Roswell’s Final Witness

The first novel of the Caesar Rising opening trilogy.

The truth about the alien encounter at Roswell as told by the final surviving witness.


"We should never have trusted the aliens"

This is fiction . . .

The essence of Roswell events, as they were told to me, and also how they impacted upon me, have been recreated with artistic license in order to deliver insight into lateral thinking derived breakthrough scientific theory and also radical new appreciation of religious prophecy.

Page 6                Introduction                The first 24 hours

Part One –

Page 26              Chapter One                A fateful encounter

Page 33              Chapter Two               Unraveling the UFO mystery

Page 47              Chapter Three             First contact

Part Two –

Page 64              Chapter Four               An alien strategy

Page 81              Chapter Five               A unique and difficult challenge

Page 90              Chapter Six                 The sworn oath of secrecy

Page 111            Chapter Seven            We should never have trusted the aliens

Page 130            Chapter Eight              The cover-up

Part Three –

Page 145             Chapter Nine               An ephiphonomic moment

Page 156             Chapter Ten                Our twisted counter-intervention evolution

Page 165             Chapter Eleven           Armageddon is soon upon us

Page 174             Chapter Twelve          The eternal Utopian cloud

Page 179             Chapter Thirteen        An added dimension

Page 190              Chapter Fourteen       A valued partnership

Part Four –

Page 222              Chapter Fifteen           Majestic Twelve lure

Page 236              Chapter Sixteen          Powerful friend or deceptive enemy

Page 251              Chapter Seventeen      Laissez-Faire, not another name for chaos

Page 270              Chapter Eighteen        A unique and human solution

Page 290               Epilogue                      Caesar rising

As the story unfolds, as you immerse yourself deeper and deeper, be warned . . . 


. . . You will believe.

Deeper levels of understanding from the author interwoven throughout these pages have been created to help the reader to consolidate the substantial revelations, extrapolate the scientific, religious and philosophical implications, and understand the unique reasoning processes.

Lateral thinking –

Page 24              Unlearn your “blinkered” thought process

Page 63              Logical solutions aren’t always obvious at first

Page 143            Using random starting points as a tool

Page 221            The jig-saw. If the pieces fit perfectly then . . .

Page 291             Backwards planning to uncover our dangerous future

. . . the key to ultimate understanding

Theories –

Page 61               UFO’s exposed

Page 141             Religion to counter the alien influence

Page 142             Dark (limited) energy – the return of gravity

Page 216             Nature is imperfect “by design”

. . . unprecedented scientific and religious synergy

Conspiracies –

Page 23               Five unexplained events of July 3, 1947

Page 140             A second Roswell crash site

Page 217             Timeline of secret alien events and intervention

Page 286             JFK’s assassination – the smoking gun

Page 300             Who’s trying to stop me? And why?

. . . truth really is stranger than fiction

This is fiction – You will believe

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible”

Let the journey begin

Caesar Rising
The Caesar Rising series of books