Unprecedented scientific and religious synergy

After a lifetime of being a confirmed atheist, you can’t imagine my confusion to discover unprecedented scientific and religious synergy stemming from the inescapable conclusions derived from alien contact at Roswell.

Choose science OR religion
Are science and religion totally incompatible?

The alien encounter at Roswell was unintentional. They have a “policy” of non-intervention with all intelligent “self-aware” species until after they cross the threshold into the Spiritual Age. This was told to me by “Evan”, who claimed to be the last surviving witness to the Roswell alien encounter.

Right of wrong. Science OR religion?
Some believe that both science and religion have some things right, and some things wrong.

It’s not necessary to debate the validity of “Evan’s” claims here and now. In fact, whether you believe them or not, it doesn’t matter. I’m still not sure what I believe myself. “Evan’s” description of what happened at the alien encounter was my RANDOM STARTING POINT. The beginning of a journey of discovery and revelations in science, religion, and philosophy. I invite you to witness this incredible journey, critique my findings, and contribute to the process of further discovery. To find the truth.

Science and religion agree
Can science and religion agree? If they both seek the truth, they must agree in the end.

What does evolution have in store for us?

Alien communications to those who attended the Roswell crash site encounter reveal that we are on the threshold of a substantial evolutionary leap. Darwinism is essentially correct, with all life evolving whenever it manages to get a foothold in the galaxy. The various stages of evolution encountered by mankind are exactly the same as other self-aware species throughout the galaxy. Just as man discovered the use of tools and fire, evolved to create marvels of technology, so too do other species on other worlds.

Alien evolutionary intervention
Has our evolution been genetically enhanced?

Apparently, we currently reside in the “Physical Age”. Our leap will be to the “Spiritual Age” as we become the masters of science and technology almost overnight. It is a time of unparalleled prosperity and hope. It is a false hope . . . this is the time of Armageddon.

Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual technological evolutionary process of all intelligent self-aware species that reach the threshold of the Spiritual Age.

We soon face an evolutionary trial.

The telepathically communicated imagery described to me by the witness to the Roswell alien encounter is simply astonishing. Too much to explain here I’m sorry to say. You’ll have to read the book. But! The short of it is that sufficient information was communicated that it convinced those attending the crash site that knowledge of alien existence must not be allowed to become widespread. A communication that reveals insight into an apocalyptic future, one where both science AND religion find common ground.

Armageddon is revealed by science and religionb
Armageddon is part of the evolutionary process – by design!

Not until we survive the trial of the Armageddon event will the peaceful advanced alien species contact us and assist us on our incredible journey into the Spiritual Age. It is a trial we must face alone. We cannot avoid this evolutionary hurdle, and to know of alien existence is to hope that we can avoid the trial with their help. They have tried to help other worlds with catastrophic outcomes. They will not put our species at risk. They have left a solution, one that works, but it is us who must implement the solution. We must struggle together as a single and united race.

I have done my utmost in trying to correctly “interpret” the imagery projected to the Roswell witnesses. The topics below give an indication of just some of the theory covered.

I seek clarification/insight/debate on the topics below before the final release of Roswell’s Final Witness. I encourage your contact on:

If you can demonstrate expertise/insight in these topics/fields, I invite your perusal of the dialogue and evidence provided to me so that you might critique my Lateral Thinking derived interpretations. I will send you a “Confidentiality Agreement” to sign and then make the communications/dialogue available to you.

michaelmuxworthy001@outlook .com

Please don’t be shy, I invite serious critique to my “interpretations”.

In particular, I want to speak to anyone involved in the study of Dark Energy or the concept that Gravity is a dimension and the relationship between the two. The alien projections described to me make no sense. They are in complete conflict of scientific principals I have faith in. I’m missing something and I need your assistance in understanding highly complex imagery that is possibly muddled over the course of the past 70 years.

If you love groundbreaking philosophy, science, and religious interpretation, please “like” my page and stay in touch!

"We should never have trusted the aliens"
The encounter with aliens at Roswell finally revealed.

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