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Roswell’s Final Witness is nearly complete. A number of things are happening to make sure this series is the international smash hit I know it will be. I’m keeping track of my journey here so that IF I ever do make history and create a massive brand/franchise success, you can see my journey:

  • legal scrutiny;
  • sample readers;
  • proofing and editing;
  • web design;
  • web optimization;
  • data building; and
  • marketing preparation.

If you are interested enough to follow the “road to getting published”, you should check into this page occasionally.


4th March 2018 – First blog goes out on my author website promoting lateral thinking lessons.

The author website took longer to “get just right” than expected. Thanks to the assistance of my sister, it is looking AWESOME. My first blog is https://michaelmuxworthy.com/blog/ or for the full blog https://michaelmuxworthy.com/2018/03/03/the-power-of-creativity-free-lateral-and-creative-thinking-lessons/#more-1002

16th February 2018 – Lesson 11 lateral thinking lesson is incredible!

If ever I needed convincing of the brilliance of lateral thinking all I ever have to do is look at the lateral thinking technique employed in lesson 11.

4th February 2018 – New “Marketing Plan” page on my Author’s website.

The bigger picture of how I will tackle the issues of marketing Roswell’s Final Witness and the Caesar Rising series are revealed on my new Author website. Check it out at:


17th January 2018 – Free lateral thinking lessons first week’s lessons (7) completed.

Have decided that there will be 14 lessons spread over two weeks. Each week will get its own page. Lessons won’t be strictly lateral thinking

16th January 2018 – Susan Muxworthy is now responsible for all editing of the websites.

Author, Michael Muxworthy, will supply copy and optimization strategies.

11th January 2018 – Free lateral thinking lessons page created.

Yesterday, I decided to impart my knowledge on the subject lateral thinking. The Caesar Rising series and the first of the series Roswell’s Final Witness heavily rely upon lateral thinking as the tool of revelation and discovery. The benefit here is two-fold; I can only expand my audience as more people become adept at the creativity, and it is an excellent opportunity to populate my site with rich keyword copy. As these lessons come from the author, the page appears on my Michael Muxworthy Author website. Click here to view.

It will take me about 3 weeks to complete the page as I will be offering 20 free lessons that only require 10 minutes per day to master.

“Learn lateral thinking skills for free” is an awe blog to launch my author site so aiming for the end of this month.

9th January 2018 – Another new lateral thinking page created.

Continually being frustrated with my optimization efforts against the search “LateralThinking”, I created a new page on michaelmuxworthy.com that sings about the lateral thinking strategies of the Caesar Rising series. Take a look – Click Here.

I’ve sent numerous links between this site and the author site and back again hoping that they give each other a boost.

Finally getting some progress on the Caesar Rising search, I appear on the top of page 6.

Roswell’s Final Witness search I achieve the first 9 positions with the Caesar Rising site.

7th January 2018 – New lateral thinking puzzles page created.

If you Google search “lateral thinking”, there is a surprising number of puzzle pages on the first few pages. I always imagined that Edward de Bono would dominate the topic completely, but, it seems that he ignores the opportunities presented by offering up some clever and provocative puzzles, content to remain attractive to the purer of heart.

I see the lateral thinking puzzles as an opportunity to grab some of the wider audience fascinated by the subject so today I published the static page:


Which will be followed up with a blog in the next couple of days to really give it a push.

1st January 2018 – New positioning statement possibility for the author of the Caesar Rising series, Michael Muxworthy.

Lateral Thinking Investigations . . . of the Third Kind.

20th December 2017 – Two new websites are ready to optimize.

https://michaelmuxworthy.com/ and


These two websites are designed to support the optimization goals of the Caesar Rising website, and also give focus to two important elements. The first is a promotion vehicle for Michael Muxworthy to promote his lateral thinking and writing skills. The second is a specific focus on the first novel of the series, Roswell’s Final Witness. This Caesar Rising site will ALWAYS be primarily about building the long-term potential of the brand.

18th December 2017 – Lateral thinking inroads.

Visits to this website are mostly from social media and blogs. However, today was a breakthrough in that someone searched “lateral thinking president” and somehow found my blog on the assassination of JFK. It’s a start. Tomorrow I hope to start two websites to support this one being michaelmuxworthy.com and roswellwitness.com.

New quote by ME . . . “If science and religion BOTH seek the truth, then eventually they MUST agree”.

16th December 2017 – Optimization inroads – some success.

Yesterday was an awesome day for visits to my website. 32 UNIQUE visits and 67 views. WOW! The hits are NOT where I expected. Conflict is the key. Today I bought two new domains; roswellwitness.com and michaelmuxworthy.com. My intention is to have strong links between the three sites. This site is about building the brand “Caesar Rising”. The “Roswell Witness” site (yet to be created) is about selling/promoting the first novel, “Roswell’s Final Witness”. The “Michael Muxworthy” site is an author promotion site which will attempt to link with other authors etc. This is a learning process for me, but I believe that by linking blogs, pages, social media with GENUINE sires/people/blogs with synergy, I can ONLY move forward. Keep you posted.

13th December 2017 – “Why do aliens fear us?”

This particular blog made over a week ago is responsible for over half the visits to my site. Something to be learned from that.

11th December 2017 – Somebody found this site by a search!!

Somebody searched “Roswell alien witness” in the United States and clicked on my blog. Blogs, social media and search engines are delivering only an average of 6/7 unique visits per day. It’s a start.

6th December 2017 – Website is now live!!! Time to build and optimize.

Early days on the website folks but I will be attempting to optimize on all things Roswell, alien, UFO, Kennedy/JFK, lateral thinking, Majestic 12, Roswell witness, Roswell UFO incident, and a hundred other things.

This is a HUGE process. First blog and homepage revamp today!

I will blog MOST days until I hit at least 1,000 visitors per day.

1st December 2017 – Legal Advice Completed

Outstanding work Greg, thank you. I will employ a team of lawyers to interpret your recommendations and employ the legal safeguards. (Just kidding)

11th November 2017. – “I write like John Grisham”

Thanks for the comment Sue, but . . . Is it a compliment? Ha! The reader feedback on the Roswell alien encounter is sounding mostly positive. Some of the scientific theory is difficult to comprehend for those that are less GEEKY than others. Brendan, I loved your attempted “simplification” writing example.

Yes, I agree, some of the really complex theory needs to be “eased” into the readers’ understanding. Several sections are in the firing line for a re-write.

Pat, I can’t believe you read the entire book in one sitting!!! You certainly are an alien enthusiast. Thanks for the feedback.

6th November 2017 – Legal scrutiny commenced

Some of the topics contained in the pages of the first novel of the Caesar Rising series is pretty explosive.  Some of my accusations are extremely specific. For example, I will point the finger and accuse a certain person of orchestrating the assassination of President Kennedy.

Thank you to  Greg, my long time surfing buddy and Barrister of Law. I will wax your board anytime.

2nd November, 2017 – First draft complete – Roswell’s Final Witness

Thank you to my wonderful sister Susan who has performed miracles with the editing. Several more sample readers have been selected, I will keep you posted on feedback.

I targeted a 100,000 word count but I’m extremely disappointed with my final result of 99,999. No kidding!

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.
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