Lateral thinking can break the shackles of your existing mindset.

Your education and life experiences are working against you.

Blinkers might help you win the race, but what’s the point if you’re only going in circles?

MOST of you will not be able to solve the problem below. Not because you are dumb, in fact, the smarter you are, the less likely you are to solve it. (That’s probably why I can solve it.)

Lateral thinking definition


the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach,

typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.


Unlearn your “blinkered” thought process:

Use 3 separate lines to join the boxes labeled with letters; a single line for each to join “A” to “A”, “B” to “B” and “C” to “C”. The lines cannot touch or cross each other. They must stay inside the diagram, and cannot touch the sides. They cannot touch or go through other boxes. There’s no trick involved.

Blinkered thinking, breaking the shackles with Lateral thinking.

Over a lifetime, your thought process has been conditioned, or “blinkered”. You probably couldn’t solve the puzzle because of two deeply entrenched teachings:

  1. “A” comes before “B” and “C; and
  2. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

In your mind, you likely drew a straight line between the two “A” boxes. At that point, you thought “it’s impossible”, or “there’s some sort of trick to this”. The solution is simple. Your education and experiences were working against you in determining a solution. In order to solve the problem, try joining the boxes “B” and “C” first.

Still can’t solve it? Don’t worry, the solution can be found in Roswell’s Final Witness.

How lateral thinking is applied in Roswell’s Final Witness.

In the first novel of the Caesar Rising series, Roswell’s Final Witness, I engage the reader on multiple levels:

  1. I relate the essence of events that occurred in Roswell, 1947, as they were told to me . . . an incredible story that’s been hidden up until now by an oath that should have never been sworn;
  2. Deeper levels of understanding from the author are interwoven throughout the novel have been created to help the reader to consolidate the substantial revelations, extrapolate the scientific, religious and philosophical implications, and understand the unique reasoning processes; and
  3. The lateral thinking progression of thought is replicated within examples . . . lessons, within the pages of Roswell’s Final Witness, so that the reader can fully engage in the discovery process.

From the lateral thinking process, we discover the truth to the world’s greatest conspiracies:

Why President Kennedy was assassinated . . .

The coverup by the military . . . 

The truth about Roswell . . .

Alien intervention on Earth . . . 

The activities of Majestic 12 . . . 

Who’s trying to stop me?

And we reveal breakthrough scientific theory and religious interpretation:

What are UFO’s?

Why do aliens believe in God?

What is the relationship between Dark Energy, and Gravity?

Are our Religions our own, were they created for our benefit, or do we share them with many other alien worlds? 

Be warned!

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

Roswell’s Final Witness is the first novel of the Caesar Rising series that expose the truth about alien interaction with Earth and reveal our apocalyptic future.

Author, Michael Muxworthy describes the first Novel as a biography of the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

Armageddon is soon upon us.

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