Caesar Rising

“Failure is not an option.”

This quote is often attributed to NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz during the Apollo 13 rescue mission in April 1970, but he never actually said it.

Breaking into your thoughts – A message from the author

 This is the final of five lateral thinking “progressions” designed to unlock your thought processes.

 Lateral thinking


the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach,

typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.

Backwards planning to uncover our dangerous future:

From the new and unique viewpoint we’ve gleaned from “Evan’s” encounter with aliens at Roswell and the limited information they provided, we can expose the alien solution and deduce considerable detail about the prophesized Armageddon event.

What is Armageddon?

Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual technological evolutionary process of all intelligent self-aware species that reach the threshold of the spiritual age.

We’ll soon embrace a new technology that allows us to rapidly reach the epitome of equality, technological achievement, living standards and quality of life. Miniature biological quantum supercomputers will almost certainly be the catalyst, promising a “Utopian” existence. They are on the verge of reality (less than 20 years away, possibly much, much less), will cost next to nothing, operate within us, allow us to “connect” through the cloud like never before, and offer computational power trillions of times more powerful than anything existing today.

Two things happen simultaneously:

  1. The demise of government as the world embraces peace, true equality and prosperity for all. Government becomes obsolete as the perfect exchange of information gives ultimate power to a free market economy; and
  2. Every (connected) individual on Earth will discover the power/knowledge to destroy the entire Earth (possibly in many different ways).

What causes Armageddon?

There’s a transitional period of chaos as our society adapts from one of inefficient and inequitable government regulation and control, to a far more efficient and equitable laissez-faire (or free market) economy. The truly free market (only made possible by quantum supercomputer technology) will eventually, and always, provide superior solutions to anything that government can provide to every possible question or need. It can respond extremely quickly, but apparently, not quickly enough during the period of transition. The truly free market cannot function properly with the co-existence of any type of nonmarket-driven artificial influence at all. During the transitional period of chaos as society adapts, there’ll likely be severe injustice, lawlessness and widespread hardship.

I strongly suspect that it will be the resistance of governments to relinquish power, particularly evil fascist totalitarian regimes like North Korea, Iran and Syria, that will unnecessarily prolong the risky period of chaos that will exist in the majority of the world. It might also be the well-meaning welfare mentality of good governments, (communist, socialist and democratic) reluctant to abandon the needs of their people, especially the disadvantaged and poor, without any other tangible support being offered. Their “protective” concerns might inadvertently stretch out the period of transitional chaos.

The two completely opposed economic systems, government and laissez-faire, cannot co-exist. Government, even with all its military persuasiveness, cannot hope to contain freedom, economic prosperity and the more efficient and equitable distribution of resources. Eventually, it must succumb to the insurmountable power of the free market that will be unleashed with the advent of freely available ultimate market information made possible by personal biological quantum supercomputers.

During the period of chaotic transition, without the safeguards from government OR a fully functioning laissez-faire economy, there’s no accountability over the actions of the individual. Every free “connected” individual has the knowledge, and the power, to destroy the entire world. It only takes one person to decide to do so. Somewhere, someone will “push the button” for any number of reasons that seem valid during this chaotic, dangerous and inequitable transitional period.

How do we prevent Armageddon?

I don’t believe we can, but I really, really hope to be proven wrong on this point.

Even the advent of a completely brutal and oppressive totalitarian world government cannot hope to contain the freedom of the individual equipped with the power of quantum supercomputers. As long as even one single supercomputer equipped/enhanced person on Earth remains free of the constraints of BOTH government and a fully functioning laissez-faire market economy, the world is in impossible danger.

If there was any chance at all that we could avoid the Armageddon event, I believe a well-meaning alien race would’ve presented it to us. They haven’t. Instead, they’ve assumed the worst, and they’ve made preparations for our post-apocalyptic survival. Definitely not encouraging.

How do we survive Armageddon?

The alien-proposed solution to surviving (as a species) the Armageddon event has been left on Earth for us to find at precisely the time that we need it. As an individual who cherishes his individuality, privacy and relative freedom, I may not want to personally participate in this alien solution that can only succeed with substantial, if not total, assimilation. Assimilation involving intrusive monitoring of thoughts and actions; of our personal existence becoming an open book for all to observe and critique.

Whilst I personally choose to reject recruitment to any assimilated society, I am prepared to admit that the aliens may be right, and it may be the only option we have for the perpetuity of our species whilst in possession of the incredible power and knowledge that comes with individually grown personal biological quantum supercomputers.

What can we do?

If we are to accept what we have been told by the aliens . . . nothing! I’d like to offer an alternative point of view for consideration though . . .

We’re accelerating towards the Armageddon event with unprecedented haste. The aliens’ underprepared excursion to Earth in 1947 is evidence of just how incredibly fast. The aliens have confessed to us that the reasons for this are:

  1. Intervention/interaction in our early development; and
  2. Being genetically enhanced/advanced.

The aliens consider our situation to be “disadvantaged” when compared to that of a world facing the Armageddon event without prior alien intervention. Their assimilated thinking is “blinkered” as they’ve tried to restore our potential to survive only by their alien solution. It’s the only solution currently on the table . . . but does it have to be?

If we really are genetically enhanced, if we really are advanced possibly millions of years ahead of where we should be, I believe we have a unique perspective, and a unique opportunity, to reject the alien assimilation solution to Armageddon outright and create our own unique “human” solution . . . one that avoids the need for assimilation . . . one that preserves the unique human spirit.

So, what can we do? We can value the unique makeup of the individual. We can cherish our relative freedom and privacy. We can reject the alien solution. We should consider our history of alien intervention as an advantage, not a disadvantage. We can insist that what it is that makes being human special not be compromised in our future, and from that premise only, we devise a unique solution of our own making. You can start by believing in us.

Funeral for the fonal witness to Roswell

Date:               Friday, March 03, 2017

Time:              1508 hours

 Location:        Oahu Cemetery & Crematory

                        Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

 In the end, Evan must have regained his faith. His life had actually been an incredible journey. Julius and Mel both, felt privileged to have been witness to even a small part of that journey.

By his own efforts, Evan had arranged for a Catholic Priest to offer a few well-chosen words over his coffin before the cremation. It was an open coffin, Evan finally looked at peace thought Julius.

There was nobody else about today. Julius, Mel and the priest were the only people to be seen in the quaint and historic chapel and surrounding gardens. It was testimony to the disruptive influence that the alien encounter had played in Evan’s life that in death, as in life, Evan was very much alone. Solemn piped music played as the coffin slowly disappeared through satin curtains on its way to the furnace. As Mel and Julius stood up to leave, the priest made his way over to speak with them.

‘Would you be Mr. Julius Ryan by any chance?’

Julius couldn’t contain his surprise.

‘How do you know my name?’

‘When I heard Evan’s final confession at the hospital, he asked me to say some words here today. He told me that he had no family here, and also, that he didn’t really know anybody in Hawaii. Honestly, he hadn’t really expected anyone to turn up at all.

‘Just before he died, Evan asked me for a pen and paper. The task of writing was beyond him though, so I wrote this request down for him as best as I was able. Evan told me that he met a remarkable man on his flight from Australia. While he had no right to expect that you would show today, he hoped that you might.’

The priest handed Julius a sealed envelope.

‘He asked me to give you this.’

‘What could this be?’ Julius commented to himself.

‘Evan has generously bequeathed his entire estate to the building of a new hospital in Rwanda, Africa. You’ll find that the note inside has something to do with it somehow. It was very difficult for Evan to communicate in the end so I’m afraid that the significance of what Evan has requested isn’t apparent to me. I hope that it holds meaning for you though,’ said the priest stepping back.

Mel walked over to the chapel entrance to put some money into the contributions slot, and also to allow Julius some privacy. Julius opened the envelope and started to read.

‘I understand,’ said Julius turning towards the priest. ‘Thank you very much. I’ll be glad to honor his wishes.’

‘I’m very sorry for your loss. Is there anything at all I can do to help you through this sad occasion?’ asked the priest earnestly.

‘We’re okay,’ said Julius looking around for Mel. ‘But thank you again. I enjoyed the words you offered, they were very appropriate for the occasion.’

Julius walked out of the chapel’s front entrance to find Mel who was now admiring the garden obviously lost in thought.

‘Evan’s ashes will be available in about 45 minutes,’ said the priest just before they were out of hearing range.

‘Well, what does it say?’ Mel asked.

‘Evan has asked that I somehow arrange to have his ashes scattered behind the Catholic Church in Shiyira, Rwanda,’ said Julius. ‘There, I’ll find a garden with seven plain white crosses of various sizes. The crosses have no names or markings on them at all. He’s asked that the garden and crosses receive a little TLC and that his ashes be scattered over the garden amongst those crosses.’

‘You’re kidding!’

‘No, that’s what it says,’ said Julius showing Mel the note. It was signed “Your eternal friend, Evan”.

Mel looked at the note a little perplexed.

‘The only time in his adult life he ever felt like he belonged somewhere was in a desperately poor village called Shiyira,’ said Julius.

‘That’s a story you never told me,’ said Mel. ‘Why?’

‘It was the moment that Evan lost his faith. All you needed to know was that he had, not the circumstances of how. At least that’s what I thought at the time,’ said Julius. ‘I can re-tell the story sometime if you like.’

‘So, you’ll put them in the mail to the local Catholic Priest with instructions and a donation then?’ suggested Mel.

Julius thought about it for a while.

‘No, I think I’m gonna go there sometime, see the place for myself. You can come if you want to.’

Mel didn’t answer, she couldn’t fully understand why Julius would undertake such a journey, but she imagined it to be a very good reason.

Julius turned to Mel. ‘Don’t let me make the mistake of dying alone like this okay?’


While waiting for Evan’s ashes to become available, Julius and Mel strolled around the cemetery gardens. They didn’t speak for some time. Mel could see that Julius was deep in thought, and she knew instinctively what he was thinking. Finally, she broke into those private thoughts.

‘If you reveal alien existence to the world, you destroy any chance of us surviving Armageddon by the alien solution. Is that correct?’ Mel wasn’t sure where this conversation would lead, but Julius needed distraction. He’d been clearly impacted more heavily by Evan’s passing than he would ever admit.

‘According to what the alien communicated to Evan, yes.’

Julius understood Mel’s purpose immediately. He was grateful to not have to face this without her.

‘Do we have the right to take that option away from the world and leave them no choice?’ asked Mel. ‘And have you considered that it is entirely possible that we got things wrong, and assimilation isn’t part of the alien solution?’

‘Are you suggesting I should think about letting go? ‘ asked Julius.

Mel knew that if push came to shove, Julius would let go of this issue in an instant. But that wasn’t what she wanted. She loved the package the way it was, she would never bend his will to her needs.

Evan had mistakenly allowed himself to be completely consumed by the knowledge he held. Trying to escape its grip had killed him in the end. Julius wouldn’t allow himself to make the same mistake as Evan and also allow his life to be consumed by what he’d learnt. At the same time, he didn’t want to fail the trust Evan had placed with him. He couldn’t let go completely and also feel good about his decision.

Thoughts of starting a family, of bringing his own children into this world had made Julius acutely aware of his new and emerging responsibilities. He decided then and there that he wouldn’t let the secret die with Evan, not just for Evan’s sake, but for the sake of all mankind. Julius would find a way to give sufficient warning to the world without betraying the promise he’d made to Evan at his hospital bedside.

‘There may be a way,’ Julius said out loud not really speaking to Mel.

Mel saw the conflict within Julius. She still nurtured hope that he might substantially let go of this impossible dilemma and that they could lead relatively normal lives.

‘But if you reveal alien existence in any way at all, aren’t you just doing the same thing as telling everyone about the aliens? Exactly as Evan made you promise not to? That would mean, future father to my children, that you will bring about the end of the world.’

Julius realized Mel wasn’t comfortable with his thinking about the subject right now, so he decided to lighten the mood a little.

‘Does that make me the anti-Christ?’

Julius was smiling wickedly at Mel now. No matter what happened in this world, they had both managed to secure that which is most important, each other. Mel read his thoughts as if she had telepathic powers.

‘Without a shred of a doubt.’

Mel was smiling too. She knew nothing could come between them now unless she was foolish enough to drive a wedge there herself. Julius needed to come to terms with the recent turn of events. She knew that. She would show patience and understanding as a good partner should.

‘How do you effectively reveal Evan’s prophecy without revealing alien existence?’

‘There’ll be a way,’ Julius said wistfully. ‘I just haven’t figured it out yet, but I will.’

‘You’re such an alien,’ Mel said with a joyous chuckle.

‘What did you say?’ Julius’s thoughts were still off somewhere strange and deep. He was pretending to be offended, but he was no actor.

‘I said, “you’re an alien” my strange bedfellow.’

Mel took Julius’s hand as they walked.

Julius smiled. He stopped their progress, turned Mel to face him and looked straight into her eyes.

‘Do you want the bad news first, or the really bad news?’

‘I hate bad news, what is it?’

‘The bad news is, I really am an alien.’

‘Ha! Is that all? Tell me something I don’t know,’ Mel said as she hugged her man.

‘Okay, the really bad news is that so are you. Remember, Evan told me that we’ve been genetically enhanced to be more like the original aliens arriving on our planet. We have the Grays’ alien genes.’

Mel pushed him away pretending to be outraged. ‘Oh, my God! Do you really expect me to spawn you some crossbreed alien Devil child?’

‘Just one? I had a pack in mind,’ Julius was serious.

They continued to walk hand in hand, stopping to read the occasional gravestone.

‘Twenty-nine oh four,’ Mel said absently.

‘What did you say?’

‘Nothing. Just thinking about stuff.’

Mel grabbed Julius’s hand tighter and continued to guide him through the historic graveyard and gardens. She stopped to read the inscription on one of the gravestones.

‘You did say something, I distinctly heard you say the words, “twenty-nine oh four”. What’s that? What does it mean?’

‘Nothing,’ said Mel with a cheeky smile. ‘You had to be there.’

‘You reckon I’m an alien? Sounds like you’re sending code to have me captured or something.’

As they continued walking back towards the chapel, Mel put her arm around Julius and pulled him close. She was finally exactly where she wanted to be.

‘I know,’ said Julius out of nowhere. ‘I’ll write a book.’

‘What sort of book?’

‘I dunno, a fiction book maybe? And I’ll create fictional differences to the story Evan told us of course. I’ll just leave everything out there and hopefully, this genetically advanced species of ours is smart enough to see that what I’m offering has an element of foreboding truth.’

‘What if somebody comes up to you, and asks you if aliens really exist? If the book is really fiction? What will you tell them?’

‘I’ll tell them that the book can only be fiction,’ said Julius. ‘If it’s not, wouldn’t I be bringing about the end of the world by revealing alien existence? I wouldn’t do that.’

‘A work of fiction giving you complete deniability. Then you could finally let go?’ Mel pondered the possibility before responding further. ‘I like it.’

‘Will you help me?’

‘Of course I’ll help you,’ said Mel genuinely. ‘I have to say, you’ve come a long way in a few days. Do you realize that it was only last week that you were all alone, running around the Australian outback with a butterfly net trying to catch an alien?’

‘Not funny,’ said an indignant Julius. ‘True, but still not funny.’

‘What will you do after that?’ asked Mel. ‘What will the mighty Caesar turn his talents to once he’s shed most of his responsibility for saving the world by writing a book?’

Julius took his time to consider the question. A thought came to mind that made him smile.

‘Hmmmm. You know something, sometimes you really inspire me!’

‘How?’ Mel asked cynically. She was suspicious of where this was leading.

‘You said “most”.’

‘No! No I didn’t! It was a slip of the tongue. Please ignore what I said!!!!’ Mel was laughing and enjoying the moment. Her man was impossibly wicked sometimes.

‘I’m going to create my own space program,’ Julius said with absolute conviction. ‘And build a space city. We can raise our children in space!’

It was very peaceful exploring the graveyard. Neither spoke for a while as they walked arm in arm. Then out of the blue Mel commented . . .

‘You’re gonna need a bigger net then I suppose.’


The End (Almost).

Breaking into your thoughts – A message from the author

Conspiracy – Who’s trying to stop me? And why?

Date:               Friday, June 30, 2017

Time:              0947 to 0950 hours

 Location:        Surfers Paradise Boulevard

                        Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

                        Queensland, Australia.

 On what started as a beautiful summer’s day in Paradise, I was running a little early to sign off on a publishing deal for an earlier version of this book with my “then” literary agent. The agent had flown from America to Australia specifically for this meeting (I suspect a holiday may have been an added attraction). Walking along the busy main street towards the destination of my appointment, my companion and I had time to do a little window shopping/sightseeing/whatever. The street was so crowded and moving so slowly, I felt more like I was in a queue rather than walking along a pavement . . . progress was very labored.

To put you in the picture properly, I stand about 5 feet 10 inches tall, I was walking on the outside or left of my companion (Australians walk and drive to the left) as we very slowly progressed down the street. I’m wearing dark tinted sunglasses, a baseball cap and I’m unshaven; seriously, my mother would’ve had difficulty recognizing me. I should’ve just blended into obscurity with the rest of the crowd.

Looking ahead about 30 to 40 yards, I could see a man approaching, much taller than myself, wearing dark glasses and a baseball cap also. I can’t honestly give any sound or valid reason why, but somehow, I sensed this man’s focus was on me, and that his purpose was dark or sinister. I swapped positions with my companion so that it was me that would pass close to him, not her.

As the distance slowly closed between us, I couldn’t help but think his gaze remained right at me. I began to realize that this man was more than just spectacularly muscular, he was absolutely massive. He was clearly on his own, and completely uninterested in the attractions and variety all about him. His face was completely impassive; his apparent interest lay dead ahead. I deliberately made it appear that I wasn’t aware of his approach, only keeping tabs on him out of the corner of my eyes as I pretended to be absorbed by one attraction or another. There’s no way that he can see my gaze through the very dark tint of my wrap-around glasses.

As we’re about to pass each other, I find myself actually bracing for aggression. I really can’t explain why, it seems totally illogical, but that’s what happened. I actually pushed my companion gently off to the extreme edge of the pavement to give myself some room to react. She sensed the danger I perceived and obliged my direction without speaking.

The final moments before we were beside each other were incredibly tense. His gaze remained unmoved, dead straight ahead. Somehow though, I knew that behind those dark glasses his eyes were looking straight at me. Finally, after several minutes of unbelievable tension, we’re side by side. I kept my head pointing straight ahead as if to appear uninterested in the massive stranger, but behind the veneer of my dark glasses, he never left my sight. All of a sudden, he turns his head, only his head, to look directly at me.

‘Don’t do it Michael,’ he says with a threatening American (or very possibly Canadian) accent, then again looks straight ahead and continues on as if the encounter had never happened.

The experience was frightening. My companion was actually in tears and trembling. We never made the meeting with my agent, but as it turned out, he decided not to show anyway for some reason he’s never revealed to this day.

Know this. I will NOT be intimidated. I will NOT back off. I have secured extensive security camera footage of you from several businesses in Surfers Paradise. Despite the dark glasses and baseball cap you are a highly distinctive individual and NOT the sort of person who can hide amongst the crowd. You will be found if we ever decide to look for you. The power of social media cannot be stopped or overestimated.

If anything should ever happen to me, or if anything untoward ever happens, you will only do harm to your cause. This (version) is clearly fiction, but the sudden unexplained or mysterious undoing of the author will only fuel speculation as to the underlying truth of this tale. You’re better off leaving well enough alone.

There is much more that could have been told, and what has been told could have been delivered in a very different way. Several secure vaults of highly controversial content are under the control of several different firms of lawyers not associated with each other and completely unknown to each other. These vaults contain information and evidence that substantially builds on what has been revealed within these pages; information you and whatever self-important organization you belong to seem to believe you have the right to own/control/restrict. No matter what it is that is the cause of my death or incapacity, all of the legal firms (and other safe-houses you don’t need to know about) will release everything. You know what I’m talking about. Everything! I suggest that it’s now in your best interests that I live a very long and healthy life.

Our journey towards truth has only just begun.

To be continued . . .



“Check ignition and may God’s love be with you”

David Bowie – Space Oddity