beginning of his change of fortune. Many of those who held powerful positions in America were still convinced Dulles was on top of the alien question. He had their full support, and once again, his power was growing substantially despite the actions of the President who had tried to destroy him; the President he hated so much. Dulles would rise again through control of alien-derived technology. He’d be vindicated and restored to his rightful place in the Washington halls of power.

Kennedy’s overtures to Soviet leader Krushchev proposing cooperation in the fields of space exploration and the sharing of all UFO and extra-terrestrial files must have terrified poor Dulles. He’d told a lot of lies, to a lot of people. He’d made incredible claims in his desperate attempt to cling to power. False claims, but claims that he always believed he could eventually live up to. The significance of the retrieved crash debris from Roswell became more important than ever . . . Dulles needed results. He needed something, anything that would maintain his credibility.

Things came to a head shortly before Kennedy’s assassination when Kruschev, after initially ignoring Kennedy’s overtures for cooperation, unexpectedly opened the door. Here was real opportunity to finally turn back the tide of the Cold War; to bring the world back from the brink of nuclear annihilation. The cooperation was to be in the field of space exploration. Intrinsic to that cooperation was the sharing of information, including information on UFOs, alien contact, and captured alien technology. This involved N.A.S.A. taking over the control of all responsibility on the subject, and the sharing of that information not only with the U.S.S.R., but with the American President himself who had been repeatedly frustrated by his bureaucracy not allowing him to see anything at every attempt.

Facing humiliating exposure as a complete fraud, and with the threat of losing his last grasp at power, Dulles took the fake alien crash debris away from the government’s teams of scientists that were working on it and took it to Lockheed’s Skunkworks in the desperate hope that they could make something out of the strange materials. They did. Almost immediately. They determined that the material was from an experimental skin once tested on the Archangel-11 aircraft. It was definitely not alien, and that aircraft had never flown near Roswell, let alone crashed there. Dulles was fucked!

So desperate was Dulles to protect his reputation and position, he approached Kelly Johnson at Skunkworks, pleading for Kelly to provide Dulles with materials that could be passed off as being possibly alien in origin. Kelly refused Dulles request outright. He disliked and distrusted Dulles. The date was Tuesday, 12th November, 1963, only ten days before the assassination of Kennedy. Dulles, dismissed by Kennedy, humiliated by Kennedy, now faced being exposed as a fraud by Kennedy, albeit unintentional.

I believe Dulles may have made a choice to protect himself while he still held the power to do so; while his influence and power within the C.I.A. was relatively intact. Dulles convinced operatives within the C.I.A. that it was vital that Kennedy be stopped at all costs, to stop the sharing of the incredible technological edge that had been revealed by reverse-engineering alien spaceship crash debris. Alien technology, Dulles falsely claimed, that was at the forefront of creating the huge divide between the military capabilities of the U.S.S.R. and U.S.A.. Dulles argued that America couldn’t afford to give up its massive military advantage that would result with the sharing of the alien derived technology. It would have seemed a strong argument. This is the compelling motivation that has never before been revealed. The rest is history sadly, very sadly.

Rumors of governments having secret alien contact/information/technology are false! There is not one single government in the entire world that knows anything substantial about aliens. Not one has a single piece of physical evidence . . . nothing!

All governments remain tight-lipped over the matter. Why? Because they are too reticent to admit that theirs is the only government that doesn’t know anything. Thanks to the deception of Allen Dulles and Majestic 12, the American government doesn’t even know it doesn’t know anything!

FACT. By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll know as much or more truth about aliens than any government or organization on Earth.