Evolution is “God’s plan” – We will conquer alien worlds!

Alien War

Survival of the strongest is nature’s way

Advanced alien species peacefully explore our Milky Way Galaxy and do not interfere with the evolutionary path of advancing lifeforms. Things are sure gonna be different when mankind is let loose on the Galaxy!

Roswell alien war
The Roswell alien feared us – Mankind will bring war to the galaxy

The aliens have good reason to fear us . . . they know they’ve created a “monster”.

Scientists are telling us that there are likely millions of habitable worlds in our galaxy. Almost certainly some will carry life. How do we handle that? Is it any different to our early explorers setting foot in strange lands here on Earth?

We can exist on these planets
Locations of exoplanets discovered in Kepler’s recent survey. This is only a very small section of the data.

Exploring alien worlds.

Imagine this. You and I are chosen to participate in a mission to explore a planet that may be habitable. The journey will take around 150,000 Earth years. Don’t worry, onboard the spaceship time moves very, very slowly. It will only take us a few hundred years of time in the spaceship, which isn’t a problem because humans now live indefinitely. Yes, the technology that gives us eternal life is just around the corner. Still, 300 years is a long time. We sure were smart to pack a spare toothbrush.

Alien world conquered
We can adapt for living on many different worlds

Before we arrive at this fictional world, our bodies are transformed to adapt to the very different living requirements of that world. Over 300 years (150,000 Earth years) we change our physiological makeup to perfectly meet the requirements of that particular planet so that when we arrive we will be able to breathe that atmosphere, handle that radiation level, and manage the enormous gravity variation. No Problem . . . ALMOST.

As we approach our alien world we go into extreme deceleration so that we are back to normal time parameters. It is a process that takes several years (Earth time). When we arrive at this strange new world, it is teaming with primitive life. One species is clearly dominant. It is on the evolutionary path to a self-aware existence.

Do we just turn around and go home?

Unintended consequences of alien contact.
Do we not interfere with primitive lifeforms on other worlds?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I would want to look around a bit. See the sights. Check out the wildlife. Go for a swim.

Wouldn’t you want to try to communicate with this emerging species?

Aren’t you curious?

Do you wonder what they taste like?

Roswell’s Final Witness will shock when you realize what visiting alien species have done here on Earth.  Find out more.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.


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