Soviet UFO
America feared Nazi technology captured by the Soviets

What happened on July 3, 1947?

Late afternoon of July 3rd, 1947, the United States military tracked and twice attempted to intercept a bogey that entered American airspace at nearly Mach 3, and over 70,000 feet in altitude. No U.S. aircraft had ever reached Mach 1 in level flight or flown at that altitude previously. 

Unexplained events of 1947

History records these events as unrelated, and as a series of errors, misunderstandings and mistaken observations from a paranoid military struggling with new technology. In fact, what they were tracking was the alien spacecraft/UFO that eventually crashed at Roswell.

What did the military think the bogey was?

The cover-up by the witnesses to the Roswell alien encounter extended to a misinformation strategy to throw the military completely off track and avoid any suspicion of alien contact.

The initial report on the incident given to the Pentagon by Eighth Air Force on behalf of Commanding General Roger Ramey stated that the technology on display that afternoon and evening could ONLY be the result of Nazi captured technology being deployed by the Soviet Union.

Roswell brought conflict to the superpowers
Roswell’s biggest secret – How it fueled the Cold War

Why did the Roswell witnesses keep such a dangerous secret?

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness:

‘I hear congratulations are in order XXXXX. Mach 1? That’s incredible! Well done my friend.’

‘Yes, thank you Sam. We’ll be smashing Mach 2 within a year I predict. Hopefully, it’ll take a bit of the pressure off me for a while. The demands from the Pentagon have been relentless. By the way, the news is very top secret in case they didn’t inform you.’

‘Poor Chuck, his deed might never make it into the history books,’ said Colonel XXXXX (The Colonel was referring to the breaking of the sound barrier for the first time in level flight by Chuck Yeager on October 14, 1947.)

‘Don’t misunderstand my intentions here XXXXX, I fully appreciate what you’re saying and I see your point. However, reaching such a substantial milestone, Mach 1. Does that give us some breathing space? Will that make the powers that be in Washington a little less afraid of their shadows?’

Colonel XXXXX didn’t reply.

‘Let’s sleep on it. In the morning, if you still believe that we must act urgently, I’ll back you all the way. However, if we have a little time to maneuver, maybe we can find a more palatable solution that still protects the oath we took, yet pulls the world back from the brink.’

End of Extract.

Roswell’s Final Witness coming soon in 2018/19

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

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