Inevitable Alien War – Roswell’s Final Witness

Roswell alien war
The Roswell alien feared us – Mankind will bring war to the galaxy

Roswell Alien Encounter

What was revealed at the Roswell alien encounter in 1947?

According to the last surviving witness to the alien encounter, there was one element of the encounter he never understood. Aliens fear us.

“Evan,” says that the telepathic communications from the Roswell alien were extremely guarded at times . . . the alien was trying to conceal something. The alien did NOT fear the eight witnesses to the encounter, the aliens’ fear was of mankind itself. But why?

Finding the answer to this puzzling question is at the heart of the revelations in Roswell’s Final Witness.

How did we arrive at the conclusion of “war with the aliens?”

The path of evolution has been the same for all advanced self-aware species in our galaxy. As we approach the “Spiritual Age”, we come ever-closer to the prophesized apocalyptic event . . . Armageddon.

Roswell encounter alien war
The Roswell alien fears war with mankind

There is a solution to Armageddon. One that has worked 14 times. That solution has been left on Earth for us to find at PRECISELY the time that it is needed. The alien solution reveals a survivable path through to the evolutionary destination . . . The Spiritual Age, the next stage of our evolution.

The trouble is, we are substantially off the proven path. The aliens were not expecting us to survive. The accidental encounter at Roswell revealed to the aliens that mankind was evolving in a very unique way . . . and possibly a survivable way.

How is our survival of Armageddon lead to war with the aliens?

All alien species that have survived the Armageddon event in our Galaxy (fourteen separate species have survived so far) live in peace. There has never been war . . . so far.

Mankind’s alternative evolutionary pathway is a result of previous alien intervention on Earth. Mankind is different. We cherish our freedom and individuality. We will reject the alien solution and find our own pathway through to the Spiritual Age.

The alien solution is WRONG! It involves us becoming something less. It is not our destiny. We will oppose them.

There will be war.

This is what the aliens fear.

Roswell’s Final Witness is coming soon.

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
Roswell’s Final Witness – First novel of the Caesar Rising series from Michael Muxworthy

Exactly what happened at the alien encounter at Roswell is revealed in the first novel of the Caesar Rising series. Author, Michael Muxworthy, not only reveals the encounter, he “interprets” the rich tapestry of imagery projected by the alien to reveal a terrifying future.

Armageddon is soon upon us!



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