The third novel of the Caesar Rising opening trilogy.

The human species is unique in the Galaxy; unique and very much alone in their titanic struggle for survival.

The galactic community of 14 advanced alien survivors of Armageddon is peaceful no longer; they have attempted to destroy mankind; destroy the perverted evolutionary mishap that is mankind, and they have failed. In fact, they have suffered a humiliating defeat. The aliens that live in a “time-slowed’ existence are completely vulnerable to mankind’s “real-time” aggression.

Trillions of normally peaceful aliens have fallen to the ruthless campaign of slaughter inflicted on them by mankind, a violent species fuelled by anger at the destruction of their world by the alien hands. The aliens want peace, but is peace possible with such a vengeful species as man?

Julius “Caesar” Ryan leads the survivors from Earth as the time of Armageddon arrives. The catalyst technology is known, but the singular uncontested rule of a powerful and sometimes necessarily brutal leader restricts human access to the technology until a survivable evolutionary path can be found. Only “Caesar” himself can be trusted with the ultimate application of this powerful and eternal life-giving technology.

Who is Julius “Caesar” Ryan? Can he save the remnants of mankind? Can there be peace?

Two alternative evolutionary paths.

One Galaxy.

Follow the twisted evolutionary journey of mankind to the point of
Armageddon . . . and beyond.

“Contest for the Galaxy” is the third and final novel of the opening trilogy of Caesar’s Rising. It follows the journey of man up to the point of Armageddon. Still a way off yet, but there will be a post-Armageddon series of Caesar Rising definitely. Outlines for the first novel can be found on this website soon.

The Caesar Rising series of novels use lateral thinking to derive meaning from the alien encounter at Roswell in 1947. Click here to learn more about the role of lateral thinking in unveiling the truth about our apocalyptic future.

Lateral thinking Edward de Bono
I was approached by Roswell’s Final Witness because of my lateral thinking skills.