The results of “perfect” experiments are NOT predetermined.

Science will soon reveal the existence of “design” in our universe.

Telepathically communicated imagery described by the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell is interpreted by author, Michael Muxworthy, in the new Best Seller – Roswell’s Final Witness. Michael is considered to be an accomplished lateral thinker.

In the first novel of the Caesar Rising series, the actual alien encounter with aliens is revealed using artistic license so that the impact of the revelations are as close as possible to actual historical events. Telepathic communication is a very efficient and comprehensive communication that involves not only conversation but includes a rich mosaic of additional understanding and imagery.

Design in our alien universe
Nature is imperfect by design. We will soon be the masters of science and technology, the beginning of a great evolutionary journey.

“Evan (the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell) said that the aliens revealed to him that “nature is imperfect by design”. He said that our science will soon become so advanced, so knowledgeable, that we are able to reveal an element of deliberate design in the laws of nature . . . the hand of God.” – Michael Muxworthy.

Aliens reveal God’s identity.

Within the pages of Roswell’s Final Witness, we will reveal God. Aliens reveal our destiny as we approach the prophesized Armageddon event. Evolution is part of God’s plan. We must survive the trials of evolution. This too is part of God’s plan. We must struggle and continue to evolve through the “Spiritual Age”. God’s plan again. We must master science and technology next. It is only the beginning of the evolutionary journey God has planned.

Or so the aliens believe. This is just a small part of what they communicated at Roswell.

God's plan revealed by alien contact at Roswell
Aliens will not interfere with our evolutionary path. God’a plan?

Aliens must not interfere with our evolution.

The alien communications at Roswell made one thing very clear. Evolution has a pathway, and to disrupt that pathway in any way is to cause the evolutionary process to fail. This is why the eight witnesses to the Roswell alien encounter have never before revealed the existence of aliens or the truth of the encounter.

The aliens sought not ONLY to limit our knowledge of their existence but also any knowledge that would advance or distort our normal evolutionary progress. Their communications were described as evasive, restricted, and limited. If you can believe the aliens, the restricted communications were entirely necessary.

We should never have trusted the aliens.

We are soon going to face a very difficult evolutionary trial. Part of God’s plan according to the aliens. Armageddon. We are NOT going to survive the path we are on.

God's alien evolution
Aliens say we are on an evolutionary path that was “designed”

Roswell’s Final Witness reveals the truth about all past alien contact with Earth. The truth is frightening. Aliens HAVE interfered with our evolutionary path. They have attempted to correct their mistake, and they have failed.

Why do the aliens fear us?

This is the burning question we answer conclusively in Roswell’s Final Witness.

Lateral thinking reveals that we are on a distorted evolutionary path that is the result of past alien intervention/contact with Earth. We are an alien enhanced species that has evolved much quicker than expected. We are doomed to extinction if we remain on the altered evolutionary path we are on now.

Do we try to get back on to the correct evolutionary path? No, I believe it is too late. Mankind must forge a new path. This is what the aliens fear . . . Mankind is the first species ever to be capable of devising an alternative solution for surviving the Armageddon event.

Roswell’s Final Witness reveals the conflict we face.

For the first time ever, there will be a galactic war as two competing survival strategies of the Armageddon event cannot coexist. This is what the aliens fear!
This is the inescapable conclusion we find from the alien communications at the Roswell crash site in 1947.

Michael Muxworthy uses his Lateral Thinking skills to extrapolate on the clues left at the alien encounter at Roswell.

Lateral Thinking is used extensively throughout Roswell’s Final Witness. If you have ever wanted to understand the lateral thinking process, the Caesar Rising series builds a relationship with the reader that educates the reader and immerses them in the Lateral Thinking derived creativity that reveals so much.

Some of the amazing discoveries we make using lateral thinking in Roswell’s Final witness include:

  • Alien intervention on Earth;
  • A second Roswell crash site;
  • UFO’s are revealed;
  • President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of lies told about the Roswell crash;
  • Majestic 12 are involved in Kennedy’s death;
  • Skunkworks, part of the Lockheed Corporation, is at the heart of many of the revelations.

If you want a taste of the Lateral Thinking experience, please click here.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

“The incredible truth revealed by the witness to Roswell will alter your perception of our place in the Universe. We are UNIQUE. This is why aliens fear us.

You will enjoy the lateral thinking derived revelations I guarantee it.” – Michael Muxworthy