First contact



We only regret the chances we didn’t take,

the relationships we were afraid to have,

and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

Lewis Carol

Date:               Saturday, July 5, 1947

Time:              1725 hours

Location:        Roswell

New Mexico, USA


For motives that seem impossible to fathom, somebody over at the Intelligence office at Roswell Army Airfield purportedly confirmed that the contentious phoned in reports made to the radio station claiming alien wreckage had been discovered at the Sanchos Ranch, were true. It was now all over the local airways and likely spreading like wild fire across the state. A storm of interest resulted.

The normally sleepy Chaves County Sheriff’s office was swamped with calls. It wouldn’t be long before the Santa Fe and Albuquerque media, the curious and the downright crazy made their way to Roswell. As soon as he fully realized the chaos that was unfolding, Sheriff Wilson, less than politely, informed Intel of the consequences of the media storm. Sheriff Wilson made it abundantly clear that he didn’t have the time, or the manpower, to police and contain the crash site against an army of curious. The Intelligence office would have to supply their own people to guard the site. And very soon!

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

 Seventeen-year-old Air Force Cadet Evan Armstrong was stationed at Roswell Army Airfield with the 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy. On leave for the holiday weekend, he was staying with his folks north of town when he got an urgent call late in the afternoon. His family home was near the crash site.

The caller was the 509th Commanding Officer, Colonel Sam Curtis. He informed Evan of the crash site. Intelligence personnel had arrived at the Sanchos property and were attempting to secure the site, but they were short-handed. They were attempting to contact and bring in military personnel currently on leave for the holiday weekend, but that could take some time.

‘Can you please report to the officer in charge at the Sanchos Ranch as soon as possible and offer your assistance?’

‘I know exactly where the Sanchos ranch is,’ said Evan keen to impress his Commanding Officer. ‘Right on it sir.’

Evan was to report, in uniform, to a Major Baker in as short a time as possible. As the matter was the responsibility of Intel he could speak to no one about this unless advised otherwise.

Evan relished the opportunity to take his newly acquired 1938 Ford V-8 Tudor for a run. It was fortunate for Evan that his uncle on his mother’s side thought so highly of him. Car manufacturing had been halted during the war years making cars very expensive; even older models fetched a high price. The cost of purchasing such a “hot rod” wouldn’t normally be affordable on a cadet’s meagre income.

The rumble of the V-8 Tudor rolling to a stop outside the Sanchos home was a familiar and welcome sound to the residents. Con Sanchos walked out onto the front porch smiling and waved to Evan. Standing next to him was a face that he recognized, but had never been introduced to. Major Roger Baker walked over to Evan’s car to greet him. Seeing Major Baker approaching, Evan jumped out of his car, stood to attention and saluted.

‘Cadet Armstrong reporting for duty sir,’ said Evan looking smart in his freshly pressed uniform his Mum had quickly whisked into shape.

Parked well out of sight from the road was an army transport truck. Major Baker explained that he’d come with several other personnel in the truck. The others had gone to the crash site to assess and contain the site. He was expecting more personnel in the next couple of hours with luck, and would be remaining at the Sanchos home to coordinate all military activities. Sheriff Wilson had promised a roadblock to the south within the next hour. As Evan had his own vehicle, Major Baker assigned him the duty of patrolling the road.

‘Nobody’s permitted to stop along this road for at least five miles in either direction,’ instructed Major Baker. ‘Your patrol Armstrong is the five-mile section of road to the north of this point. Find a vantage point and keep your eyes open. Immediately approach any vehicle that stops and ask them to move on. Are you gassed up and ready to go?’

‘Yes sir,’ said Cadet Armstrong standing at attention and saluting the officer having been given an order.

‘It will be dark soon and it’ll be a long night,’ continued Major Baker. ‘Roadblocks will soon be employed all around us. Until then, we have to assume that a few curious tourists will try to slip through the gaps.’

Major Baker walked Armstrong back over to his car. ‘Somebody will drive over to check on you every couple of hours. Nobody stops. Nobody gets out of their vehicles. Nobody enters the Sanchos property. Nobody. Off you go. With luck, you’ll be relieved in the morning.’

With that, young Evan Armstrong was off. He hadn’t heard a thing about “alien spacecraft” and until now, had assumed that some sort of top-secret experimental aircraft had crashed yet again. Leaving the Sanchos Ranch, Evan tuned into the local Roswell radio station.

‘. . . aliens. We’re joined now by Stephen Cradshaw, who says he witnessed seven silver alien flying discs spying on the B-29 Superfortresses stationed at Roswell Army Airfield Base. Hello Stephen, . . .’

Evan found an excellent vantage point on the road a couple of miles north. He could see for miles. He parked his hot rod prominently on the side of the road, turned up his radio and listened intently for hours to interviews and conjecture. It sounded like an all-out alien invasion.

The roadblocks must be in place, thought Evan after a while. Either that or people are too scared to leave their homes.  Not a single vehicle had passed, nor a sign of life was evident.

Around 9pm, about three hours after leaving the Sanchos Ranch, a dusty old American Austin pick-up truck that Evan knew well came down the road from the direction of the ranch. It puttered to a lazy stop next to Evan’s car. Evan’s best friend in the world, Terry Sanchos, got out of the pick-up. The eldest Sanchos offspring, a tall and wiry Terry was carrying a much-appreciated flask of hot coffee and a roast beef sandwich.

‘Terry, am I glad to see you. I still have this massive hangover from last night. Have you heard the stuff they are saying on the radio man? Is it true what they’re saying?’

‘I dunno Evan. Pa found the crash site and reported it to the Sheriff yesterday afternoon. Just driving out here gives me the creeps. Brought you some food and coffee. Pa says to leave everything to you folks or we’ll end up bein’ medical experiments or somethin’. A crew turned up about an hour ago; they’re collecting all the debris they can find. Trouble is that it’s spread all over the place, so it’ll take a bit of time I reckon. Anything been happenin’ here?’

‘Nah, really dead. Only the radio for company but they haven’t played any tunes for hours. Just endless speculation on what crashed.’

Terry started walking to his car, he didn’t want to stay around it seemed. ‘It ain’t of this world Evan. I can feel it. So can Pa. And the dogs too, never seen ‘em so spooked. They callin’ to us Evan, but we ain’t listening. I gotta go ok? Will you be ‘right?’

‘Yeah sure. I could use a blanket if you have one?’

‘Sorry,’ said Terry. ‘Somebody will be back out soon. I’ll get ‘em to bring you somethin’ warm.’

‘Thanks a lot,’ Evan said to himself as Terry drove off. ‘As if I wasn’t spooked enough by the radio, you have to come all the way out here and tell me that shit. Jesus!’

It was a beautiful clear night, not a single cloud in the sky. The stars were shining brilliantly. Evan Armstrong lay on the bonnet of his car with his back to the windscreen to take in the view of the heavens and search the skies for alien spacecraft. The radio continued with non-stop talk about aliens. They’d been spotted in town now, abducting some lady’s dog. They ran off though, after she went inside and re-emerged with her broom.

Evan was completely exhausted. The previous night had been one of wild celebration and heavy drinking, followed by an early breakfast from scathing and unsympathetic parents. Tiredness soon overcame him. He’d dream of the heavens, and of aliens and flying silver discs.

Alien Communication

Do not be afraid, we will not harm you.

Evan jolted from his restless sleep. ‘Who’s there?’ His pounding heart was racing at a million miles an hour.


Standing beside his car, Evan leaned in the open driver’s window and turned off the radio. Scanning the horizon, there was no sign of life. He looked back towards the Sanchos Ranch. Had somebody snuck past while he slept?


It was just a dream. Evan looked at his watch; it was 2.35 in the morning. What happened to his blanket? It was cold for a mid-summer night, freezing cold. He took a quick look around to confirm all was quiet and then take a leak in the bushes.

‘Do not be afraid. We are in need of your help if you can please make your way over to us.’

‘Who’s there?!?!’ Evan yelled, now profoundly terrified. ‘Show yourself now!!!’

Evan fumbled about the car desperately searching for a torch or spotlight of any description. None was forthcoming.

‘What’s going on here?’ said Evan out loud. ‘Am I going crazy?’

‘You are not crazy. You are hearing my call for help. We are in a small gully to your west, about a half mile from where you stand now. Please hurry, my companion is in considerable distress.’

‘I need to report this,’ said Evan to himself, shaking his head to be sure he wasn’t dreaming and had actually woken.

‘There is no time to waste. We need your help right now. Please hurry.’

Evan sensed pain, despair, fear and frustration. Someone . . . or something, really did need his help. Somehow, he understood that he must help. Even though he was fearful of this unknown contact, he found courage and made his way with haste to the source of the voice. Not a voice he wondered, something else.

Despite having to negotiate the difficult terrain in darkness without any source of artificial light, Evan easily traversed the ragged countryside. It was as if he knew instinctively the optimum path to take, and somehow, he even knew exactly where a startled rattlesnake lay in his path. He didn’t question why he was making this journey, or even stop to think about the dangers he might face. Evan’s sole focus was on getting to the voice in need as quickly as he could.

Arriving at the gully about 15 minutes later, the first thing Evan noticed was the hull of what appeared to be a large spacecraft. There was wreckage strewn all about. A great tangle of twisted silver metal lay at the bottom of the gulley. There would be the source of the voice.

‘Please hurry.’

The spacecraft had impacted a small rise, ploughing through it, then eventually coming to rest against the right-hand side of the gully he was now entering. A fire had burned; there was scorched earth and several logs remained smoldering. He could see that the front of the spacecraft was badly damaged. There was an alien body lying out in the open. It was clearly dead. He’d known that even before he arrived somehow.

Great sadness, great sacrifice.’

Making his way to the bottom of the gully, Evan could immediately see the problem. Some of the spacecraft’s frame lay across the chest of one of the two surviving aliens. There was dry blood from a wound where the wreckage still rested. The other alien lay at the wounded alien’s side. They were embraced; comforting each other more accurately.

The spacecraft materials were amazingly light. Evan easily lifted the large pile of twisted frame off the injured alien, pulled it free and found some material to compress the wound which had now started to bleed. Then he used some foil-type material to wrap around the alien to keep it warm.

Pulling the other alien away from the wreckage, he lay them both together. Finding more of the foil-like material, he covered the second alien and wrapped the first alien again to be sure.

‘Thank you Evan.’

How does it know my name? ‘You’re welcome. I should go get us some help,’ said Evan not understanding how he could possibly remain so calm and normal under the circumstances.

‘Help is already on the way. Lay down with us and rest. We may need your help again soon friend.’

Another huge wave of tiredness suddenly swept over him. Evan was asleep before he had time to even consider an alternative. He was safe, he knew that. He was with . . . yes, he was with friends.

The Roswell Alien Crash Site

Date:                           Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In-flight Time:           1 hour and 17 minutes into a journey of 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Location:                    In-flight Adelaide to Sydney Australia

‘Here we go gentlemen,’ said the smiling flight attendant. More scotches had arrived. They were going down rather well.

‘That first moment of communication was the single most terrifying experience of my entire life,’ continued Evan. ‘I knew it couldn’t be of this world, and I somehow understood I must face them . . . alone!’

Turbulence; the plane vibrated violently as if to emphasize the point.

‘So, you were really there,’ said Julius. ‘Not at the official crash site, but at a second crash site location further north?’

As Evan’s retelling of events unfolded, Julius found himself more and more accepting as to the validity of what he was being told. Earlier tensions were now forgotten. A genuine bond was forming here, and Julius encouraged it. Here was a man that was truly interesting. At the very least, the company was enjoyable, the conversation stimulating, the story highly entertaining.

‘I’m now certain I was at the main crash site,’ replied Evan. ‘Terry Sanchos later told me that he heard an explosion not far from the Sanchos homestead. It was the sound of that explosion that originally caused old man Sanchos to investigate in the direction he did. I believe that the crash debris that he found was only a small part of the tail of the spaceship.

‘The long, deep gouge in the earth that Terry Sanchos described to me couldn’t have possibly been caused by the small amount of very light crash debris that was collected at that site. I believe the alien spacecraft intended to land at the first site, but something went wrong. The spacecraft tail must have hit the ground hard and fast, ripping off some of the outer “skin”. The spacecraft then tried to regain control unsuccessfully. The main body of the craft eventually crashing to Earth at the site I found about two miles further to the northwest.

‘If there were ever any suspicions of additional wreckage or a second crash site at the time, the pattern of scatter of the debris and the direction of the gouge in the earth at the first crash site would’ve led any consequent search to the south.’

‘Why did it crash? Did the missile fired by the X-1 hit its target?’

‘The aliens were in hibernation until the spacecraft crashed. They were largely unaware of what’d gone wrong.’

‘What were they like?’

‘Small and fragile,’ replied Evan. ‘Seriously, they looked pretty much exactly like the alien images we typically see. Large heads, frail bodies, huge dark bug eyes, delicate four fingered hands, light grey skin and no hair that I could see. They didn’t open their mouths to breath or speak at all, and they’re about the size of a 10-year-old boy.

‘And they’re very, very old,’ Evan added as an afterthought. ‘I got the impression they were at least many thousands of years old, but age doesn’t concern them somehow.’

‘Were they wearing clothes?’

‘Uniforms I’d say, or space suits. But I’m not sure. Very thin thermal type wear of excellent quality. Probably fire-proof and all sorts of added protection I thought at the time.’

‘You said that one of them bled?’

‘A brown fluid much lighter in color and more . . . watery than our blood,’ replied Evan.

‘And they spoke to you?’

‘They communicated telepathically,’ said Evan. ‘Their communication is more than words or language. I felt what they felt. I empathized immediately. I knew their good will and kindness. I felt their concern for me and greater mankind. I felt their pain and distress. I even detected their fears.’

‘Did they tell you much?’

‘So much, so much,’ reflected Evan. ‘Telepathic communication allows the transfer of enormous amounts of information very quickly, comprehensively and with absolute clarity of meaning and purpose. Far better than language I promise you.’

The vibe between Julius and Evan was firmly into the territories of positive and enthusiastic now. Evan knows he’s being taken seriously and conversation flows easily. However, deep within Julius’s thoughts he can’t help but wonder how this “coincidence” came to be.

‘Ladies and gentlemen . . .’ Sydney was close.

From:             Melanie Stuart

To:                  Julius Ryan

Date:               Feb 22 2017 18:27

Subject:          I might have a stalker on my hands

Update on Evan Armstrong information:

  • Never married according to his social media profiles. No children. A brother with family (wife an 3 children) living in Australia, but I can’t find out where yet;
  • After leaving the military in 1964, he spent several months in a psychiatric hospital;
  • Officially resides at an affluent retirement home in Florida, although he is seldom seen there. Failing health, he’s had a heart attack some time ago
  • He’s wealthy, but I can’t say how wealthy. He made his money in the stock market with astute investments in computer and technology based start-up enterprises;
  • He drives dangerously, and he also flies dangerously. Several convictions, and spent a night locked up for abusing a judge in Roswell 1961; and
  • He’s been known in the past to volunteer for overseas duty with aid/welfare groups. Brief stint with the UN in Africa in 1993/4.

Basically, not much of interest apart from a turbulent period of his life in the ‘60’s. Is there anything specific you’re looking for?  No comment on resignation????


From:             Julius Ryan

To:                  Melanie Stuart

Date:               Feb 22 2017 18:33

Subject:          I might have a stalker on my hands

No. Stay tuned please.

From:             Julius Ryan

To:                  Melanie Stuart

Date:               Feb 22 2017 18:37

Subject:          Alternative UFO theories

Please see if you can find out if there have been any theories on UFOs as being viewing lenses/portals for other worlds to view us in “LIVE” time using/through the gravitational dimension as maybe a “dimensional fold” in the universe. Or anything like it.

From:             Melanie Stuart

To:                  Julius Ryan

Date:               Feb 22 2017 18:37

Subject:          Alternative UFO theories

Ha ha. Sounds real cool! I like it. Will do.

Your idea?

From:             Julius Ryan

To:                  Melanie Stuart

Date:               Feb 22 2017 18:38

Subject:          Alternative UFO theories

Ours. I think. Find out if I’m being played. FAST please. Thanks Mel.

‘Why have you decided to tell me your story now Evan?’ asked Julius. ‘Why me, and why now, after all these years?’

Concerned that this was a prearranged meeting, an edge of skepticism had returned to Julius’s tone.

Evan resented the use of the word “story”. He sat a moment in silence to gather his thoughts. It was an awkward moment for both. Eventually, having regained his composure, Evan broke the silence.

‘Julius, you’re recognized as someone who readily accepts new ideas,’ said Evan calmly. ‘Perhaps you should hear me out to the end and draw your conclusions then. It’s an amazing “story” that deserves to be heard.’

Julius considered this proposal. Does it matter if I believe what Evan is telling me?

‘Whether you believe me or not, I believe mankind will soon face an unprecedented challenge. At stake is our very survival. I was hoping you might offer me some new insights, and some hope,’ Evan said genuinely.

‘You misunderstand Evan,’ said Julius ‘I tend to believe everything you’ve told me so far. What I don’t believe is that this whole coincidence of us meeting like this is just that . . . a coincidence! Is it a coincidence Evan? Or am I at a very distinct disadvantage here?’

‘Ahh,’ said Evan feeling more at ease as he understood the tension between them. ‘Now I see the problem. Okay, I confess. I haven’t been entirely upfront with you. It’s no coincidence.’

Julius masked his concern.

‘I knew you’d be on this flight from the post you made on Facebook when you arrived at Broken Hill,’ said Evan. ‘You were bound to be flying Qantas, it’s your favorite airline in the world and you insist on flying with them at every opportunity.

‘Qantas don’t offer first class domestically, so for this leg of the journey I booked Business. You always insist on an aisle seat. I chose a window seat for that very reason. If I didn’t pick you up on the trip to Sydney, another opportunity awaited on the next leg of our journey to Honolulu. There was an excellent chance I’d be seated next to you at some point or even the opportunity to persuade someone to swap seats.’

‘You’re stalking me all over the world?’ asked Julius revealing his concern.

‘Sort of,’ replied Evan with a disarming smile. ‘I had genuine reason to be in Australia. I didn’t lie to you; this was a last chance visit with my brother and his family. They actually live in Australia.’

‘So, us being in Australia at the same time is, or is not, a coincidence?’

‘That part is a coincidence Julius, I promise you. I arrived in Australia long before I knew you were coming. However, I’ll admit that I did change my departure plans in order that I might hopefully run into you.’

That alleviated Julius’s fears to a certain extent.

‘My other concern Evan, is that I’m reasonably familiar with the events surrounding the Roswell incident. What you’ve told me doesn’t fit with the eyewitness reports, or any information available. I’m pretty certain that your name isn’t mentioned anywhere.’

‘That’s correct,’ said Evan. ‘Our experience at Roswell has been a well-kept secret up until now. A complete secret.’

‘You said “our” experience?’

‘There were eight of us that eventually attended the second crash site,’ replied Evan. ‘We swore an oath that alien existence would never be revealed.’

‘Who were the other seven? And why would you take such an oath?’

‘It’s complex Julius, and I’m getting ahead of myself,’ said Evan. ‘Would you like to hear the full story? It’s important that I roll out events as they occurred so that you understand what follows.’

‘Please continue. Of course,’ said Julius. ‘You have me absolutely spellbound.’

Evan sits up keen to continue.

‘I woke at dawn that morning. The aliens were sleeping.’

The seatbelt light came on.

‘Let’s continue this on the next leg of our journey,’ suggested Evan. ‘I’ve made the same seat allocation requests in first class on the Honolulu leg of our journey, so hopefully, we’ll stay together. If not, we can always ask someone if they mind moving.’

The next leg to Honolulu was without internet access. Julius needed a little time to catch up on things before they took off again. The two-hour stopover in Sydney would offer some much-needed time to attend to business.

What are UFOs really?

From:             Melanie Stuart

To:                  Julius Ryan

Date:               Feb 22 2017 19:35

Subject:          Alternative UFO theories

Can’t find anything like it anywhere. It’s absolutely original, brand new virgin theory as far as I can determine. Well done!

From:             Julius Ryan

To:                  Melanie Stuart

Date:               Feb 22 2017 19:35

Subject:          Alternative UFO theories

Thanks. Change of plans. Please cancel my schedule. Clear your calendar also if you can, we have a lot of alien research to do. Wish you were here to hear this and meet this guy. Amazing!!!

With still about 15 minutes left before landing, Julius began to consider the mountain of correspondence fighting for prominence. Starting with the meticulously planned and presented “Return to Business Brief”, he could see that Mel had been extremely productive in his absence.

Mel had managed to finalize several substantial negotiations. Julius had to admit he could never have done the job so well. Mel could negotiate hard. It was a discipline that Julius never mastered. During this period of autonomy for Mel, she’d identified his failings in various recent dealings, taken the reins and found highly favorable outcomes. Julius had known that Mel would take advantage of this time out of contact to tidy up a lot of his very loose ends. Judging by the brief he was now enjoying, one thing became apparent . . . Julius should stay out of contact more often.

Finding the earlier email from Mel, he opened the attached file marked “Resignation”. By the look on Julius’s face, Evan knew something terrible had happened.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Mel’s resigned!!!’ 

Date:               22 February 2017

Time:              1957 hours

Location:        Sydney Domestic Airport

Sydney Australia

What the hell’s going on???

Mel had always been there. Julius thought she loved her job. Nothing’s changed, has it? The idea of a future without Mel was hard for Julius to grasp. Walking through the domestic terminal with Evan at his side, Julius read and re-read the resignation looking for the slightest hint of the cause of this shock decision from his “right hand”.

‘Why wouldn’t Mel talk to me if she had concerns?’ Julius was genuinely dumbfounded. ‘She knows how indispensable she is, I’d give her anything she wanted; a pay rise, extra benefits.’

Evan didn’t respond. He realized Julius was venting, merely coming to grips with the upheaval in his life. Julius was visibly angry now. After nine years together is this what he deserves? No discussion, no negotiating, no warning?

Did I do something stupid? His emotional and physical reaction surprised him. Anger was turning to panic. He would talk to her and change her mind.

It’d been nine days. It was the longest time they’d spent out of communication with each other in nine years. Rushing back to Adelaide to make his flight, Julius had misplaced his phone in his luggage. He’d barely made his flight only to eventually find his phone in his computer case shortly after boarding. Normally, Mel would chastise his disorganization. He’d miss that. It was one of those familiar rituals that somehow give comfort.

Turning on his phone, it took several minutes to catch up on receiving messages and notifications before he could manage a call. He dialed Mel’s number but her phone was off. She’d be sleeping of course, it was 4am in the morning in Chicago.

Evan and Julius made their way over to the international terminal and spoke to the airline about sitting together. It wasn’t a problem. They sat at a bar and ordered some drinks. Scotch on the rocks of course. The conversation was lively and for Julius, fascinating. He was completely hooked on Evan’s story and he wanted to immerse himself deeper. He fantasized about revealing the truth about UFOs, aliens, life on other worlds and alien contact with Earth. The encounter with Evan was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he believed might potentially give him the success he craved, in the subject of his passion . . . aliens. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Breaking into your thoughts – A message from the author

Theory – UFOs exposed

Aliens wouldn’t travel billions, millions or even thousands of years to visit our Earth, only to stay for a very short period of time. However, I’m sure that they’d be curious about life here, our evolutionary progress and our advancing technological capacity.

Given the right celestial circumstances, advanced alien species are able to observe us from afar simply by “folding” a dimension. Instead of information taking an incredibly long time to reach them, they’d watch the action like a “live” broadcast.

e.g. Two worlds that have a two dimensional existence discover each other. They’re light years apart, so their communications take years to travel between them.

We who master a three dimensional existence see the two worlds communicating and decide to help them out a bit. Without seemingly altering their universe at all, we fold their two dimensional reality so that Point “A” and Point “B” are now immediately on top of each other. Now their communications are instantaneous as the three dimensional distance between the two points is now minimal whilst their two dimensional separation remains constant.

The two dimensional worlds think it’s a miracle that somehow, their communications are now able to transfer faster than the speed of light. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light though. Their communications merely travel via the third dimension.

Advanced alien species observe us from afar. Just as we folded their two dimensional universe so that distant worlds could communicate instantly, they either “fold” a dimension OR they may use the gravitational dimension, which is perpendicular to other dimensions, to view us “live”.

What I haven’t told you up until this point is that “Evan” knew that the UFOs being seen all over the world in recent times were not alien spacecraft. He didn’t know what they were, only that they weren’t spacecraft. He knows this because of what he was told at the alien encounter. He therefore has an entirely unique perspective.

By adopting “Evan’s” perspective, Julius was finally able to break the shackles of his “blinkered” mindset and solve the UFO mystery. The UFOs that we witness are viewing lenses, or tools of observation, as other species observe us from afar. Further confirmation of this theory and understanding of the behavior of UFOs is about to be revealed. Enjoy.