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I don’t, not really.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve traveled through life building some clear, intelligent viewpoints that you can substantiate and articulate well. You have a lifetime of gathered experiences and supporting evidence to back them up. The older I get, the LESS flexible my thinking. (I must be getting very, very old I think)

Blinkered thinking is an inevitable outcome of life’s longevity. 

Lateral thinking is the deliberate breaking of the shackles that restrict the creativity of our thinking.

Lateral thinking, creative thinking, and creative management skills that have taken me nearly 30 years to perfect are yours for free.

Lateral thinking skills Free lateral thinking training

Skills for teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, students, and everybody with a desire to achieve the most out of life through the application of these simple, but…

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Evolution is “God’s plan” – We will conquer alien worlds!

Alien War

Survival of the strongest is nature's way Advanced alien species peacefully explore our Milky Way Galaxy and do not interfere with the evolutionary path of advancing lifeforms. Things are sure gonna be different when mankind is let loose on the Galaxy! The aliens have good reason to fear us . . . they know they've created … Continue reading Evolution is “God’s plan” – We will conquer alien worlds!

Roswell’s final witness

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter

The Caesar Rising series of books reveals, in responsible and manageable stages, astonishing detail of past alien contact with Earth and their influence over our destiny. Artistic license in the retelling of events creates a vehicle to deliver insight into lateral thinking derived breakthrough scientific theory and also radical new interpretation of religious prophecy. To … Continue reading Roswell’s final witness