Why do advanced species of aliens fear us? Roswell’s Final Witness reveals what we know.

Alien prophesized Armageddon

How do we know that aliens fear us?

The alien encounter at Roswell in 1947 involved eight witnesses, who swore an oath to never reveal the existence of advanced alien species. The witnesses were convinced by the alien, (wrongly convinced in my opinion), that knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligence was detrimental to our future survival.

The last surviving witness to the Roswell encounter approached me after a lifetime of maintaining his oath. He felt that he was making a huge mistake if he took his secrets to the grave. I was approached because of my lateral thinking skills.

Roswell’s Final Witness is more than a biography of the life of Roswell’s last surviving witness, it dissects the encounter to reveal the truth about many of the greatest mysteries of all time. To view the website for Roswell’s final witness, click here.

What did the alien reveal at Roswell?

Armageddon is soon upon us.

Armageddon is an apocalyptic outcome common to the eventual technological evolutionary process of all intelligent self-aware species that reach the threshold of the spiritual age.

We’ll soon embrace a new technology that allows us to rapidly reach the epitome of equality, technological achievement, living standards and quality of life. Miniature biological quantum supercomputers will almost certainly be the catalyst, promising a “Utopian” existence. They are on the verge of reality (less than 20 years away, possibly much, much less), will cost next to nothing, operate within us, allow us to “connect” through the cloud like never before, and offer computational power trillions of times more powerful than anything existing today.

Alien telepathic communication
All advanced aliens communicate telepathically.

Are aliens fearing Armageddon here on Earth?

Yes and no. Whilst Armageddon is a normally occurring event, one that is part of the evolutionary process, it has always resulted in any survivors emerging to be peaceful. That is the pathway that evolution requires for survival.

Not every species that eventually evolve to a point that they must confront the Armageddon event will survive it. In fact, most fail this trial of evolution and their world and their species is lost forever. Total Destruction. To stray from the “designed” path of evolution has been fatal for hundreds of worlds in our Galaxy.

God's plan revealed by alien contact at Roswell
Aliens will not interfere with our evolutionary path. God’a plan?

According to the alien that survived the crash at Roswell, the solution to surviving Armageddon includes “no contact and no interference” from species that have already survived their Armageddon event. Unfortunately, a well-meaning alien race, the Greys, arrived at Earth 600,000 years ago, not aware of the implications of their contact with us. (To understand the extent of alien contact with Earth, click here).

Mankind is NOT expected to survive the Armageddon event.

Early man not only witnessed the arrival of an advanced alien species, we learned to use tools and trade. The Greys embraced mankind, they protected us, saved us from the ravages of many plagues. We live longer, healthier and happier lives thanks to the Greys. The Greys enhanced mankind in their image. We have the Greys alien genes within us!

Armageddon is soon upon us
Armageddon is soon upon us!

18,000 years ago, a second alien race made their way to Earth. Much older than the Greys, they told them of the mistake they had made . . . mankind is likely doomed to fail the Armageddon event which is the final evolutionary trial before we enter the spiritual age. They decided to clean up all evidence of alien intervention and install a “counter-intervention” strategy that might help us survive the Armageddon event. There would never be contact with mankind again unless we were fortunate enough to survive Armageddon.

Mankind is on a distorted evolutionary path.

So far, there has only been one evolutionary path that successfully negotiates the final “physical age” trial of evolution that is the Armageddon event. Fourteen different alien species have survived by staying on this path.

The evolution of mankind is differentiating from the pathway expected. Our enhanced intelligence is accelerating us towards the Armageddon event with unprecedented haste. The counter-intervention strategy installed by the aliens before they left Earth is working in ways they never imagined. We may just survive the Armageddon event in our own unique, and HUMAN way. This is what the aliens fear!

The alien encounter at Roswell was an accident.

Aliens live in a very, very time slowed existence. Two thousand years on Earth is equivalent to only hours aboard enormous space cities that explore the galaxy. Two thousand years ago, the aliens left Earth to continue their exploration. Just minutes (their time) before they were about to leave high-speed tight orbit around our Sun, they detected the impossible . . . a nuclear detonation on Earth. Mankind could not possibly have mastered the technology, so they went to investigate. (See the events leading up to the military shooting down the alien spacecraft. Click here)

Arriving at Earth in 1947, the aliens were in hibernation. They expected us to be running around with spears and bows and arrows, NOT flying around in jets, and definitely not capable of producing weapons of mass destruction.

The underprepared alien excursion to Earth in 1947 is proof of our unexpectedly rapid evolutionary progress. The aliens must certainly be concerned about what sort of perverted evolutionary survivor they’ve inadvertently created.

Our evolutionary path, if successful, can only mean one thing . . . WAR!


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