The second, or main, alien crash site at Roswell has been speculated on, but there has never been credible evidence . . . until now.

There have been rumors of a second Roswell alien crash site running around for a while. I’m not sure if they can possibly be linked to the claims made within Roswell’s Final Witness, but, as it is explained within the novel, there was indeed a second Roswell crash site in 1947.

My source is a world-famous American hero . . . a household name that I cannot reveal here at this time. He claims, and my investigations confirm, that he was born and raised in Roswell, was a 17-year-old Air Force Cadet with the 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy based at Roswell Army Airfield in 1947, and that he did NOT attend the famous Roswell crash site we all know so well.

The Roswell witness was on leave, staying with family near the famous Roswell alien crash site, when he got an unexpected call from his Commanding Officer to assist with security around the site.

Alien spaceship crash at Roswell
The Roswell alien crash site

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness:

“. . .

‘Cadet Armstrong reporting for duty sir,’ said Evan looking smart in his freshly pressed uniform his Mum had quickly whisked into shape.

Parked well out of sight from the road was an army transport truck. Major Baker explained that he’d come with several other personnel in the truck. The others had gone to the crash site to assess and contain the site. He was expecting more personnel in the next couple of hours with luck, and would be remaining at the Sanchos home to coordinate all military activities. Sheriff Wilson had promised a roadblock to the south within the next hour. As Evan had his own vehicle, Major Baker assigned him the duty of patrolling the road.

‘Nobody’s permitted to stop along this road for at least five miles in either direction,’ instructed Major Baker. ‘Your patrol Armstrong is the five-mile section of road to the north of this point. Find a vantage point and keep your eyes open. Immediately approach any vehicle that stops and tell them to move on. Are you gassed up and ready to go?’

‘Yes sir,’ said Cadet Armstrong standing at attention and saluting the officer having been given an order.

‘It will be dark soon and it’ll be a long night,’ continued Major Baker. ‘Roadblocks will soon be employed all around us. Until then, we have to assume that a few curious tourists will try to slip through the gaps.’

Major Baker walked Armstrong back over to his car. ‘Somebody will drive over to check on you every couple of hours. Nobody stops. Nobody gets out of their vehicles. Nobody enters the Sanchos property. Nobody. Off you go. With luck, you’ll be relieved in the morning.’

With that, young Evan Armstrong was off. He hadn’t heard a thing about “alien spacecraft” and until now, had assumed that some sort of top secret experimental aircraft had crashed yet again. Leaving the Sanchos Ranch, Evan tuned into the local Roswell radio station.

‘. . . aliens. We’re joined now by Stephen Cradshaw, who says he witnessed seven silver alien flying discs spying on the B-29 Superfortresses stationed at Roswell Army Airfield Base. Hello Stephen . . .’

Evan found an excellent vantage point on the road a couple of miles north. He could see for miles. He parked his hot rod prominently on the side of the road, turned up his radio and listened intently for hours to interviews and conjecture. It sounded like an all-out alien invasion.

. . .”

Roswell's Final Witness uses Lateral Thinking to solve the alien mystery

Keeping the alien encounter at Roswell a secret was a difficult decision to reach. Only after the alien had imparted substantial information did those who witnessed the encounter agree.

Roswell paper reported alien crash

Only eight people ever attended the second alien crash site at Roswell. Of the six military and two civilians that attended, only seven swore an oath to not reveal the alien encounter. The eighth member of the group, a military police officer, wanted no part of the deception. He believed that the others were under some sort of alien influence. He was correct.

It was a difficult decision that the group had to make; particularly for the three senior military officers that attended.

Extract from Chapter Four of Roswell’s Final Witness:

“. . .

Colonel Rafter remained a cautious distance away, preferring to let Major Baker approach the alien alone in case there had been unexpected aggression or consequences. He called the other officers over to him for a confidential discussion.

‘We need to contain this. Washington won’t want hysteria. How far has the word got out about this?’ asked Colonel Curtis.

‘Only those that are here right now are aware of the alien existence,’ replied Major Baker. ‘And also this crash site. I’m not forgetting our duty as officers gentlemen. By all means, we should minimize knowledge of what has been discovered here, but this must be reported to our superiors as soon as possible. I propose we send an officer to report back to Air Force Command as soon as it’s practical.’

‘I’ll return,’ volunteered Colonel Rafter. ‘I was in the middle of preparing a top-secret report for the Pentagon on events at Muroc and the Nevada Test Range when I got word of a downed aircraft. What has occurred here is an extension of that report. Let me get a feel for things and then I think we should put our heads together to determine exactly what I should take out of here . . . and to where and to whom.’

. . .”

End of Extract

Aliens communicate telepathically
Alien telepathic communication

Aliens communicate telepathically.

Telepathic communication is a very efficient and comprehensive communication. When something is communicated, it comes with a rich mosaic of additional understanding and imagery.

I, the author of Roswell’s Final Witness, was approached by the now 87-year-old last surviving witness to the alien encounter. I am an accomplished Lateral Thinker. The telepathic communications that the alien projected are recreated in the novel. More than just a recreation, I bring to light the deeper understanding and consequences of the encounter; consequences that are only just able to be appreciated. I need to warn the world . . .

“We should NEVER have trusted the aliens”

"We should never have trusted the aliens"
The encounter with aliens at Roswell finally revealed.

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