The Roswell aliens left us something.

Armageddon is a part of evolution

What did the Roswell aliens leave us?

Advanced alien species will not interfere with our evolutionary path.

That is why advanced alien species won’t interact with us. All intelligent, self-aware alien species in our galaxy have evolved . . . pretty much exactly the same way we have. In order to stay on the correct evolutionary path, it is important that there be no interference and no contact from advanced alien species before we cross the threshold into the “Spiritual Age”.

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness:

‘Anyway, moving on, as life evolves, often, one species will emerge as intelligent and self-aware. The technological evolutionary steps that these life forms move through are virtually the same as what mankind has experienced here on Earth.’

‘I see where you’re going I think,’ said Julius. ‘It’s logical to assume that aliens would discover the use of tools, fire, metals and so on.’

‘Exactly’ said Evan. ‘They’re usually summarized as “Tools, Machine, and Automation”. All of our technological discoveries are common to evolving intelligent life throughout the galaxy.’

End of Extract.

The last surviving alien at the Roswell crash revealed that mankind will soon face an evolutionary trial. A trial that we might not survive . . .

Roswell alien Armageddon
Armageddon is part of our evolutionary journey towards the Spiritual Age

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness:

Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual technological evolutionary process of all intelligent self-aware species that reach the threshold of the spiritual age.

We’ll soon embrace a new technology that allows us to rapidly reach the epitome of equality, technological achievement, living standards and quality of life. Miniature biological quantum supercomputers will almost certainly be the catalyst, promising a “Utopian” existence. They are on the verge of reality (less than 20 years away, possibly much, much less), will cost next to nothing, operate within us, allow us to “connect” through the cloud like never before, and offer computational power trillions of times more powerful than anything existing today.

End of extract.

The Roswell alien told us that they have left the solution to Armageddon on Earth for us to find precisely at the time that we need it.

Armageddon is soon upon us.

Only after we survive this trial of evolution, if we survive this trial of evolution, will the galactic community of peaceful aliens contact us.

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Roswell’s Final Witness

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was brought about by fake alien crash debris in the hands of the military.

The alien encounter at the Roswell crash site is fully revealed in this exciting new novel from Michael Muxworthy

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