The Caesar Rising series of novels by Michael Muxworthy

Lateral Thinking Investigations . . . of the Third Kind.

“Give your soul to the alien cloud and be with God . . . or come with me!”

Mankind is on the threshold of a new age . . . The Spiritual Age. But first, we must survive the evolutionary trial of Armageddon.

The Caesar Rising series of novels reveal a terrifying future; one that we must prepare for. Armageddon is soon upon us. It is close, very close. And we are not expected to survive.

The Roswell alien predicts our destrucrtion
Alien prophesized Armageddon – Roswell

Aliens took something from us . . . something priceless. Our future!

We have been cheated of our rightful evolutionary heritage because of the actions of an alien race that used this planet, and us, for their own ends for nearly 600,000 years. Now they have gone and left us to fend for ourselves. They believe the extent of interference of our normal path of evolution to be so great, that NOTHING can put us back on track. Nothing will save us. Just before the wonders of the Spiritual Age are revealed we will be destroyed by the Armageddon event. The Earth and all its biological diversity will be lost forever. Mankind will be extinct.

The first novel of the Caesar Rising series, Roswell’s Final Witness, reveals:

  • The alien encounter at Roswell in 1947;
  • 600,000 years of alien intervention;
  • Our future evolutionary trial . . . Armageddon;
  • The truth about the assassination of President Kennedy;
  • Lateral thinking derives answers to the greatest mysteries of all time;
  • Hope.

War with aliens

Caesar Rising looks beyond the Armageddon event.

Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual technological evolutionary process of all intelligent self-aware species that reach the threshold of the spiritual age.

We’ll soon embrace a new technology that allows us to rapidly reach the epitome of equality, technological achievement, living standards and quality of life. Miniature biological quantum supercomputers will almost certainly be the catalyst, promising a “Utopian” existence. They are on the verge of reality (less than 20 years away, possibly much, much less), will cost next to nothing, operate within us, allow us to “connect” through the cloud like never before, and offer computational power trillions of times more powerful than anything existing today.

Aliens have left a solution to Armageddon here on Earth. The Caesar Rising novels reveals Armageddon’s alien solution . . . It is a solution we should reject.

The first novel of the Caesar Rising series, Roswell’s Final Witness, is nearly complete.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
First novel of the Caesar Rising series

Caesar Rising’s 2nd Novel – Alien War!

All advanced alien species fear us. Now they MUST destroy us.

Mankind has deviated from the normal path of evolution; a path the aliens initially believed was not survivable. But as Armageddon approaches, the aliens conclude we will survive the prophesized apocalyptic event in our own unique and human way. Earth must be destroyed before we discover the catalyst that brings forth the evolutionary leap to the Spiritual Age. The second book in the Caesar Rising series is in “first draft” mode and expected to be ready for release in 2019.

Caesar Rising’s 3rd Novel – Contest for the Galaxy

Two opposing strategies for surviving the Armageddon event. Mankind must struggle against all advanced alien species that exist within the “cloud”. Julius “Caesar” Ryan now leads the free human race against the assimilated advanced aliens. But just who is “Caesar”, and should we trust him? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the opening trilogy of the Caesar Rising series of novels.

The third book in the Caesar Rising series is in “early formation” mode and expected to be released late 2019.

The Caesar Rising series continues . . .

The opening trilogy of Caesar Rising is only the beginning.

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