My response to those of you who believe the information contained within the Caesar Rising series of novels should remain buried (at least for now).

– Michael Muxworthy

My encounter with the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell has drawn me into a previously never imagined DARK WORLD of deception and subterfuge. It is not a world I choose to live in, but a world I must now survive in.

The last surviving Roswell witness to the alien encounter approached me shortly before his death. “Evan,” told me a story. He told me about his experiences in Roswell, 1947. It was the first time he had EVER told anyone in almost 70 years. To tell the truth, I didn’t believe him . . . at first.

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

Words that haunt me, actually spoken by ‘Evan” only days before his death. I was hooked . . . inescapably caught up in the web of intrigue and deception that stemmed from a belief that knowledge of alien existence potentially threatens our chances of survival of an apocalyptic event. The Armageddon event is an inevitable step in the evolutionary journey experienced by all advanced “self-aware” species on the threshold of the “Spiritual Age”.

“We swore an oath to never reveal alien existence”

The Roswell aliens convinced witnesses to the encounter that knowledge of alien existence would impede upon our chances of survival of this prophesized Armageddon event. It is a trial that we must face alone, that we must make choices necessary for the survival of our species. Some of the choices won’t be easy.

The only known solution to the Armageddon event has been left on Earth for us to find. How we implement the solution, or whether we implement it at all, is a choice that mankind must decide for themselves. The galactic community of advanced alien beings are peaceful and wait in sincere hope that we survive this trial and join with them in the exploration of the galaxy and their journey of incredible discovery that is . . . the Spiritual Age.

So why did “Evan” break his oath and talk to me?

For those who don’t know me, I’m a bit of a lateral thinking sleuth. I love to apply the disciplines of lateral thinking to business, life, economics, politics and the imagination. My friends sometimes describe me as “twisted”. Anyway, “Evan”, by pure chance, heard me speak at some marketing seminar and he made it his mission to meet me.

Life can throw you a lot of “curve balls”, and in “Evan’s” case it sure did. For fifty years, “Evan” has lived alone with the secret of the alien encounter at Roswell. The telepathically communicated imagery given at the encounter was a disruptive influence in “Evan’s” life that saw his marriage fail, his career destroyed, his family distanced, and his faith questioned. He began to have serious doubts about the alien strategy that had been revealed to him.

The secret mustn’t die with him.

“Evan” made a decision to break the oath sworn in 1947 for the sake of mankind. He asked me to apply my lateral thinking skills to the encounter. I did.

Roswell’s Final Witness captures the essence of the journey shared between myself and “Evan”. It tells the truth about an actual encounter with aliens. It follows the life of “Evan” as he struggles with the knowledge and attempts to unravel its meaning. It struggles with the concept of faith; revealing a synergy with science that has completely shaken the foundations of my own atheistic beliefs. It reveals the unintended consequences of alien contact, and how that contact eventually led to the assassination of a much-loved President of the United States. It reveals the Armageddon event, and also the alien proposed solution.

Isn’t revealing alien existence a threat to our survival?

That is exactly the question I posed to “Evan” on his death-bed. His answer rattled me completely . . .

“It can’t be the truth, Michael. If it was, I would be destroying mankind’s hopes of surviving the Armageddon event. I would NEVER do that”. After the incredible journey of discovery we had endured together, “Evan” decided, in the end, to leave me with doubt.

The trouble I have with “Evan’s” reply is that if the alien encounter was real, and if “Evan” actually believed that revealing knowledge of alien existence jeopardizes our chances of surviving the Armageddon Event . . . HE HAD TO SAY THAT!

You decide. If the pieces all fit perfectly, and they paint a clear and logical picture . . .

This is fiction – you will believe.Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter

I fear for my safety.

I have been threatened, and an earlier version of my first book canceled. (My “then” literary agent so terrified by the intimidation, he flew from the U.S. to Australia to sign me up but left without ever explaining why.)

My strategy this time is to substantially sow the seeds of my revelations here on this website and start the analysis of my findings even before the book is published.

The following conspiracies are original. And frightening!

Sot down alien UFO spacecraft
Deployed to intercept UFO incursion.
  1. Previously unrelated events of July 3rd, 1947. History records these events as unrelated, and as a series of errors, misunderstandings and mistaken observations from a paranoid military struggling with new technology. Or are they actually connected with a single explanation? An alien Roswell explanation?
  2. A second crash site at Roswell never revealed previously. There was a lot of hype and military activity around the “official” Roswell crash site. However, just a short distance away, a 17-year-old Air Force cadet accidentally stumbled across the main Roswell crash site. It was a secret he nearly kept to his death;
  3. Past alien contact with Earth. Two alien species have made the journey to Earth. Their influence over our destiny has only just become realized;
  4. President J.F.Kennedy was murdered! And I will tell you why, and how they believed that they had no choice!!
  5. Who are the people that are trying to stop the release of Roswell’s Final Witness? And Why? On this page, I describe an incredible attempt to intimidate me that took place on the beautiful Queensland Australia Gold Coast. It seriously keeps me awake at nights; and
  6. Majestic 12. They existed once upon a time, I have the evidence. But do Majestic Twelve exist today? Or have Mj 12 evolved into something else? Seriously, I don’t know, but I really want to. If you want to know more about the mysterious Majestic Twelve, or, you have knowledge of recent activity/existence, click the link or drop-down menu.

If you think you’ve heard it all before, if you believe you know the ultimate conspiracies, then you’re in for a shock. The conspiracies listed above are not only revealed in Roswell’s Final Witness . . . you will believe!

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N.B. Lateral thinking plays an important role in the discoveries made in Roswell’s Final Witness. More than just using Lateral thinking as a tool, the Caesar Rising series of novels educate the reader into the disciplines and techniques used by lateral thinkers. Please take a look at the Lateral Thinking section of this website. Click here for Lateral Thinking.

"We should never have trusted the aliens"
Roswell, aliens, John F. Kennedy intrigue, UFO’s, Majestic 12, Lateral Thinking and more!


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Michael Muxworthy -Author of Roswell’s Final Witness

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
Roswell Witness

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