Mj-12 brief of operation:

Majestic 12, (Mj-12) was the brainchild of Harry S. Truman. Majestic 12’s original brief of operation directed by President Truman way back in 1952 was “the investigation of alien encounters, recovery of alien spacecraft and technology, the establishment of alien contact protocols, and getting to the truth of what occurred at Roswell”

Truman created Majestic 12
President Harry S. Truman created Majestic 12 to get to the truth of the Roswell incident

Extact from Roswell’s Final Witness – Part Four

Up until a few days ago, Evan had been completely unaware of “Majestic 12”; their existence, their purpose or their activities. Quietly founded in August 1952 by President Harry S. Truman, Evan discovered, MJ-12 was a highly secret committee of twelve, made up of top military personnel, world leading (American) scientists and highly influential (American) government officials (including C.I.A.) with objectives of investigation into alien encounters, recovery of alien spacecraft and technology, and the establishment of alien contact protocols.

MJ-12 was, in fact, a direct result of the crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947. There had been a great deal of “chatter” surrounding the circumstances of the crash, with rumors of military cover-ups, alien corpses, and technologically advanced crash debris. Likely out of frustration, the President created the committee with orders to only report their findings directly to the White House in the hope of finally resolving the Roswell question.

Less than five months into their brief of their operation, the activities of MJ-12 should have been brought to a sudden halt. In January 1953, the pragmatic and highly skeptical new President Dwight D. Eisenhower put an immediate stop on the committee’s funding. It was meant to have brought about the demise of MJ-12, except that Eisenhower failed to stipulate that it was also his intention that the committee be disbanded.  Without direction to the contrary and despite being unfunded, the committee continued to meet, exchange intel, plot, and scheme, believing their endeavors to be virtuous and vital for the sake of their nation and the world. No longer reporting to the president, the committee now became completely autonomous, setting their own goals and agendas.

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President Dwight D. Eisenhower
The pragmatic President Dwight D. Eisenhower stopped all funding for Majestic 12. But he never actually disbanded them.

Removing the Majestic 12 committee’s funding caused a dramatic change in MJ-12’s methods of operation. They no longer needed funding, in fact, they no longer even desired funding.

Each of the committee’s twelve tentacles of power reached deep into the bowels of the various organizations they served . . . each able to utilize the resources entrusted to their control. They became one of the world’s most highly-secretive, yet influential organizations. Despite freely accessing the resources of the American Judiciary, C.I.A., Military, N.A.S.A., Presidents Scientific Advisory Committee, U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development and much more, even American Presidents themselves were now completely unaware of their existence or purpose. Their “purpose” now extended well beyond their original Roswell brief.

The final surviving witness to the Roswell alien encounter first found himself in the sights of Majestic 12 in 1961. The actions and motivations of Majestic 12 that are portrayed in  Roswell’s Final Witness are “despicable”.

“I believe, that the assassination of President Kennedy, was a direct result of the failure of Majestic 12 and its chairman, Allen Dulles, to fulfill their original brief.” – Michael Muxworthy, Author, Roswell’s Final Witness. You’ll have to read the book to find out why.

Somebody is trying to stop me. Why? Who?

This has NOT been the easiest book to put on the road towards publication. I deal with some pretty controversial topics, and I make some well-researched accusations. However, every single character within Roswell’s Final Witness is long dead. So why is there so much concern about the release of the first publication?

It’s an incredible thought, unlikely to say the least, but could it be possible that Majestic 12 STILL exist? If they do . . . I sure make them look awfully stupid! And they would be even MORE stupid if they tried to act against me.

A message to Majestic 12:

Read this BEFORE you make your next stupid move!

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Some of the amazing discoveries we make using lateral thinking in Roswell’s Final witness include:

  • Alien intervention on Earth;
  • A second Roswell crash site;
  • UFO’s are revealed;
  • President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of lies told about the Roswell crash;
  • Majestic 12 are involved in Kennedy’s death;
  • Skunkworks, part of the Lockheed Corporation, is at the heart of many of the revelations.

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Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

“We should never have trusted the aliens” – Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy