Can you decipher the mysterious relationship between Dark Energy and Gravity?

Here are clues provided by the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell.

If you have a brilliant mind and are adept in the fields of Astrophysics, Astronomy, Bigbangonomy, etc, I need your help, please.

The aliens encountered at Roswell communicated “telepathically”.

Telepathic communication
Aliens communicate using telepathy

Telepathic communication is a very efficient and comprehensive communication. You actually “hear” a conversation in words of your own language. More than just “hearing” a conversation, telepathy involves communication at multiple levels. The senses such as sight, touch and smell are engaged, as are feelings such as empathy, frustration, and fear. A rich mosaic of additional understanding and imagery.

The final surviving alien at the Roswell crash site (two survived but one died before final rescue) imparted enormous amounts of information in a very short time (for reasons I won’t elaborate on here, you will have to read the book). That was 70 years ago.

My encounter with the last surviving witness to the Roswell incident was early 2017 . . . 69 years after the event. “Evan” (not his real name) was then 86 years old. His recollection was excellent, but, with the passage of so much time, we must assume some inaccuracies. “Evan” could not possibly relate the telepathic imagery at the time to meaningful science. However, I believe much of the communicated imagery has significance with our current level of scientific understanding.


Before I elaborate on the problem I’m trying to get to the heart of, a little bit of background for those less comfortable with the topic:

Dark energy’s discovery in the 1990s was completely unexpected by scientists. Previously, physicists had assumed that gravity would eventually slow down the expansion of the universe. Two independent teams tried to measure the rate of deceleration and found that the expansion was actually speeding up. One scientist described the finding as if throwing a set of keys up in the air expecting them to fall back down, only to see them fly straight up toward the ceiling.

Scientists now propose that the accelerating expansion of the universe is driven by some sort of repulsive force generated by quantum fluctuations. What’s more, the force seems to be growing stronger as the universe expands. For lack of a better name, scientists call this mysterious force Dark Energy.

Dark energy universe


Okay, we have a universe that is constantly expanding at an ever-increasing rate.  The bigger the universe, the MORE Dark Energy. This observation, however, is at complete odds with the telepathically communicated imagery from the surviving alien.

Now, remember, we are talking about the recollection of imagery from a man who is 86 years old, and 69 years have passed. I’m NOT entirely confident that the information I provide from this point can be relied upon.

School of Neon Fusiliers

This information is my best “interpretation” of the alien communication described to me by the last surviving witness to the actual encounter with aliens at the Roswell crash site:

  • Dark Energy appeared at the instant of the Big Bang;
  • It has a relationship that is opposed to gravity, but NOT inverse;
  • The strength/effect of Dark Energy is also related to the density of matter;
  • It is a variable, constantly altering/interacting with Gravity dimensionally;
  • As mass is spread further afield, the relationship with Gravity alters;
  • There is a tipping point where (lower? Or a certain?) density causes a shift in the balance between Gravity and Dark Energy;
  • Gravity returns very rapidly, not as a black hole, but something much more powerful as the process of the Big Bang reverses;
  • Gravity WILL return to the original strength it had at a time of (or before) the Big Bang;
  • Resonate energies from previous universes are detectable outside our known/visible universe;
  • These energies are “reflected” from a dense/matter/mass “shield” or “cocoon” that exists outside our visible universe;
  • The reflected resonate energies have originated from the precise position of our Big Bang, but are much older than our universe; and
  • The Big Bang process is repetitive, but the scientific parameters are different each time.

As you can see, these “interpretations” are contrary to more recent discoveries.

So, for the “Sheldons” of the real world, I ask these questions . . .

  1. Is there any evidence within our current scientific understanding that supports the theory that the universe will not expand indefinitely?
  2. Could I be misinterpreting something?
  3. Can you add to this in some way?

On one thing I am absolutely certain . . . the aliens communicated with absolute clarity that the universe WILL collapse back to its origin.  Whatever theories you propose, we cannot shift from this core premise. It is at the heart of so much detail that was revealed I am confident that on this point at least, I am correct.

Seriously, trying to get my head around this concept is holding up the publication of the book. Every other part of the alien communication I believe I have adequately “interpreted” to have validity beyond question. This particular “gap” can just be left out there as a theory, but I would love to bring it home with some tangible evidence or credible theory. I would like to hear from anyone who can contribute actual scientifically valid research and theory.


Thank you,

Michael Muxworthy

Author of the Caesar Rising series.

First novel – Roswell’s Final Witness will be released in 2018.

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Many UFO sightings are alien, but they are NOT alien spacecraft.

Early days on this research, but statistical evidence of the study of UFO data in the remote southern Austrailian regions links highly credible UFO “sightings” (exclusive to military and commercial airline pilots only) reveal a correlation with certain astrological conditions.

At first, I came to the conclusion that the data indicated that the phenomenon was likely some sort of “St. Elmo’s Fire”. Some natural occurring event but not yet understood.

My encounter with Roswell’s Final Witness changed my understanding completely. It’s obvious what these ufo sightings are!!!!

For the launch of the book, I’m hoping to tie in with a PREDICTED UFO APPEARANCE.

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Proof of God!

Nature is imperfect by design?
Will science reveal that nature is imperfect . . . by design!

According to Roswell’s Final Witness, the fact that perfectly replicated experiments occasionally deliver an unexpected result is proof that there is a design component in our universe! Outcomes are NOT predetermined.

Alien technology is so advanced, so powerful, that they can recreate events/experiments down to a quantum level of perfect predictability . . . except for one thing. There is NO SUCH THING as perfection!

Not random, but design!

How close are we to this level of understanding?


Lateral thinking
I was approached by Roswell’s Final Witness because of my lateral thinking skills.

Lateral Thinking is used extensively throughout Roswell’s Final Witness. If you have ever wanted to understand the lateral thinking process, the Caesar Rising series builds a relationship with the reader that educates the reader and immerses them in the Lateral Thinking derived creativity that reveals so much.

Some of the amazing discoveries we make using lateral thinking in Roswell’s Final witness include:

  • Alien intervention on Earth;
  • A second Roswell crash site;
  • UFO’s are revealed;
  • President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of lies told about the Roswell crash;
  • Majestic 12 are involved in Kennedy’s death;
  • Skunkworks, part of the Lockheed Corporation, is at the heart of many of the revelations.

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Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
Roswell witness reveals alien encounter

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