Roswell – First Contact

Alien first contact at Roswell

This is what happened at the Roswell encounter?

Evan Armstrong is a 17-year-old Air Force Cadet with the 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy operating from Roswell Army Airfield. He is called back early from leave for the 4th of July holiday weekend to patrol the road a few miles north of the “official” crash site. He’s hungover, it’s late at night, the radio spruiks non-stop talk about aliens, and he’s fallen asleep lying on the bonnet of his car with his back to the windscreen . . . (Artistic license has been applied to actual events).

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy:

Do not be afraid, we will not harm you.

Evan jolted from his restless sleep. ‘Who’s there?’ His pounding heart was racing at a million miles an hour.


Standing beside his car, Evan leaned in the open driver’s window and turned off the radio. Scanning the horizon, there was no sign of life. He looked back towards the Sanchos Ranch. Had somebody snuck past while he slept?


It was just a dream. Evan looked at his watch; it was 2.35 in the morning. What happened to his blanket? It was cold for a mid-summer night, freezing cold. He took a quick look around to confirm all was quiet and then take a leak in the bushes.

Roswell alien encounter

‘Do not be afraid. We are in need of your help if you can please make your way over to us.’

‘Who’s there?!?!’ Evan yelled, now profoundly terrified. ‘Show yourself now!!!’

Evan fumbled about the car desperately searching for a torch or spotlight of any description. None was forthcoming.

‘What’s going on here?’ said Evan out loud. ‘Am I going crazy?’

‘You are not crazy. You are hearing my call for help. We are in a small gully to your west, about a half mile from where you stand now. Please hurry, my companion is in considerable distress.’

‘I need to report this,’ said Evan to himself, shaking his head to be sure he wasn’t dreaming and had actually woken.

‘There is no time to waste. We need your help right now. Please hurry.’

Evan sensed pain, despair, fear, and frustration. Someone . . . or something, really did need his help. Somehow, he understood that he must help. Even though he was fearful of this unknown contact, he found courage and made his way with haste to the source of the voice. Not a voice he wondered, something else.

Despite having to negotiate the difficult terrain in darkness without any source of artificial light, Evan easily traversed the ragged countryside. It was as if he knew instinctively the optimum path to take, and somehow, he even knew exactly where a startled rattlesnake lay in his path. He didn’t question why he was making this journey, or even stop to think about the dangers he might face. Evan’s sole focus was on getting to the voice in need as quickly as he could.

Arriving at the gully about 15 minutes later, the first thing Evan noticed was the hull of what appeared to be a large spacecraft. There was wreckage strewn all about. A great tangle of twisted silver metal lay at the bottom of the gulley. There would be the source of the voice.

‘Please hurry.’

The spacecraft had impacted a small rise, ploughing through it, then eventually coming to rest against the right-hand side of the gully he was now entering. A fire had burned; there was scorched earth and several logs remained smoldering. He could see that the front of the spacecraft was badly damaged. There was an alien body lying out in the open. It was clearly dead. He’d known that even before he arrived somehow.

Great sadness, great sacrifice.’

Alien encounter at Roswell alien

Making his way to the bottom of the gully, Evan could immediately see the problem. Some of the spacecraft’s frame lay across the chest of one of the two surviving aliens. There was dry blood from a wound where the wreckage still rested. The other alien lay at the wounded alien’s side. They were embraced; comforting each other more accurately.

The spacecraft materials were amazingly light. Evan easily lifted the large pile of twisted frame off the injured alien, pulled it free and found some material to compress the wound which had now started to bleed. Then he used some foil-type material to wrap around the alien to keep it warm.

Pulling the other alien away from the wreckage, he lay them both together. Finding more of the foil-like material, he covered the second alien and wrapped the first alien again to be sure.

‘Thank you, Evan.’

How does it know my name? ‘You’re welcome. I should go get us some help,’ said Evan not understanding how he could possibly remain so calm and normal under the circumstances.

‘Help is already on the way. Lay down with us and rest. We may need your help again soon friend.’

Another huge wave of tiredness suddenly swept over him. Evan was asleep before he had time to even consider an alternative. He was safe, he knew that. He was with . . . yes, he was with friends.

End of Extract

In total, eight people would attend the alien encounter. What they learned is incredible. What it means is terrifying!

Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy is the first novel of the Caesar Rising series.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

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