The Caesar Rising series of novels

. . . by Michael Muxsworthy, Author.

The Caesar Rising series of novels reveal, in responsible and manageable stages, astonishing detail of past alien contact with Earth and their influence over our destiny. Artistic license in the retelling of actual events creates a vehicle to deliver insight into lateral thinking derived breakthrough scientific theory and also the radical new interpretation of religious prophecy.

To immerse yourself in the revealing of these previously secret events is to free your mind from the shackles of what you have learned over a lifetime so that truth and reality become evident. Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is more terrifying, more exciting and filled with greater challenges than anything that can be imagined. Nothing put to print or film previously will prepare you for what is revealed. Our only hope is to prepare for the dangers that lie ahead; dangers that religion and science both clearly point to.

Roswell’s Final Witness – First novel of the series

Alien prophesized Armageddon
Alien crash at Roswell 1947

In this first book of the series, I relate the essence of events that occurred in Roswell, 1947, as they were told to me . . . an incredible story that’s been hidden up until now by an oath that should have never been sworn. As we glimpse back into our shameful past; from mankind’s earliest encounters and religious beginnings through to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; from a new perspective of current world events to an unfolding frightening future; I open your mind to the devastating reality of the unintentional consequences of past alien contact.

The journey commences with an incursion into American airspace on July 3, 1947, that caused considerable havoc within the American military. An incursion that remains largely unexplained, hidden and forgotten . . . until now.

This is fiction . . . You will believe.

Is this fiction?

It’s a mix of both actually.

My encounter with the last surviving witness to the alien encounter at Roswell was in the company of others who wish to remain anonymous. The witness himself wanted to remain obvious for reasons that become clear when you read the novel. Reputations of good people deserved to be protected and crimes (including treason) have been committed in the Roswell alien coverup.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter

Roswell’s Final Witness replicates closely each detail of the encounter with aliens as it was described to me. Every detail of the encounter is meticulously described so that the same discovery process experienced by me is emulated for the reader. To this end, each of the six parts of the Roswell’s Final Witness novel, begin and end with commentary from the Author, as well instruction on the Later Thinking techniques involved in the discovery process.

It is a highly differentiated and unique writing approach that “involves” the reader in the uncovering of many of the greatest mysteries of all time.

A sample of just some of the incredible content of Roswell’s Final Witness:

This is a diverse book . . . diverse in terms of content, event timelines, subject, and genre.

President John F. Kennedy’s assassination

Perhaps one of the most startling revelations within the pages of Roswell’s Final Witness is the solving of the mystery once and for all . . . Why was JFK killed?

As we follow the life of Roswell’s Final Witness, he reveals an exciting, strong career path in the military. Fourteen years after the crash at Roswell, “Evan” is trying his best to forget about the encounter and move on with his life. His interactions with Lockheed’s “Skunkworks:” division in the development of jet aircraft capabilities put him under the microscope of the C.I.A. and their secret puppet masters Majestic 12.


Evan needs to shake them off his tale. His good friend at Skunkworks, the famous “Kelly” Johnson, agrees to help Evan out by supplying him with high-tech aircraft skin from an experimental Archangel 11 aircraft that crashed. This is the “secret alien crash debris” that has been long lauded as being in the hands of the military.

The incredible trail of this fake “alien crash debris” eventually leads to a decision . . . Kennedy must die!

Evan believes HE is ultimately responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination. He played the game and lost.

UFO’s are alien, but not spacecraft.

Some of the theory coming out of Roswell’s Final Witness through the use of Lateral Thinking will amaze you.

Have you ever wondered about UFO’s? The “genuine” reports of UFO’s I’m talking about here. They can be PREDICTED!!!!!

In Australia’s very remote and desolate southern center, reports of UFO sighting are incredibly rare. When they are reported though, they come from highly credible witnesses such as the military of commercial airline pilots. Their appearance coincides with certain astrological conditions. Their appearance isn’t guaranteed, but, they will only appear at particular times.

My research initially led me to believe that these “genuine” UFO sightings were likely some sort of naturally occurring phenomenon . . . a “St. Elmo’s fire” type event. One we hadn’t figured out yet. I was wrong.

Roswell’s Final Witness solves the UFO riddle without question.

The military events of July 3rd, 1947

The coverup of the alien encounter Roswell involved a clever and coordinated effort to disassociate the events of July 3rd with the alien encounter 2 days late. History records these events as unrelated, and as a series of errors, misunderstandings and mistaken observations from a paranoid military struggling with new technology. Or are they actually connected with a single explanation?

Alien crash at Roswell 1947
These 5 events are unrelated according to military records.

According to Roswell’s Final Witness, these combined events culminated in the alien spacecraft crash at Roswell in 1947. How the coverup was orchestrated is described in detail in this explosive first novel of the Caesar Rising series.

Aliens actually reveal God

Possibly the most incredible of the discoveries within the pages of Roswell’s Final Witness is the revealing of God. We find out where God is, what God is, where God came from, when God came from, and why God exists. It’s actually quite obvious.

Aliens believe in God! In fact, they can PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. Nature is imperfect . . . by design. There is an element of imperfection in the universe. No matter how precise the experiment, how perfect the control, an outcome can NEVER be predetermined.

However, “knowing” God may not be what you expected. We reveal how evolution is “God’s plan”, and that the prophesized Armageddon event is merely part of our evolutionary process.

The strength of my convictions come from the validity of my reasoning – Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking isn’t just a major part of the first Caesar Rising novel, Roswell’s Final Witness is the most effective exercise in the development of lateral thinking solutions ever created.

Julius “Caesar” Ryan is the lateral thinking business entrepreneur that meets 86 year old Evan Armstrong by chance. Whilst on a flight from Australia to Hawaii, Evan tells Julius an amazing story . . . Evan claims he was a 17-year-old Air Force Cadet that witness the alien encounter at Roswell. A story he has never told anyone before.

Roswell’s final witness interprets the enormous amount of information the alien communicated in order to convince the eight witnesses to the encounter that knowledge of advanced alien species must not be widely known.

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

Lateral thinking Edward de Bono
Lateral thinking applied to the Roswell encounter

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