“We should NEVER have trusted the aliens!”

Actual words from the last surviving witness to the Roswell encounter. Why did he say this?

Recently, I was approached by an elderly man who claimed that he attended the alien encounter at Roswell 1947. Not at the “official” crash site . . . one several miles further north. A second crash site that has never been substantially revealed before.

alien crash

“Evan”, (not his real name), was one of eight witnesses to the encounter. He claimed that he was the last surviving witness to the Roswell alien encounter. My substantial investigations confirm absolutely that “Evan” IS a world-famous American hero and household name; he was born and raised in Roswell; he was a 17-year-old Air Force Cadet with the 509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy based at Roswell Army Airfield at the time of the infamous alien encounter; his family home was less than 10 miles from the well-publicized Roswell crash site we know so well; he knew the family living at the ranch where the original Roswell alien crash site is reported to have been.

Why would they allow a 17-year-old Cadet anywhere near the Roswell Crash site?

They didn’t.

At the time of the reporting of the Roswell crash site, most of the military personnel based at the Roswell Army Airfield were on leave, spending time with family and friends for the 4th of July holiday weekend. Late in the afternoon of July 5th, 1947, Evan got a call from his Commanding Officer at his family home North of Roswell.

‘Can you please report to the officer in charge on site as soon as possible and offer your assistance?’

Roswell paper reported alien crash
Roswell alien crash

Evan was fortunate to own his own car. Arriving at the “official” crash site he was given his orders . . . (N.B. Fictional license has been employed in the retelling of actual events)

Extract from Roswell’s Final Witness by Michael Muxworthy

‘Cadet Armstrong reporting for duty sir,’ said Evan looking smart in his freshly pressed uniform his Mum had quickly whisked into shape.

Parked well out of sight from the road was an army transport truck. Major Baker explained that he’d come with several other personnel in the truck. The others had gone to the crash site to assess and contain the site. He was expecting more personnel in the next couple of hours with luck, and would be remaining at the Sanchos home to coordinate all military activities. Sheriff Wilson had promised a roadblock to the south within the next hour. As Evan had his own vehicle, Major Baker assigned him the duty of patrolling the road.

‘Nobody’s permitted to stop along this road for at least five miles in either direction,’ instructed Major Baker. ‘Your patrol Armstrong is the five-mile section of road to the north of this point. Find a vantage point and keep your eyes open. Immediately approach any vehicle that stops and ask them to move on. Are you gassed up and ready to go?’

Kennedy assassination unintended consequence of the Roswell alien encounter
“We should never have trusted the aliens!

‘Yes sir,’ said Cadet Armstrong standing at attention and saluting the officer having been given an order.

‘It will be dark soon and it’ll be a long night,’ continued Major Baker. ‘Roadblocks will soon be employed all around us. Until then, we have to assume that a few curious tourists will try to slip through the gaps.’

Major Baker walked Armstrong back over to his car. ‘Somebody will drive over to check on you every couple of hours. Nobody stops. Nobody gets out of their vehicles. Nobody enters the Sanchos property. Nobody. Off you go. With luck, you’ll be relieved in the morning.’

With that, young Evan Armstrong was off. He hadn’t heard a thing about “alien spacecraft” and until now, had assumed that some sort of top-secret experimental aircraft had crashed yet again. Leaving the Sanchos Ranch, Evan tuned into the local Roswell radio station.

‘. . . aliens. We’re joined now by Stephen Cradshaw, who says he witnessed seven silver alien flying discs spying on the B-29 Superfortresses stationed at Roswell Army Airfield Base. Hello Stephen, . . .’

Evan found an excellent vantage point on the road a couple of miles north. He could see for miles. He parked his hot rod prominently on the side of the road, turned up his radio and listened intently for hours to interviews and conjecture. It sounded like an all-out alien invasion.

The roadblocks must be in place, thought Evan after a while. Either that or people are too scared to leave their homes.  Not a single vehicle had passed, nor a sign of life was evident.

End of extract.

By chance, Evan had parked close to the wreckage of an alien spacecraft.

Over a period of several hours, Evan would discover the crash site along with his Commanding Officer and six others. The aliens needed help to survive, and to prepare for the arrival of a rescue spaceship that was on its way to Earth having left an orbit around our moon.

Aliens orbited Moon in wait
The alien “Mother” ship was in orbit around our Moon.

The surviving aliens convinced those attending that knowledge of advanced alien beings MUST not be known to the inhabitants of Earth. The alien argument was believed and accepted. They swore an oath to never reveal the encounter or alien existence. An oath that remained unbroken until the day I met “Evan”.

So why did Evan break his oath and reveal the Roswell alien encounter to me?

Roswell’s Final Witness is a biography of the incredible journey that is the secret life of Evan Armstrong. More than that, we delve into the alien conversation of more than 70 years ago and discover new understanding that’s revealed as our technology rapidly grows. It is a story of faith and the loss of that faith. Evan lost faith in the alien wisdom; a strategy to help mankind survive the prophesized Armageddon event.

I invite you to keep in touch, “Follow” my blogs, check out my website, and please, contact me if you have something to say.

http://www.caesarrising.com is a website designed for the purpose of supporting the Caesar Rising series of novels. The first novel, Roswell’s Final Witness, is almost complete. Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish in 2018.

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Why do all advanced alien species in our galaxy fear us?

That is the subject of my next blog. Be sure to follow me and stay in touch.


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