The second novel of the Caesar Rising opening trilogy.

Mankind is rapidly approaching the time of the Armageddon event; the catalyst technology that promises peace, equality and a Utopian existence is almost ready to be rolled out. It is a time of great hope.

An advanced alien species waits just outside our solar system. They wait for Armageddon. This is a peaceful species, as are all advanced alien species that have survived their own Armageddon event. Their purpose is to greet and assist any survivors of the imminent apocalyptic event from Earth. A great Space City able to hold in excess of a 100,000 people lies in wait to be gifted to the surviving members of mankind.

Our Twisted Evolution.

Mankind is on a dangerous evolutionary path . . . dangerous to other intelligent self-aware species. Alien intervention in mankind’s past has thrown us off the known path to surviving the Armageddon event. But is mankind’s chosen path unsurvivable?

The aliens now realize the extent of their mistake in interfering in our normal evolutionary process. All that can possibly survive Earth now is an advanced species whose very existence threatens peace in the Galaxy, and threatens the evolutionary path of the peaceful galactic community.

Mankind must be destroyed before they attain the catalyst technology.

Julius “Caesar” Ryan understands the alien fear as well as he knows the fears of mankind. He cannot save Earth, but maybe he can save mankind. He must steal the Space City that originally lay in wait to be gifted to us. He must save what he can to fight another day. To fight when we have attained the catalyst technology that brings about Armageddon.